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    • Jalin Marshall
      Nice thing about SEC/ Big Ten and ACC..... they play some of the best teams in the country 10x
    • The Current QB Depth Chart
      I'm no big fan of Geno, but if the choice is between Geno and <insert JAG vet here> starting, I'll take Geno, thanks. He has had more time in the system, and I don't see a guy out there who would significantly increase our overall W total for the year. So glad Hoyer is off the table! And no way do I want to see Hack starting this year - especially with the start to our season being as brutal as it is. Talk about "in at the deep end"! I'd be uneasy with trading a pick for someone UNLESS we get a 2 year guy, and plan to sit Hack until at least the middle of next season. I know Glennon is a popular "let's go get this guy" but he's on the last year of his current deal, so would only be a cheap one-year option - not worth a decent draft pick IMHO. Which brings me to my concern with Geno IF he is the starter this year. It means we are on a shorter timetable, whether we like it or not. Hack must be ready to go in 2017, otherwise we'll be back in the "hold the fort JAG vet" arena for yet another year, with no continuity. Fitz --> Geno --> JAG --> Hack would be painful.
    • Jalin Marshall
      Love this pick up for the Jets, Jalin is still raw and will need practice running routes, getting separation, etc... but he has the talent to be great, this kid would have been the focal point on offense for the Buckeyes if he stayed one more year, easily a first or second pick the year after but he got caught up in the national championship bravado and needed to settle down, going undrafted should have fixed that I think Tyvis Powell has similar potential and would have been signed if Mac really had the inside track would have been great in Bowles D but Seattle picked him up, expect him to be a part of the legion in the next couple of years  
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