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The Lounge is where New York Jets fans hold off-topic discussions. Please avoid any political or religious talk.


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    • All these ex Jet draft picks moving around and getting cut just again, reinforces the fact that the Jets were so bad at drafting for so long.  Not anointing Macc the savior but have to give him credit for the young talent and depth he's been able to bring here so fast.  
    • I think regardless of who the back-up is on the roster - if Fitz gets hurt, the season is finished. So the question lies in who has the most potential - Geno or Petty? I think the fact that we have seen what we have seen of Geno makes the choice pretty clear. Geno peaked in his first year and has shown nothing but regression ever since - turning into Sanchez-esque blunder material waiting to happen. He is not our future. Plus he is on the final year of his rookie deal, should he put up OK numbers do we have faith giving him a starting quarterback contract that you know he is going to demand? Does anybody think he is a long term solution? So if Fitz gets hurt, why not give Petty a trial by fire audition to see what we have? Fitz goes down and we're done. At the very least it will allow us to rule him out instead of waiting until next year to do so. Cut/trade Geno, let Petty take #2 and Hack take #3.
    • why is it ok if the broncos cut sanchez, the only qb with any nfl experience really, but it's not ok if the jets cut geno when they actually have a qb with a lot of nfl experience?  
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