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  2. Guys, come on. Stop the crap.
  3. Brooklyn Kelly
  4. Philine Roepstorff
  5. Talia Shepard
  6. Calm down bruh. It's a long wait till next Wednesday.
  7. Rosie Roff
  8. No the 2015 and 2016 drafts should be the nucleus instead one of the second round picks isn't even on the roster and the other doesn't deserve to be and the rest of the players not named Leonard Williams all stink
  9. Today
  10. And Mac's drafts have been better?
  11. Only two teams have won Super Bowls with average quarterbacks. The 2000 Ravens who had the best defense ever and a great running game and the 2002 Bucs who also had a legendary defense, an effective running game and the head coach knew the opposing qb's tendencies like the back of his balls. Even before the NFL was turned into a version of Madden on the easy level you still needed a good qb. Oh and I'm sorry but most people in the 90's considered Drew Bledsoe a good qb
  12. I wonder if Sarah Palin knows anything about the 3-4 defense
  13. Possible this rebuild project gets pushed over to Jared Kushner? He's supposedly going to solve the tensions in the Middle East and modernize the US government's Computer Systems. Rebuilding an NFL team that hasn't won in 40 something years should be a piece of cake.
  14. I think he's going to be a one year wonder. I do think Burris will actually pan out however
  15. I understood Gailey's logic having an ultra-aggressive spread offense. Fitz was a total JAG even in his "good" season in 2015. One way to compensate for having a totally mediocre QB is to go 4 and 5 wide constantly so a Marshall or a Decker would get man to man and then Fitz could just throw a jump ball.
  16. Kerley was a productive WR playing here with some of the worst QB's in the NFL. Him and Decker both played slot for obvious reasons they preferred Decker but they should not have cut him. Last season Kerley had 64 catches for 664 yards playing with JAG Colin Kaepernick and ROBOJAG Blaine Gabbert.
  17. They had no qb. But still made the playoffs every year while we go 4-12 every other season
  18. We'll see what happens with Dotson supposedly he's a good shooter. Had off-court issues that forced him to transfer schools and I'm sure hurt his draft value
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