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    • Sort of OT, but I always thought the fix was in when the Penguins got the #1 after the lockout and got Crosby. That team was talking about moving, etc.    Ive heard some say the fix was in on Ewing to the Knicks, but I was 6 and don't remember any of that.
    • The fear of Geno succeeding doesn't keep me up at night. Regarding ODB, there is a bit of a chicken-or-the-egg argument here. Namely, what would ODB be without competent QB play? I suspect if ODB had the misfortune of being drafted by the Jets, especially given his antics, a fair number of us would be saying that "ODB"  stood for "Over-Drafted Bust," or more likely he never would've even be bestowed with an acronym and he'd be "Odell, a solid receiver picked way too early by that nincompoop John Idzik." The point being that every elite QB can be said (by coincidence?) to also have an elite supporting cast. Except perhaps poor Philip Rivers. The question remains: which made which? Different receivers have swirled around the elites like Big Ben, Brees, Brady for years, and yet they deliver time and time again. Is it possible that teams like Pitt and New Orleans just always seem to find studs at the position and can let "elite" WRs go knowing with supreme confidence that they will find another seemingly every draft? Or is it more likely that being paired with an elite QB makes WRs a bit interchangeable and helps one become a stud? In my experience the simplest explanation with the least variables to account for is usually the more accurate. In this case: the QB maketh the supporting cast. Now once in awhile a truly elite QB gets paired with a truly elite WR and then you see records shattered (see: Randy Moss in New England, Rice and Montana).
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