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The Lounge is where New York Jets fans hold off-topic discussions. Please avoid any political or religious talk.


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    • Yes the almighty Chris Hogan.  Brady turns water into wine
    • No one wants to come here, and I don't blame them.  We think offense is an after thought.
    • I'm going to post mine too and hopefully it's fine since deadline is at 1.30 am for me and I've gotta be up at 6. I'll check back in the morning and repost if it isn't.   1. Zander - Usually plays this way. I can see some analysis in his posts and so I’m fine with him. 2. Lee - Nothing really to say. 3. 80 - Nothing really to say. 4. Verb - Nothing really to say. 5. Shad - Vocal but less volume which is worth nothing, could chalk it up to being less familiar with the meta of players here which is usually what he carries quite heavily on Day 1. Dislike his vote and seems much more cavalier here than I’ve seen him before. Dif site dif style?  6. Andrej - Always plays this way. Can't remember a town game. Think only ever played with him when scum.  7. Crusher - Like his play. Town. 8. JiF - Nothing really to say 9. raccoon 10. JC - Always has a strong push, not the type to back down. I’d wager town if I had to right now. 11. Nolder - Nothing really to say. 12. Lizard - Nothing really to say. 13. Chrja -  14. Pral - Low volume but surprisingly been posting more than I ever remember him posting on D1. Posts seem less insightful than normal but fair enough there’s not much to talk about that hasn’t already been discussed and it’s D1. 15. Krak - Feeling alright about him.  16. dice - Slightly disjointed posting. Could be scum. 17. Spoot - I feel like he’d be posting less right now if he’s scum. A less experienced player probably just shies away and hopes for someone else to get lynched when there’s no obvious trains. He’d only had two votes and came out to play so I feel better about him. 18. Pac - Nothing really to say. 19. Hallia - Nothing really to say.
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