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  2. I was gonna write with the exception of guys like Powell and Leon Washington-Lamont Jordan COULD have been the exception to the #1 RB rule had he ever been given a true shot as a Jet
  3. Defense showed up after 2+ years?

    Do you really believe bowless and the coaching staff don't make adjustments? Just because fans on here scream about this all the time does not make it true. Fact is every staff on every team makes adjustments. It just comes down to winning and losing. You lose, no adjustments and players have no heart and effort. You win players played with heart and coaches made adjustments.
  4. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    No i like facehuggers
  5. SHAME on Jet fans

    This game has become pussified just like this country. God forbid you hurt somebody's feelings on the field.
  6. GM's moves — large and small — salvaged Jets' roster on the fly > http://nypost.com/2017/09/25/gms-moves-large-and-small-salvaged-jets-roster-on-the-fly/
  7. Aliens II: Xenomorph Within - Town Wins!!

    Huge thanks to lizzie for saving me <3
  8. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    Yep, and when we look back on it, it was only 2 months. Dreadful 2 months, for sure, but he was great in April, May, June and September, which means it was a great season overall.
  9. SHAME on Jet fans

    East Rutherford, NJ?
  10. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    More of this one. No name, just @AngelicaGgx
  11. Demario Davis/LB.. > http://nypost.com/2017/09/25/jets-linebacker-played-the-game-of-his-life-against-dolphins/
  12. SAR I with all due respect and I will commend you for your opinions on seating view after sitting in the MEZZ yesterday but the only seats that are affordable in that stadium are the UP and the view sucks. As far the parking lot issues we parked in GREEN lot and after the game theres still beer bottles and trash all over the lot.
  13. The NFL is the second coming of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey circus I just saw a clip of the NE sidelines on Sunday #55 his hair dyed blonde in corn rows I thought we were playing football not taking part in fashion show. COME ON MAN NFL and Roger Goodell better fix ALL thats wrong sooner than later.
  14. Nuts. Sproles has had such a fantastic career. That's terrible.
  15. Your other reasons are valid, but not this one. Any 20 year old kid can go on his phone, pay $25, and attend any Jets game he wants. When I was 20, there was no internet, there were no available tickets, to go to a decent game I'd have to pay a broker 50% over face or comb the parking lots for a shady criminal scalping tickets from your so-called "blue collar crowd" who were making huge bank on the backs of those on the waitlist. Tickets have NEVER been more accessible or more affordable to fans of all ages, and you can thank the PSL owners like me for making that possible. SAR I
  16. SHAME on Jet fans

    Not the majority folks here. But the broader NY Market Fanbase? Absolutely. I love my team, and I mostly love my fellow dedicated Jets Fans. I do not love the NY Sports market, the NY Sports "media", nor the casual/average NY Sports Fan.
  17. Maccagnan got Brooks for McDougle from PHI he should be calling them right now to offer Forte. I'll take a #6 or #7 pick
  18. For the tanker crowd (me included) the next two weeks are basicslly the season. We win both, we are definitely our of top 2 pick conversation. We lose and we are right on schedule, 0-16 was never going to happen. It was still good to see the team actually play well though. Its a fine line, wanting to tank, but also wanting to see a foundation being built up for future success.
  19. SHAME on Jet fans

    Von Miller got 15 yards for faking a handshake yesterday, why the **** does anyone care about this sport anymore.
  20. SHAME on Jet fans

    I'll tell you though Steve I have never felt like this before, watching the NY Jets (since the 68 season) where I don't really mind watching them get beat and still root for them to win while holding out some (probably) unrealistic hopes of a magical season.
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