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    • what truth? what everybody with more brain cells than you understood? that there is a good and bad Fitzpatrick? that he is a better option than geno smith? that he is prone to bad games? you act like you are proving something. your gloating and taking victory laps while trying to prove that you are right and everybody else is wrong, while everybody you are thumping your chest out already knew the deal? your not even as smart as you come across
    • This I agree with 100% and was thinking about it watching the game. This team has no leaders. Watching Brandon Marshall trying to fire them up was kind of sad really. I love Brandon but he's just another in a long line of Faux Jets enjoying the spotlight & fame you get playing in NY and being able to do his Showtime Inside the NFL show. How about Revis? Is there another highly paid superstar that looks like he's mailing it in more than Revis right now? Do you see some of his half hearted attempts at tackling today? Harris is DONE. A Pats fan friend texted me that Harris looks like Mayo did before BB cut him. When we make the transition to a young QB & move on from Harris, Marshall & Revis I want nothing to do with Todd Bowles. I can't stand coaches that are not engaged during a game. Plus, he's too timid & old school for this new NFL. Can you believe that he was actually scared to call TO on 3rd & 7 with 1:28 to go in the half? Even Mo Wilk could be seen mouthing "time out" shaking his head. This new NFL takes people with balls, to make bold moves. Coaches that innovate. It's amazing to think that we are paying Revis, Fitz & Harris 37 million dollars,lol. Think about what you saw today & let that sink in. We've got some nice young players and I believe Macc is the right guy for the job but Todd Bowles does not exude confidence AT ALL! It's like kicking a FG from the 1 yard line up 7. BORING! Jets probably win that Cincy game with 1 bold decision to go for that. Im sure your right, Jets will be 8-8, 7-9, another wasted season if we don't see what we have in Petty. I'm still optimistic about some of the talent, Leo, Mo, Sheldon, Jenkins, Lee (looks for real), Burriss looks good, Anderson, J.Marshall (stop fumbling), Quincy, maybe Devin Smith will be the real deal. Todd doesn't want to go full rebuild but seeing how bad the veterans played today it's completely necessary. I for one would be all for it knowing what to expect.  Seeing this half & half team today of overpaid underachievers I'd rather watch younger players make the mistakes & learn something from them. I don't see what Revis, Harris, Marshall, Mangold, Fitz, can learn from getting their azzes whipped & contributing to the loss as much as any youngster did out there today.  Reboot completely in 2017 & spare us the embarrassment of Sundays like today.  
    • If Geno Smith did this today this board would have imploded hours ago  AM I RIGHT 
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