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Get info on New York Jets tailgates and plan your NY Jets road trips here.

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    • How do we know what Geno Smith can do with the same offense that Ryan Fitzpatrick seemed to have a career year with just because haters like you say he sucks means nothing last time I checked you werent an NFL coach,expert,former player,jock washer. 
    • what I'm saying is that scum would be a bit more passionate about a fake claim when questioned than town would be about a real claim JMO. Its really irrelevant at this point since he's dead
    • Fear-mongers about end game, which suggests he should know exactly who can't die tonight if we want the game to continue.   Leelou, Smash, JIF, Crusher, Nyn, Lily all pretty much FOS'ed in this post... or at the very least having fence-sitting statements made about them.  Ape SK wifom poked at again. So, basically, everyone left in the game??? You're not actually saying anything here.   Always worth the effort. However, I question whether your perspective is of any value. So far, you've been in the game 5 minutes and reached some of the dumbest conclusions I've seen. The fact you're pressing on this Ape as SK angle is grotesque. Do you realize you've basically just taken the baton from scum DPR and are running with it? After N1, when the day started, AJ, DPR, JIF and I think Smash pushed on this angle. It's stupid. DPR was scum, he was trying to use my fake reveal, and the coincidental reality that there's a 3rd killer in the game to set up my lynch. I said it yesterday, I'd bet anything that 1 of the 4 who immediately tried to implicate me based on the scene is scum, because scum knew SK hunting would help them win with another NK. Numbers. I also believe the actual SK probably used it to deflect from him/herself. We have to hope scum actually hits the doc or SK, or that the SK hits teh doc or scum... in order to maintain our advantage in town numbers. You've fear mongered about end game, but this seems lost on you.   No, it factually wasn't all-town. What a stupid question. DPR was scum, I led his lynch when bussing a teammate would have made NO sense at all. So, I'm obviously not scum with him. Derp.   You "doubt it"? It's proven. DPR was scum... wtf is this crap?
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