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    • With vacation over, let's take a look at what's happening around the New York Jets, who report to training camp on Friday : 1. No Joshing around: Josh McCown has said all the right things since signing with the Jets, which is what you'd expect from a player with a sterling reputation as a team-first guy, but don't be fooled into thinking he'd be content to sit on the bench. He's a fiery competitor and wants to play. In a phone interview, I asked McCown if he expects to be the Week 1 starter. "Yeah," he said. "All of our expectations should be that way. I'm no different. I came here because I had an opportunity to compete for the job, so that's my expectation -- to go out and play the best football that I've ever played and help this team win football games."It'll be McCown versus Christian Hackenberg versus Bryce Petty in training camp. McCown doesn't know how the reps will be divided, but he suspects it'll be similar to the offseason practices -- an even split. McCown, 38, is the favorite because of his experience, which he believes gives him an edge over the two young passers."Obviously, any time you're in a situation where you have this much more experience than the other guys, you should have an advantage," he said. "But, at the same time, we're all in this thing together and it's a new offense. We're all learning it. I thought this spring was very beneficial for us and I think training camp will be where we can take it to another level." McCown's goal is to be the quarterback he was in 2013, his signature season. Playing for the Chicago Bears, he replaced an injured Jay Cutler and compiled a 13-1 touchdown/interception ratio. Stylistically, there are parallels between the two offenses, he said. He likes that."Hopefully, I'll be able to play at a similar level that I played at when I was there," he said. "That's my mindset." Too bad he doesn't have his old friends from Chicago, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett. rest of above article :  >
    •     No. I quoted it again and your response to give you another chance here. I clearly said the GM and coach speak, but that isn't the issue. In fact, your response -in an attempt at a rebuttal- actually just corroborated what I was saying about the team's dysfunctional front office. You said, "They obviously confer but the ultimate call, the responsibility for the pick is on the GM, he could always go in a completely different direction."  The flip side of that is that the coach, being an equal partner at the top of the organization, could opt not to play the player the GM picked that he didn't want. Because of the structure of the front office, the GM is forced to take players the coach wants because his job is dependent on the success of his draft picks. If Bowles hates Paxton Lynch (for example) what's the point of Maccagnan drafting him? No matter how good he might have the potential to be, he'll be buried on the depth chart because the coach hates him, and Maccagnan will be blamed for a lousy pick. But if Maccagnan is Bowles' boss, he can take who he wants and order the head coach to get him on the field.  However one feels about Mac and Bowles, the front office set up is counter-productive. 
    • Yeah, a few people have yet to check in. Still kinda early though.   Queer.
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