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    • Agreed.  Basically, he needs to show last season was a complete aberration to feel any better about his physical ability to hold up in the NFL.  That's of course assuming he's even worth keeping around anyway.  No single one of those plays had you immediately thinking "he got hurt on THAT?", but that really makes no difference if plays that seem that they could more legitimately hurt someone are always hurting him.  Every even somewhat durable player needs to have plenty of those instances where he just pops back up to the relief of everyone.
    • please,.. " Tank "  this season @ draft.. year  
    • I try to be funny, so glad you see my humor   I don't necessarily care whats been done in the past either, I am just being realistic. Hell, even if Mac and Bowles are fired this year, if they take Watson, its highly likely that Woody looks to hire someone who believes they can work with Watson, its just how the NFL works with highly drafted QB's.  I think Watson will actually be decently productive as an NFL QB for a while, I think he will be able to run efficiently enough along with his leadership ability that he will win some games. My question with Watson is when the running is not available, either because of injury, age, or the defenses being so much faster, can he sit in the pocket and beat a defense. I don't think he can do that personally. But I don't think even as a rookie he will be a total bomb either, and I can see the Jets going 7-9 with him as their QB this year, which muddies the waters even that much more. I think he is a very hard pass at 6 this year, but would grab him in round 2 if he is still available. And for the record, nobody else at 6 really excites me either, so I would propose taking the best offer they can get to trade back, even if they get raped on the "chart".  
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