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  2. http://nypost.com/2017/09/20/jets-new-owner-not-giving-up-on-christian-hackenberg/ Christian Hackenberg failed to win the Jets starting quarterback job this summer, but the team’s new boss is not giving up on him. “The quarterback position is really difficult to evaluate, and we haven’t really seen where Christian might go. I’m really more about looking forward than looking back,” said new Jets CEO and chairman Christopher Johnson. “Everybody’s going to look back and find places where things have gone wrong. I don’t think that you can say that about Christian. I think that he has a lot of upside, and I hope to see it.” The Jets selected Hackenberg in the second round of the 2016 draft. He did not play as a rookie. This summer, he was given a chance to win the starting job, but ended up being the third-string quarterback behind Josh McCown and Bryce Petty. “His chance will come and he’ll have time to fight again,” coach Todd Bowles said this week.
  3. I must have missed that one. I was referring to when he called TO the player and Terry Glenn "she".
  4. Wtf. I was planning on starting him over Graham this week.
  5. I call bullsh*t... He looked fine in pre-season. You don't get out of shape in two weeks when you are an athlete.
  6. Sunday night game reminds me... Met Life stadium sucks...

    Because one in Manhattan could be used for other venues. I could walk out of the stadium and party somewhere other than a parking lot, which is cool, but I don't mind variety either.
  7. He's doing his Parcells impression. Like when Parcells used to say to LT, "Hey, you fat junkie." It's really what made LT great.
  8. Why can't we release him? Will Tye is on a different planet than this sh*thead.
  9. It was a mild dig and in line with how Bowles typically talks about players. The only ones I've ever seen him publicly praise are Adams and to a lesser extent Mayes. I think what he's doing is fairly obvious.
  10. Sunday night game reminds me... Met Life stadium sucks...

    Oh, I'm sorry. Didn't know all opinions had to be run by you first... Why have you responded to a post you find irrelevant multiple time? I wonder if acoustics were considered at all in the design. There you go now the sh*tty design talk is field relevant.
  11. To be fair if I remember correctly we hired Bowles before macc so he knew who the coach was before taking the job. I would like macc to be able to pick his own coach next season though I like macc I'm not a Bowles fan anymore Sent from my LGUS991 using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. The one area the Jets have probably had their greatest success with that is OL. Carpenter was widely considered a disappointment in Seattle, but Jets felt a scheme change would help, and he's been the Jets best OL and FA acquisition in recent years. Another that the Jets got pretty heavily laughed at was Damien Woody, who was seen as washed up after having gotten benched in Detroit. The Jets were also signing him to be a starter at a position he had like 3 total games of experience at, and the guy was an absolute monster for them. Granted, more often than not these gambles don't pay off, but there's some occasional successes. They also tend to be a lot less risky than some of the excessively larger contracts that will get handed out to supposed "sure things" in FA. I'm not so sure this ASJ thing is as bad as they're trying to make it sound, but quite frankly there's little risk involved, so worth a shot anyway.
  13. On topic: these players revere coach Bowles, the perfect combination of fear and respect. They run through a Sonic Drive-thru for him.
  14. Best was Andre Wadsworth.
  15. Jimmy Garoppollo

    Nope, not at all. Let's see. Jets traded him away and there was some bad blood between the two parties. Then he goes to the Pats, essentially giving us the middle finger, which was later crowned by a SB ring. Then when Belichick wanted him back for reportedly more money, he declined them. So no, not at all. Ridley joined Jets a couple years back as well. This whole loyalty bullsh*t is just that.
  16. He was always good though.
  17. Lets see more of Neal Sterling.
  18. Today
  19. This. Give Gruden whatever he wants to come coach/GM, and let him make the top pick next year. I know CJ praised both of them because it's the politically correct thing to do, but Todd Bowles is Kotite version 2.0 and Macc is only a marginal improvement over Idzik.
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