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The Lounge is where New York Jets fans hold off-topic discussions. Please avoid any political or religious talk.


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    • Sorry Sperm, there is too much sh*t there to sort through to actually comment on it all.
    • Nor should he.  Every person in football knows he would be a reclamation project.  But how do you go from one of the most highly touted QB's in high school, to talk of him being a first-overall pick after one year of college, to being, at best, a car salesman now that he has been drafted?  He is worth the time.  The kid works hard, loves football, has a cannon arm, is coachable, and wants to succeed.  If you can turn him into Trent Dilfer at best he could succeed with a good supporting cast. 
    • You just can't keep firing coaches and GMs every two years esp after following a good season. It's important to see if he can get these guys to show up and play the rest of the season. Obviously he didn't last Monday. It was a no show. I saw Bowles interviewed on Jets Open Mic a few days ago and he looked like a beaten man. He didn't go off the grid the way Idzik did two years ago at his presser but he looked down and almost out. So let's see what he can do the last 4 games starting tomorrow. If the team mails it in for the rest of the season then you could have a point. But he's respected around the league and has payed his dues. 
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