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  2. That all sounds exciting too!
  3. The problem is that it's a different product altogether. It's a failure at the collegiate level. It's a different game. Nothing like the NFL. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  4. Sereino's very possibly a badass pitcher.
  5. I feel like you guys say this every year. Honestly I probably should prefer it this way. Many of you were pretty insufferable after losing the WS, imagine if this team actually did more than smoke and mirrors their way to fleetingly flirting with success. The Mets are basically the 2000s Cubs.
  6. what is amazing is that guys like KRL ... guys that really care ... would do SO much better than the likes of Meta. And probably for way less $$$. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  7. Playing him last year with limited practice time, before he's ready and behind a team that was imploding would have proven nothing other than the sojf narrative that hack isn't any good. Either way, the media narratives are meaningless. All that matters is performance and Hack will get plenty of pt in OTA's, mini camp and preseason to either succeed or fail. All this other stuff is just white noise. He showed a little flash last year in preseason but will obviously need to show a lot more this year to get any of us excited.
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  9. All the ironies.
  10. Which is why its called going out on a limb. The Jets are thin at DB. They shored up the S position but there is opportunity at CB, -let's see how tC and preseason shakes out.
  11. Perhaps you could be persuaded to another discussion on suck for sam, Woody...does he still get them, economics at the concession, selling your seat to a communist, GMs why do we need them, capology and you, coaches and vaginas, or my personal favorite....wah wah wah jets suck?
  12. You know how the Jets could have prevented the already absurd coverage of every Hackenberg pass, and help reduce the pressure Hackenberg feels as a result? They could have played him the last three games of the 2016 season, and they could stop restricting media access to him this year.
  13. it's still only may. let's see what they do in july/august when they really need to start playing. and right now the morons like manish are just writing to hear themselves talk.
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  15. It's so weird that Brett Favre played here. That actually happened.
  16. They put his phone number in the video. Was that to get chicks?
  17. Exciting!
  18. Thank you for clarifying those percentages, so your 1.5% are players that go pro from NCAA. It's still neither here nor there when it comes to scholarships, though. The majority of student athletes don't get full rides, so they're on the hook for a good amount of tuition. In 2013 the average div 1 athletic scholarship was only around 14k. Many of those athletes don't give a damn about the diploma or the amount of work it takes to get one. They want to play football. Why would they pay money to an institution they don't care about, get harassed about grades and other things they don't care about, just to get a piece of paper that is just as effective if you get it ten years down the road on your own terms when you can get paid to play football now? And there's still potential to get on an NFL roster if you play well. Hell you could play for that minor league team as long as you still can perform even if you don't go to the nfl. Sure, maybe in your eyes I have it backwards (it's true that I don't particularly value a college education as much as most-- the American Dream is a bunch of bs), but I'm sure in the eyes of MANY of these players, it would make a lot of sense to get paid a decent wage to do what they're good at. Short sighted, perhaps in your eyes, but I think you need to get what you can when you can. A degree from the university of Phoenix doesn't put you at much of a disadvantage compared to a degree from Michigan State. 3-4 years of earning beats 3-4 years of accumulating debt.
  19. I will be shocked if Macdougle makes the team.
  20. The real question should be why forget all his mishaps off the field. What good GM signs a guy to a big contract that needs a walk year to motivate him. Best case scenario, he has a MONSTER year we tag and trade him.
  21. But does he compete in the classroom?
  22. Sports reporters aren't putting a whole lot of effort, originality, depth, or intilect into their work. Hack overthrows one sideline pass and it is the headline of every story after first day of OTAs because it fits the narrative they have all previously decided upon. It's not just the Jets reportwers either. Good luck finding a Giants story not about OBJ.
  23. I say Macdougle on D and Peake on O and specials.
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