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  2. You might not be, but there may be plenty of action on bridges all across the country .
  3. I'm just glad that Geno let us all mentally prepare for the announcement. If it happens, I won't be surprised and that's a good thing. I don't like surprises.
  4. I hear you had an affair with Maryanne from Brooklyn.
  5. They better hope so, because there is no guarantees in life and finding a franchise QB is one of them.
  6. I rememember you too. You bought me mcdonalds and drove me home to joey boots. We huffed glue on queens blvd in your astro van
  7. That's exactly why I don't let me dogs drink anymore. Plus, it saves a lot of money.
  8. Since you seem to follow my posts, you know that I am one of the biggest Hackenberg guys on this site. I fully expect him to be the QB this year, and for many years after that. My point is, I would bring in a cheap vet, for one year, with a clearly defined role, if Hack isn't ready to go week one. To me, this is much smarter than going after a Glennon, Taylor, or Cutler, guys who will only go where they will be the starter. You tell said vet that you are here to backup Hack, and possibly to play 4-5 weeks until he moves in for good. I fully believe the plan is for Hack to start the season, but this is a cheap insurance policy if it is delayed for a month, or so. As far as Hoyer being worse than Geno, I think the record says otherwise. Hoyer's career QB rating is 84.8, with a 44-26 TD to INT ratio. For the past 3 years, where he got starters time, 27 games worth, his QB ratings were 76.5, 91.4 and 98, with a TD to INT ratio of 37-20. Hoyer has shown some success when given a chance to start, Geno, not so much.
  9. LOL. Are you kidding me? Parcells won nothing after he split with Belichek. I don't know whats worse me defending Belichek or you saying Championships mean nothing. Take Parcells dick out of your mouth your embarrassing yourself.
  10. He lost the players. A strong HC doesn't allow a feud to consume the team. He nips that sh*t in the bud and manages players egos so there is no problem that divides the team. Being utterly clueless as Bowles is allows problems to fester and grow. The team takes its cue from the man in charge. If the man in charge is clueless then so is the team. Just look at the play of the defense which is supposedly Bowles strong point. The inmates were running the asylum last year. Utterly clueless.
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  12. We have not had a real head to head QB competition since Sanchez vs Geno which Sanchez won but we ended up with Geno because Rex is a dumbass and hot him hurt I dont remember any other in recent recent time?
  13. You made no argument. You simply ignored facts and stated your opinion as fact. If the line can't block QB falls down and goes boom. I am putting it simply so you can understand. Make sense now?
  14. Thats the point. You know what your going to get with Geno "friggin" Smith. You have to find out what you have in the other guys. Simply put Geno=BAD. Hope that clears it up for you in terms you can understand.
  15. uh-huh. whatever you say. i guess the players had nothing to do with nor did the fued between richardson and marshall or mr "coulda been a contenda" geno.
  16. That would be better, but it's not the case. He has $6M in salary guaranteed. That $2M is a bonus on top of his salary - should the Jets decide to pay it.
  17. The fact that even you admit that he sucked in 2016 is a demonstration of the fact that I was right. Signing him was sheer stupidity.
  18. because the guarantee is guaranteed base salary. the bonus is not guaranteed. Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
  19. Mangold was better than Harris last season. Harris could be replaced by an number of in house candidates. Wesley Johnson is not a suitable replacement, he's a downgrade. Mangold had nothing guaranteed in his contract either. No one is trading for Harris. He should be gone too. Accountability. So again, why is Harris still a Jet?
  20. Kotite 2.0
  21. Only a face a mother could love. Holy Crap, mescaline.
  22. Cuts: Revis, Gilchrist, Skrine, Harris Re-Sign: Winters, Harris on a cheaper deal if possible Trade: Richardson for something of value (2nd-3rd rounder or a player) Free Agency: Sign one of Johnson, Ryan, Gilmore, Buoye; Sign Matt Kalil; Sign ILB and a Corner (lower tier money wise 3-6 per max); Sign Taylor if he becomes available, if not pursue Glennon or Geno Draft: Take either Hooker, Fournette, or Lattimore with the 6th pick, continue to draft BPA Starting O: LT: Kalil LG: Carpenter C: Johnson RG: Winters RT: Shell RB: Forte, Powell, (Fournette?) WR: Marshall, Decker, Q TE: ASJ QB: Taylor/Glennon/Geno, Hack Starting D: DE: Williams & Wilk NT: McLendon OLB: Mauldin & Jenkins ILB: Lee, Harris/Lower Tier free agent CB: Gilmore/Johnson/Buoye/Ryan, lower tier FA/Lattimore FS: Miles/Hooker SS: Pryor
  23. We know how much you know lol smh
  24. That they're losers, perpetually, is worse yet.
  25. Yo, who wants more Moonlight?
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