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    • It's been an unfortunate season all-around. Will be interesting to see how they approach the offseason re: Reyes and Walker, especially with Rivera playing so well. I think with the way they fought the last 6 weeks Sandy will probably do everything he can to bring the band back together for another year to see how they can do with deGrom and Matz back.
    • My position all offseason was that Fitz gives us the best chance to win now, and the best mentorship of Petty and Hack for the future. Nothing has changed.  It's still my view, it's still Bowles view, and Chan's view and Macc's view. Pointing out we have "fans" who actively rooted for our starting QB to get hurt isn't whining.  Now is pointing out the gusy whove actively been rooting against him, and us, thus far this year. It's exposing an arsehole for what he is. You'd have to ask all the guys gloating since Sunday.  
    • Mac isn't even close to the problem. The idiot DC who cant seem to hold onto playcalling duties along with our HC that spends all his time with a defense that still can't remember it's assignments is a much bigger problem. The other problem is our OC who still thinks he is coaching the 1995 Steelers. Finally the ST is still mostly a joke. Even Rex would have taken Marshall off the field after his first fumble for 6.
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