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    • I'm planning to watch both games tonight Getting close to March Madness, man the first two rounds are always the best
    • Many of us made these observations. You don't build a team with super-expensive veterans on their last legs. For example, Skrine was at least a better risk to take than Revis or Cromartie. No he wasn't so great before and certainly hasn't been great here, but if he'd panned out he'd be a longer-term solution than 1-2 years with a slim possibility of 3 (at far greater dollars). Thosae types of acquisitions are for teams with just a couple of missing pieces to push them over the top -- like New England. Or like Dallas and San Fran taking turns to short-term rent Deion Sanders. Trying to build a team by pissing away some $100m on bringing in (or bringing back) Revis, Harris, Cromartie, Ferguson, Fitzpatrick, both Forte and Powell, Clady, Breno...  Not to mention his unreasonable lines in the sand with trade demands nobody was ever going to meet so he retained players he didn't even want anymore, with no place to put them all on the field. Then further, using high picks on players that, if playing to their upside, would absolutely not be any hard-to-find/missing-piece type that would put us over the top. Even the best of the bunch that landed in his lap - Williams, who's outstanding - was a redundant acquisition that didn't necessarily make the team any better. Fine if he's then going to immediately parlay one of the two he already had for another such high pick, but he didn't; kept all 3 like a stupid fool, and watched as his team struggled to find an appropriate place for all 3 together on anything other than likely running downs. It has been a horrible wasted opportunity to set up the team for the long term. This is why I'm so hard on Maccagnan. It takes no brains at all to just be the highest bidder & quickly use up all the painfully-earned cap space his predecessor left him, plus unnecessarily using up another 8 figures in future cap flexibility on top of that, to foolishly chase after a SB ring without a starting QB.  5 wins is sucky and I'm shocked anyone would try to argue otherwise (like you are doing here). You conveniently forget Buffalo essentially tanked the last game by benching Taylor, and that it took OT to beat the even-worse 49ers. It's also common for opponents to play down to their opponents like the '16 Jets (which is how upsets happen). Even still, just because a team is sucky isn't to say every player is therefore untalented & sucky every week. Pretty much every year even the worst teams win roughly this many games. The team earning the #1 pick in the upcoming draft often finishes with 4 wins, and we weren't noticeably any better than that. 
    • Ricky Rubio - G - Timberwolves Phil Jackson is reportedly a fan of Ricky Rubio. According to David Aldridge, Tom Thibodeau is "not really enamored" with Ricky Rubio right now, and he feels Derrick Rose would be an "upgrade" at the point guard position, which is a pretty fascinating take. A straight up Rose-Rubio swap would work under the cap guidelines, and with Thibs reportedly making a strong push for Rose, this is certainly a deal we could see go down on deadline day.
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