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The Lounge is where New York Jets fans hold off-topic discussions. Please avoid any political or religious talk.


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    • Bet it was a lot higher percentage than that. After all, it did go bankrupt.
    • Of course he does, you don't have to win or even hustle here
    • That's tough.  I voted my prediction - which is Tyrod Taylor.   But if we're going want...that's tough because I want them for different reasons: For pure comedic relief, Cutler all day every day.  Geno with a close 2nd.  It would be the most entertaining season ever. For the future of the Jets, Hack or Petty.  They either have it or they dont and we need to figure that out because the Jets are ******* morons and didnt do this the last 2 years. Instead, we got Fitz'd.  For the recognition that Hack and Petty suck and we're moving on from our mistakes, Watson.  I have no faith in Kizer, Trubisky or Mahomes...but they kind of accomplish the same thing. Romo, Hoyer, Fitz would be so SOJ that it would be kind of juicy and awesome.  If they're really looking for a long term fix in FA, Tyrod Taylor.   Glennon would be a ton of fun too.  He's a terrible Football player who's going to cost an arm and a leg and it would be amazingly fun around here to see him completely bust out considering the amount of poster who actually think he's legit.      
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