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    • Maybe you will bring them good luck. They need all they can get.
    • Saved? It forced another wasted season. At least if Geno started the season you'd find out whether he can play or not, and if not Fitz would have stepped in anyway. Philly moved up from 8 to 2 and grabbed Carson Wentz. Jets had another non playoff season.  The Jets mediocrity has also led to their inability to find a QB. Macc is looking for a QB & by cutting all of those high draft picks this year, he's proved he's not waiting on anyone. Genos gone next year, if Petty gets his chance this year (that's a huge ? Because he's been injured and hasn't been able to practice), at least Macc can assess where we are and if he needs to bring in another QB.  Jets might have choices on some FAs that haven't gotten a chance like Glennon.  I believe Glennon could be doing what Seimian is doing in Denver. He's accurate, can get the ball down the field, he's tall enough to avoid tipped balls, and he moves around good enough to bide some time. Plus he's got just enough playing time & bench time, to study and learn the NFL game.  We're definitely gonna make another QB move in 2017.
    • Ortiz has more ejections than any active player. Class act.
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