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    • We only dressed two TEs the first two games. Bostic is a good special teamer. Bowman is a very good special teams player. We need him. He was in the last game as a replacement for Housewares. Most teams dress 3 TEs anyway.  Davis is in to try and get in the way on almost every snap. I agree that a blocking TE that can't block is a waste but Chan seems to feel we need a TE in on every play. Either way these guys all made contributions. A fifth corner, or a 3rd RB would not have seen any snaps. AA would have been the 5th corner and also plays STs.  You are conveniently switching between active roster, and 53 man roster in your argument however. We are not going to dress 4 TEs. The hope is that ASJ can replace Davis, and Bowman can replace Bostic, and Housewares. Then we can dress your 3rd RB. 
    • One play that stood out to me as a microcosm of our issues was in the 3rd quarter, a 3rd and 2, where Fitz locked in on a well covered Marshall pre-snap, and tried to get about 20 yards on a play that had next to no chance of succeeding. Now I know we at home get a different view of the field, but pre-snap the CB on Enunwa dropped off a good 10 yards, and I was looking for a quick slant pass, 4 yards or so, 1st down - keep the drive alive. Enunwa came off the line, no-one near him, looked for the ball straight away with his hands up ready ... even a late pass would have got 1st down and a chance for decent YAC too. Instead we get a throw into tight coverage downfield, and a punt. The following drive by KC very nearly sealed the game, if not for a timely hit and an instant replay review. What i can't do is explain the dynamics of the play. Had the coaching staff said that Marshall was the primary target and he'd be open; had Marshall been telling Fitz "put it up there, I've got this", did Fitz just put too much faith in his old buddy to make a play ... who knows. But if it was a bad decision by the players on a play that should easily have got us a first down, they need to call those players out as they are hurting the team. If it was a coach's call then they have to look at themselves and realise they have to take what is there, they don't have the consistency to play pitch and catch like they maybe thought they did after the Buffalo game. (Now we have a thread with both minutiae and microcosm in it  ). 
    • We essentially had no TE last season too but Enunwa was kinda filling that role, it seems this season they are trying to get him the ball more and using him to block less.
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