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    • If I had one bullet to use, I'd tie Smash and DPR's dicks together, to make sure that if I shot one in the ass, the bullet would go through and blow out both their brains. And then I'd suck my thumb like a gentle, fat man-baby and hum the battle hymn of the republic until I dozed off dreaming of sugar plums and machetes... 
    • Finally I get to sit down in peace and quiet relax and watch the Jets play. 
    • Cool, so you're scum too. My play is choppy as both town/scum. Null tell. I actually haven't spun anything, which is why I'm asking for examples. You have none. Saying I'm doing it over and over, doesn't make it true. Smash already tried this tactic. I'm the only one being pragmatic, or logical, here. You think I'm scum and arent' voting me. Smash thought Nolder was scum, Hess was SK, and shoots me.  Both of you two morons are typing tons of words, providing no examples, no logic, and nothing more than "feelings" accompanied by farce. 1. You playing like a pussy is how I've read your play. It can't be made-up, it's my analysis of what you're doing.  2. Me calling you out for it is how I signaled you. You aren't making a point here. When scum's names get brought up, they tend to figure out a way to pre-empt if someone as vocal as I am is going to go after them. I'm saying you are doing this. In other words, this is OMGUS from you. Slow developing, and subtle, but still OMGUS. 3. Smash went full mental patient. That's what I wrote. Perhaps you should read. 4. You haven't proven anything I've said a lie, much less an embellishment. I've theorized things, some true ponderings, others more outlandish for reaction testing. If anything these are 100% things I do as town. Again, you're citing town tells, and telling people they are scum tells. When I'm scum, I take what the town gives me, and use it against people. I don't float theories, all theories do is get people to challenge them - which is why they are helpful in determining who is town and not, so it only really makes sense to do as town. For the record, you've never nailed me as scum. You don't know my tells. And let's be honest here, if I were scum, there's no way in the world I'd give up anyone on my team. So... why don't you quit this amateurish bullsh*t. You and Smash are both now guilty of saying you think people are scum, and not actually putting votes on them.
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