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    • Keanu Reeves in 'Dracula':  "I was impotent with fear!"  Me, too, mostly because of his performance.  Haha, it's a few pages back re: Keanu, but the world is so small. Oddly enough, Jordan Peele wrote and starred in 'Keanu'. Chariots of the Gods, man. 'Get Out', definitely will see, partly because it's a phrase of mine. I'm down for it. Gonna totally be a cult classic, good for Peele. Brian Williams will probably report that he was hypnotized by God when he visited the set to see his daughter, but that's cool.  We used to have Keanu's scream  from 'Dracula' on our answering machine with Gary Oldman laughing at the end.  Microcassete that you had to flip over when it ran out of space, telemarketers were killing us. We held the answering machine up to our wonderfully ancient hand me down POS Zenith TV to record it to fukk with them. We had roughly 100 hang ups a week.  Thanks, dude, you served your purpose.     
    • Mike Williams in the first. Evan Engrams top of 3rd. ...with their combined catch radius it won't matter who's throwing the ball.  ^now that's a Hot Take. 
    • You spelled Mike Williams wrong.
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