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    • I've recently moved Banner from USC ahead of Magnuson. I'm also a Michigan fan so some bias might have me rating him this high. I wouldn't consider myself that adept at reading OL play but I like what I've seen. Bisnowaty isn't terrible either. I love TJ's intangibles. I think he plays with fierce tenacity and great football instincts. It's these kinds of qualities that push him up the list for me. He's a different kind of player to JJ so I haven't found their relationship bothering me. All the same I've got himself and Anderson neck and neck. I think they're very similar players.
    • And regarding Tiink I'm not sure what kind of explanation you were expecting outside of what he gave. There wasn't a ton of reason behind your vote in the first place beyond Spoot fluff posting and the way it was made did come across as nonchalant
    • would like to wish all members celebrating their birthday today a happy birthday. rajensen088 (72) bjc15 (47) mr.jet (42) primadox (53) (52) JetsBhoy (44) jets777 (49)
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