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  2. so ure one of those idiots are you? really?? feels himself I seem to be here. But where are you?? oohhhh that's right!!! your probably asleep right now cause ure in a different timezone! but you have an advantage others will be around when you wake up from you nap so you can talk crap and pad ure post count! Congrats! so you really DONT read the game huh? I will have to remember that so in future I can slide things past you. so no reason. again. im seeing NotBob this game and what ive seen of jetscode on jn doesn't do this. So you wanna give a reason?
  3. I'm on it. Well actually I'm on Tulip. She makes the show for me. Watching Ozark on Netflix. Is it great? Prolly not. But it's entertaining. Lottsa sordid sh!t goin' on.
  4. to be fair DPR is the one who grabbed the tiller and jammed it to the side, starting the circle. Dice isn't laying low. im currently sick and not been as active as I want but im here and im playing.
  5. well I can see you took you're meds.
  6. Fair point
  7. especially if you are still reeling from the wasted 1st round pick on Milliner (even though it wasn't a Mac pic).
  8. He's been working on his footwork with famed sprinter Jordan Palmer.
  9. Well it is West Virginia. Everyone has the same social security number there. Its all one happy family. I wonder what actually happened. Maybe its someone associated with Whitehead or knows him. Stuff we don't know. Just return a punt for a TD every now and then and all is well.
  10. Yeah, our days and nights are reversed. But no, I don't like pin the tail on the donkey. But the way I see it we're basically either pinning a tail on a donkey, alligator, ostrich, kangaroo, or bat, so I might as well pin it on the one that's used to it.
  11. Here is who I have on the list so far: Max and Son @AFJF @joebabyny @courtnj18 and Eric @#27TheDominator & his Wife? @Fibonacci @Dunnie & his Nephew? @Flushing Roots ? I am definitely going with the RV....join us. It will be fun. I have a nice surprise for everyone. Seriously.
  12. raises hands while giving nol the double bird
  13. Looks like nobody posted it, here's a highlight reel. Nice gadget player that seems to always be aware of the 1st down marker. Seems good with Punts and KR. This dude is def making our team.
  14. Just remember someone giving me sh*t on here because I didn't think Kyle Fuller was the best thing since sliced bread. That was fun.
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  16. I agree. He's also a woman beating piece of sh*t who I won't shed a tear for should his career end tomorrow. Kudos to every team that passed on that scumbag.
  17. If Bowles wants to save his job with wind starting McCown should be the furthest thing from his mind. McCowns W/L the past few years should not inspire any iota of confidence in our coach. If it's gonna burn....let it. Put the young guys out....give them some real game experience and see if they can get a win or 2. McCown getting the one or 2 wins a year he is good for is absolutely meaningless. Sent from my Moto Z using mobile app
  18. He's coming into the right team at the right time. We don't discuss it much, but its kind of slim pickings as to who is gonna be our Punt and Kick returner. Jalin Marshall not only had a couple issues in that spot last year, but he also got suspended for PED's for four games. So there's an opening. I think we were apparently going to have to rely on the rookies before Lucky came along. Stewart and McGuire have experience doing it, but not to the extent that Whitehead has. KR and PR is quietly kind of an issue for the team right now.
  19. That's why I stick to eating. I ain't taking no chances.
  20. Amazing how little the people that run the NFL watch football. The new kick off rule is terrible. Ruins one of the most exciting aspects of the game.
  21. What's your opinion on crack? The player not the weight loss solution.
  22. Hi Krak. Glad you made it over. Big fan of pin the tail on the donkey I see.
  23. Best bet is Nolder finds out if Zander wants to play if not replace him and extend day one till we got content. Or we can keep our blind folds on and play pin the tail on the donkey. Vote the player that should have been Zander and chant " I am mafia" until Nolder gives us a scene. Nolder said he USC bringing he scenes like a boss this game so I'm kinda tingling with anticipation.
  24. Choices kinda suck. Nobody will Lynch fat guy So he is out. Zander ain't even playing yet so I guess if we feel lucky punk. Dice Dice Dice baby started fathering chilrens in middle school so color me intimidated. DPR is basically the new Jets babe as bizarre as that sounds. Be easiest one to get Lynched. Not feeling either way about him. Who da fuck is the 5th?
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