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    • Per Evan Silva on Twitter regarding Fitz
      I think it's pretty funny that people think the Jets have any leverage here whatsoever.  The Jets are about to run Geno Smith out there behind a porous Oline.   What's sad is that the Wilkerson situation has been mishandled so poorly that we don't even have the cap space to do anything.
    • Myles Jack 225 pounds, Jaylon Smith 229 pounds
      Throw Noah Spence in the mix, and man a Spence, Lee, Harrison, Mauldin mix of LB's looks devastating behind that DL.
    • A reactionary pick from a Front Office that thinks there very close to Playoffs/Superbowl.
      I'll have to say that I dont know much about Lee. I havent looked his direction throughout the offseason. I watched two games on draft breakdown and it wasnt like I was watching a guy who popped off of the screen. I will say that I only saw two games while still watching the draft.  I love his speed, but I dont like his weight. This is the same problem that I had with Floyd. However, Macc made it clear that we were going to get faster and more athletic. I think Miles Jack would have fit the bill, but for the fact that I really know nothing on Lee I cant criticize the man, whether positively or negatively.  I have to say that im not upset about the pick, probably because I was more concerned about the Jets forcing the issue and drafting Lynch. When we didnt draft him I felt relief about that rather than excitement for the actual pick.  I simply dont know who Darron Lee is....but we will have all the time to look at college games and listen in at OTA's. I know one thing, if he's expecting to play the weak side and "seal the edge" he's going to need some weight. Either that or Mauldin will play that role.  I dont have much of an opinion on the pick. Im hearing alot of good things online, but I tend to take that with a grain of salt. All of these guys are "the man" at this point so its hard to tell by twitter feeds and highlight vids.  You are right though, it "depends on how we look at it" which will depend whether people like this pick or not. We'll have to see. 
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