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    • Well, sitting 18" from the Mezz Club for 50+ games I can tell you that that's the dynamic in Section 232C and 233.  During the Geno Smith era and during Monday nighters against lame teams, maybe 10 games in total, the folks in those sections dump their tickets and we've seen unruly youngsters with $25 Stubhub tickets sitting there drunk and disappointed that the oldsters around them aren't acting like apes. It's never unruly like fighting and such, but there's nothing worse than a one-game-a-year fan who thinks it's his job to school his section on how to behave at games.  Just because he thinks we all jump around and stand up on every play and make noise on every down doesn't mean that's actually how it works.  And when that situation occurs in a Club section it's even more uncomfortable for the interloper who gets nothing but dirty looks and disdain from the doctors, lawyers, and executives around him. SAR I
    • I was fully prepared to pick the Jets in this game. They're home, playing a West Coast team at 1pm. They need this win, so they should be fully motivated and the other team has a banged up OL with a banged up QB. Then the injuries came. Decker will probably be out and  both Marshalls are banged up. Rookie WRs against this Seattle secondary is going to be a problem. This will help them learn, but not to win. Fitz will not have as bad a day against KC, but I dont like his chances. And Revis is banged up too. Seattle- 16 Jets-9
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