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    • Have fans forgotten how FA works?
      In 10 years, players of his caliber will probably be getting 20 million a year. QB is the most important position in sports. When was the last time the Jets had an offense as good as last year? We cannot sit there and refuse to sign this guy because he's only good with our receivers. That's pointless. He drove us down 80 yards against the Pats, he marched us down against Dallas in Dallas, and he helped us beat the Giants.  His potential is not the reason I want him. It's the stability until we find someone that can take us to the promise land. To be honest with you, I've never seen our offense click on all cylinders like we did last year. I can think of 2004 when we had Pennington - Curtis - Moss - Coles - WC. Other than that, I recall predictable offenses with Hackett and Schotty making the calls. Our offense is not our only strength. 
    • Ten years on the Packers' season-ticket waiting list ... 60,000 spots to go - Argument for the PSLs
      What the 8 years of MetLife Stadium has taught us is that the waitlist was very important as it was the pool of fans who were among the first to pony up for PSL's.  Back in 2008 when people in forums were screaming "Ha!  The Jets went through the waitlist and still have a ton of PSL's left!  The PSL's aren't working!  We were right!" what they instead should have been saying is "Oh my God, I never realized just how many carpetbaggers and profiteers there actually were in the Stadium." The embarrassment wasn't that there weren't enough PSL buyers.  The embarrassment was how many people were pretending to be Jets fans and were instead fleecing the fans.  Ticket brokers, corporations, scalpers, I don't blame them for leaving when the free ride ended.  Hey, they're running a business.  But I hold responsible the actual Jets fans who were born under a lucky star and wound up in grandpa's seats and once the Jets stopped paying them to attend games they just bolted and called the PSL process "legalized extortion".  Enjoy purgatory.  It's what the waitlist felt like in 1988, 1989, 1990, I was on that thing for 15 years while others occupied the seats I should have had and sold them for huge profits to people like me who were locked out.  I'll start feeling bad for those people who "lost" their comfy seats on the 40 in Giants Stadium in, say, 2025.  Yeah, that sounds about right. SAR I
    • Pats file brief in federal court
      Plus one'd you for posting the report.  Truth be told, I couldn't finish the article.  Legalese is unbearable at this time of night.  But you posted the report for all to see.  I'll try getting through the legal mumbo-jumbo tomorrow.
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