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    • The funniest part is watching them continuously over exaggerate these 2 plays with a straight face. Geno taking two bad sacks (that he shouldnt have taken...lets be clear on that) but ultimately converted to continue the drive somehow made his "entire performance" terrible.  Speaking of this "crunch time" nonsense, how are these guys so upset about 2 sacks that he shouldnt have taken while at the same time forgetting the part that he converted 4th and 19 to make up for his mistakes yet are completely okay with Ryan Fitzpatrick leading the league last year in 4th quarter interceptions? Why are they not nearly as upset about Fitzpatrick's 3 INT's in the 4th quarter of a week 17 game with the playoffs on the line? I dont recall Geno throwing ANY interceptions in the 4th quarter in that Raiders game. Why are they not nearly as upset with Ryan Fitzpatrick during "crunch time" throwing an INT against the Bengals to end the game week 1? Why are they so upset that Geno took 2 bad sacks that he ultimately made up for by converting on 4th down with about 2 minutes left in the game and we were down by 14 points, yet not nearly as upset that Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 5 INT's on 5 consecutive drives including throwing an interception on every single drive we had in the 4th quarter (when we were down by 14 points) which also included a pick 6 that put the chiefs up 21 points?  Why is it that Geno gets blamed for losing a game that he didnt start and that the defense gave up 34 points, the most points they've allowed the last 20 games, yet its not Ryan Fitzpatrick that is blamed for going 2-5 in the redzone, completing just 34% of his passes thrown beyond the LOS and throwing a game ending pick during "crunch time", but instead its Nick Folk that gets blamed for the Bengals game because he missed a PAT and had a kick blocked in a game. Why Nick Folk (or anyone else) get blamed when its Fitz but Geno gets blamed when the jets defense gives up 34 points and allows the Raiders to score points on 7 of their first 8 drives while having atleast 10 missed tackles in the game? Why does Geno get all of this hate over this Raiders game and how he didnt step up during crunch time yet in Fitzpatrick's last 4 games he's thrown a total of 7 INT's in the 4th quarter and the Jets are 1-3? Is it because Fitz cemented a comeback against the Giants and Cowboys? Okay, wasnt Geno's 1st ever game a "come from behind" win? Wasnt his first Monday Night football game against Matty Ice a "come from behind" win? We're in week four of the season and Ryan Fitzpatrick again leads the league this year in INT's in the 4th quarter. Is that how "crunch time" works???   Jet Nut.....I DONT UNDERSTAND MAN! lol. Geno takes 2 sacks that were clearly bad sacks that also kept the clock running but he ultimately converted 4th and forever to redeem himself and these guys are exaggerating this beyond f'ing belief. Ryan Fitzpatrick in his 1st 19 games as a Jet has 6 games where he's thrown an INT to end the Jets chances in the 4th and has led the league both years in 4th quarter INT's. What these guys are crying about in regards to crunch time Ryan Fitzpatrick is doing RIGHT NOW!!!!! lol.    Oh, and by the way...the Jets are paying 12 million for that!  
    • Phish are already 1-3, Bills will likely join them which would mean the Patsies are 4-0.

      Someone has to at least make the Patsies work for the division this year. Looks like that's up to us this year.

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    • You have to be the dumbest poster anywhere.  You call me an idiot and then post two links that support what I wrote.  Chan called Smith the starter.  Bowles later clarifies that hes the returning starter because hes the only starter from the year before and that there will be an open competition for the starting job.   How friggen stupid can one person be and best part is keep coming back with links proving it.  Make them large and bold.  As I said before, GFY
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