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    • The first month of last season, with Geno sidelined with a broken jaw, the rookie Bryce Petty served as the team's backup. Now that he's got a full season in the system under his belt, a full year of coaching and QB camp and Madden, he's probably ready enough to be a backup for a whole season. This would hardly be the rush job experienced by Sanchez and Geno.  And I do think Petty's development would be better served as the #2 QB, studying the gameplan and getting a few reps with the starters, as opposed to sharing scant reps with the fourth string QB and/or running the scout team. 
    • Looks nice, good luck!  Happy I will now have a place to take a dump at the games, those Port-a Potty's are brutal.
    • Good points. But let's be honest does anyone care if Geno leaves next season in FA. Best case scenario this season is Fitz stays healthy , plays well and the backups regardless of who they are, never see the field. However realistically you would think the backup sees some time this season , statistically its very rare for a starter to play all 16 games. So who would you rather get the snaps a player with 2 seasons starting experience or a project QB who's never started a real NFL game.  If Geno comes and  plays decently,  or as most of you here are assured he'll stink it up  it virtually insures that he'll  be off the roster next season. I guess the worst case scenario for the haters is he comes in a and leads the Jets to the playoffs which may prompt the team to resign him., But again everyone here all but guarantees that won't happen - so what are you scared of?? Keeping him this season doesn't retard the progress of Petty as he'll be on the active squad and be allowed to practice and take part in all film and study sessions. Let's not rush  a project Qb into a spot until they're ready , haven't we gone down that route too many times .   
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