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    • Those are words that should never be used in a sentence  when talking about Qb's - Fitz and way better 
    • Yes football teams never bring in multiple young Qb's . this was only the Jets and only because Geno - stop with the unfounded hate.  
    • Ok mods, someone check the IP address.  Curios to know which fellow Geno supporter this is. Hey, I supported letting Fitz walk and starting Geno as much as anyone, but this is a business.  When it comes down to it, there is no cutting the guy for his sake. Screw that.  This team needs a legit backup, and all reports say Hack and Petty are basically useless steaming piles of $hit at the moment.  Geno isn't going anywhere. It's a long season.  Never know what will happen.  Sure the team is now out 12mil and Fitz will most definitely be handed the starting job, but as we saw last year, anything can happen.  Geno just has to keep working hard and be ready for when his opportunity comes.
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