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The Lounge is where New York Jets fans hold off-topic discussions. Please avoid any political or religious talk.


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    • And they are our #3 and #4 QB, Petty and Hackenburg. Hackenburg is not ready but you can see the potential. Same with Petty, though he looked not as strong tonight. But both have that quick reaction time, fast release, arm strength and presence that the elite QBs have. Fitz and Geno do not. Both were awful, especially Fitz who was pretty much completely inaccurate except for a single throw to Decker. Both stare down receivers, and Fitz throws a weak wobbly inaccurate pass on almost every throw. He is really pretty awful and needs the wingspan of Marshall and Decker to save him. Not sure what this says about the Jets, but Bowles will pull a Parcells and play both of his "veterans" to the bitter end.          
    • We were a great red zone offense last year. I sure as sh*t hope it continues.  This is a ridiculous overreaction based off of one play in the 4th quarter of a preseason game with a rookie at the helm when they were likely working on situational football. Hot seat? This fanbase, my goodness.
    • I'm not talking about how fast he is.  I'm talking about quickness.
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