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    • Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson
      Well, when I notice Mo has disappeared from a game, I don't exactly have an article to post. The real problem is that you'll look at the season in review from an stat page and see he had 12 sacks, and think WOW. Reality is he's not irreplaceable on this team and he is only elite at run stopping, something this team will have no problem with when he's gone. The one wildcard is Sheldon's behavior. 
    • Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson
      Like the last time you said this, you're totally making things up. Not surprising that the *very next sentence* is about your eyes...Remember when you were moving on? You were so much better offer that way. Your ego is bruised, you're a little desperate, and you're saying dumber and dumber things. Next thing we'll hear about how Harrison dresses quicker on game day and that should be a thing.
    • Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson
      I'm not making things up. I saw it with my own eyes against the Bills. The play after Wilk broke his leg, his replacement (lined up next to Snacks) had a tackle for a loss. Spin the stats any way you want, his sack numbers until this year just weren't all that impressive. Maybe that is a product of Bowles. Maybe he's on an an incline of production. We'll see. If he's willing to get paid not a boatload of money, maybe it'll be as a Jet. I'd like him back within reasonable contract confines. Harrison occupies blockers better than Wilk so Mo can actually make the plays he does. Does that appease your weird obsession with two things he does better or are you just going to dismiss it like I said that he was a better tackler?
    • Francesa
      I never thought I'd encounter a sports talk show hosted that annoyed me more than Francesa. Then I listened to the Michael Kay show, so now I've got 3-4 that bother me more.
    • Kevin Greene in Hall of Fame Joe Klecko
      Greene deserves in and so does The Snake. He should have been in years ago. I'm pissed they waited till he died. It's kind of a kiss off. What Bobby Layne was a perfect person? Paul Zimmerman and co. kept pointless grudges that meant nothing. Sent from my SGH-M919 using Tapatalk
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