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    • Geno is absolutely a jerk. I don't think anyone really likes him. That said if the Jets aren't sold on Petty, Geno will be the backup. Not sure how you can be sold that Petty is ready to play based on last night. I think Petty looks good in the pocket. He can move around to keep plays alive. Geno is a more mobile QB but once he moves he should just run. The only party I am disagreeing with is if the Jets feel that Geno gives them a better chance to win this season than Petty does, then Geno needs to be on this roster. This is an old offense at the skill positions.
    • No way Geno stays with this team. Carrying 4 QB is a waste especially when we have some talent at WR and might need a CB because Milliner got torched again. The fans and the media hates Geno and its better that he finds another home. Petty may not be the answer but he's looked better than Geno and that's enough for me. Sorry about your middle seats but at least you get to go to the games lol. I watched alot of Petty in college he can ball. If the Jets cut him he will not be on the street long. I would rather roll with Fitz, Petty and Hackenberg. Geno also does not have the support of the team. No one came to his defense in the IK incident. That tells me he's a jerk and not well liked in the locker room. Better to move on and get a fresh start.
    • you're a bigot, and I would have more respect for you if you just admitted it and move on . It's your right to be whatever you want to be, just as it's my right to call you a coward for not admitting it.
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