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  2. I thought it was 9 1/4, which he barely reached?
  3. You beat me to it, snooze you lose I suppose
  4. The way I'm sorta looking at this is, out of the 4 (and to really try and simplify something not so simple): Watson is more NFL ready. Right character and mindset you're looking for. But he's not gonna fit every NFL style, skillset wise Kizer also seems more NFL ready and has everything you want skillset wise, except he sucks at Football Trubisky is solid all around, checks all the boxes, except he'd need about 2-3 years he's not gonna get to mature Mahomes has the elite arm and skill set, The right mind set, but needs a year or two to learn soemthing around that imo
  5. I say draft a QB at every round.
  6. Was listening to him on the nfl network today...doesn't say much probably but he seemed like he really had to stop and think about every word he was going to say came off like maybe he lacks confidence Sent from my LGUS991 using mobile app
  7. I think trying to judge DBs in particular is really hard and borderline stupid from TV angle. It's why you almost just take whatever the teams or scouts say.
  8. I like Mahomes and his potential, but he's gonna need a couple of years to develop. But the upside is tremendous, not gonna lie
  9. In that scenario, I'd be pounding the table for Hooker or Mike Williams
  10. the same was said of Manziel. Almost to a word. Proves nothing. Comes from a gimmick offense. He might be good but it's no way a sure thing.
  11. Did anyone else see Trubisky on Gruden. He was sh*tting his pants. Look, that's not a knock. He's a young super talented kid but he is NOT ready to start for an NFL team next year. No way. He's like the flashing cautionary sign of getting destroyed by the NFL before he even has a chance...imo. Maybe Mahomes is too, maybe they all are this year...but if I'm gonna take a chance on one it's gonna be Mahomes as he looks more like he can handle it. Watson seems like he can too but Mahomes has that upside. Trubisky man, he already looks shellshocked...def seems like he DEF is gonna need time....that he's probably not gonna get.
  12. He hit the 9' or above threshold. He'll be fine in that regards.
  13. It can certainly be tedious, but I'm young with time to kill and lovvvvveee dissecting QB stuff (for now at least lol). I played QB back in High School and for the most part enjoyed film study. This really isn't far off from doing that all over again. DB's (particularly FS) are farrrrrr more fun to watch with the more intricate tapes. With the way that the college game has gone (spread, air-raid, & option offenses becoming the norm), QBs are becoming more and more difficult to project and study so getting your hands on as much stuff as possible certainly helps.
  14. I almost posted the same thing this morning. Sounds the part. Loves the game. I had a bigger boner than usual while driving the GS Parkway this AM
  15. jokes aside. If he does have tiny hands, that would be my biggest concern tbh.
  16. Greg Gabriel (@greggabe) 4/25/17, 9:34 PM The cost for Browns to go to 3 is about 1000 points. Clevelands two 2's (33 & 53) are 960 points. I would think that would get it done
  17. See, I think that means a lot. At least for those top guys. He seems like he's a legit confident kid. But in the right way. Liked him a lot of game changers and on a couple other programs too.
  18. Tiny hands. No pro style offense experience. There are major questions about all of these QBs. Not sure any are worth a top ten pick.
  19. Ben is 6'5 240. Mahomes is not. Matthew Stafford played in a pro style offense and knew how to effectively operate from under center and in the pocket before he stepped foot on an NFL field. Mahomes has done none of those things yet and it's something every scout agrees he will have to adjust to in the NFL. So no, it's not just me JW12.
  20. I agree on highlight reels. But the torrents just sound like too much work too. I think a happy medium without being bored to death is that you can watch full games on youtube. Most clips are neatly edited. THat is cool that you can find that though. If i were younger and more into it like I was in years past i'd be all over that stuff. Especially for DBs....and qbs actually.
  21. Apparently I didn't watch enough YouTube. Holy TRIGGERED Batman.
  22. Not that it means anything but I enjoyed his interview on WFAN this morning. Sense of humor, humble and beyond his years.
  23. I just asked him where you can watch real birds eye game tape, that would be sorta cool to watch. YOu can watch full games on youtube, just like you would to decipher the NFL games. I literally watched 6,7 Jimmy Garrapolo games that way. It's just super boojee to make fun of youtube vids. Like wikipedia, as if it's not revelant bc it's not impenetrable of faults.
  24. Torrents are a man's best friend. A couple of the bigger collegiate forums have links to full games with alternate views. When there's a will there's a way. TV angle is fine though if you don't feel like going the extra mile. I have no issue if you use YouTube to find full games. I have a problem with using highlight reels that made Tajh Boyd look like the best QB to come out in decades to judge a guy.
  25. Graduate of the Villainthefoe School of Scouting.
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