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    • Considering how bad his oline and entire team was, Hackenberg still threw 16 TD's to 6 picks last year. His completion % was an abysmal 53% however. Still as others have pointed out this team had no scholarship players, basically college walk ons. I'd also like to add that after Bill O'brien left, Hack was basically getting free agent treatment from schools, specifically Alabama and could have easily jumped ship but stuck it out anyway.  Plus the years he took beating after beating behind that oline he stayed in games and never missed any due to injury. So he's physically and mentally tough with a sense of competitive loyalty. Lets hope this kid can put it together. 
    • Hate the apathy I feel for the game
    • The whole AFC is flawed.  The Gronk injury really makes New England human, especially away from Foxboro.  Last year's Denver team with Manning at 50% would have won this conference again.  Pittsburgh is as much a threat as anyone.  If Oakland gets home field advantage they could potentially take this thing.  Kansas City is proving to be a damn tough team to beat too, they've found a way to make Kelce a consistent game-changing player, he's almost got Gronk size and is a little faster than Gronk too. I still think the Seahawks are the team to beat in the NFC when push comes to shove.  Dallas is for real, Prescott is a lot like Russell Wilson in many ways.  Seattle at Dallas would be one hell of an NFC championship.  The Giants aren't in my top 2 but they are always going to be a threat to win a playoff game on the road with Eli and company's history, you can't discount them.
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