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    • As should be case  .  Whoever is the worst performer between Hack and Petty should be headed to  the practice with the other being the 3rd string behind the starter and hopefully the Veteran .  Best case scenario would be for one of these guys Hack /Petty to win the Job, giving the new recruit a chance to sit and learn . In 2018, the vet is released, the competition is renewed and a new recruit is brought into the fold .  This way you have assets for trade, and a potential successor just in case one is needed or a quality backup . Let's say Hack win s the competition in 2017, and the Jets draft Trubisky or whoever you prefer . Lets also say the vet signed was McCown and Petty go to the Practice squad . In 2018, McCown is released, Hack becomes the Vet and the competition is renewed .   Hack is the Vet, Trubisky is the challenger and a decision on resigning Petty is due . We also have the draft and the incoming  recruit  to bring up to speed .  The player who takes this job and runs away with it will not put an end to the rotating door of QBs that come in, because of the value of the position within the league .    This is the 1 position in football where you can use an asset to rob a team bling of draft picks . We are squabbling about what we will get for what many consider a quality talent in Sheldon Richardson . while average QBs are getting paid Millions snd teams are trading away multiple draft picks for un proven QBs who had a decent half month .
    • Not only will they have an assessment but it will maybe be what they use to determine what direction they go into the draft...If they do indeed need to take a QB high or wait.

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