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    • Right?  Better off sending no one! 
    • Ok. So first I just want to ask why you 'dislike Lee a great deal'?  Second. I want to point out that Macc has had 2 drafts. I know its tough for fans to see players selected in the first two rounds not produce immediately on the field. So when you say he is 1 for 4, it pretty much eliminates any notion of player development.  Let's look at the 4 players you are talking about.  L.Williams- he's a stud. He's your one of four. D.Smith- mired by injuries. Did not have injury issues i college (unlike Milliner), so there is really no way Macc could have expected any injury issues with Smith. When he WAS helthy, Fitz did not play to his strength as a deep threat. But ok. He has been healthy and could not get on the field for any legitimate snaps (special teams only).  This will be his 3rd season and if he stays healthy he will get a chance to show what he can do. But let's just assume that indeed this kid is a bust and a flat out bad pick by Macc. D.Lee- rookie playing ILB. When healthy, he was all over the field, for a while leading the Jets in tackles. He struggled in coverage. But again, we're talking about a rookie playing ILB and responsible for covering NFL TE's his first year in the NFL. Some of these guys make Pro Bowl MLB's look bad. So even if you look past the notion that Lee will develop and get better, even just in his second year, he's already a decent starter that at the very least has his nose around the ball. C.Hack- rookie that has yet to play. I mean, seriously, anyone who assumes this kid will be a bust or a star or anything is either Nostradamus or has blinders on and refuses to accept reality. HE HAS NOT PLAYED. Unless you want to assume that he has not played b/c he absolutely sucks- which is completely inaccurate and does not fit anything the Jets CS or FO have said about him- there is simply no way to judge this kid until we see him play at least A FEW meaningful games.   So the way I look it, Macc got 1 stud, 1 potential bust, 1 promising young talent, and 1 complete unknown. Conclusion: it's too early to tell. Simple as that. There is exactly ONE player that Macc drafted who is no longer on the Jets: J.Harrison. Let that sink in for a minute. ONE guy, in ALL selections that is n longer on the team. And he is still in the league, holding on to a reserve spot on the Bucs. Believe it or not, he could still develop into a backup or even starter in the NFL.   
    • Vinny had the greatest individual season of any QB in NYJ history and we never had a losing record w/ him, won a div title, made a title game and made multiple postseason apps. Chad made the playoffs 3 times(2nd most in team history), won a rare div title(the only non Brady of this era) and every time he started double digit games we made the playoffs.
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