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    • You're a broken record with an agenda.   It was as unimpressive a night as they're could have been for the Fitz/Geno/Petty. And while Geno hardly looked like he was packing heat, the 14 yards you're throwing around like confetti is misleading. The playcalling asked almost nothing of Geno's arm tonight. The CS had obviously already decided how they felt about Geno one way or another and wanted to finalize other decisions instead... whatever that is, we're about to find out. 
    • No. He's not. And if he does it's a huge mistake. The Jets cannot afford to go into next season with one QB under contract. They aren't cutting a cheap and improving QB because of one interception in a preseason game. That's a massive overreaction. 
    • Honestly I didn't think he played well.  Its easy to look at this with rose tinted glasses, but then you look at his statline and it's pretty bad.  He started off strong, but you could see that he had accuracy problems, and was basically throwing to his first read every time.  I like his arm, I love that one td and he seemed to not get too flustered in the pocket, but make no mistake he is a big project.
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