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    • I agree but Bowles has to show improvement as a coach. He made so many mistakes over the past two seasons that if he cannot show that he's learned from them, show him the door
    • As others have said, Mac has to really knock this draft out of the park. Bowles, he has to show something. I'm just not sure what that barometer is or not in Woody's mind. But, given the clear gut and rebuild off season plan, I wouldn't be shocked if Bowles' last chance is 2018. I'll tell you one thing. If we are drafting Darnold, Allen, or Rosen next year, this HC of the NYJ becomes a lot more attractive to other coaches. 
    • I agree that Macc inherited a mess. Two seasons later it's still a mess and there is less direction than when Idzik was in charge. There's still very little talent at the most important positions, the players they "had" to sign two seasons have nearly all busted and been cut, and the team isn't any closer to finding a QB to solve the biggest problem it's had for decades. He doled out nearly 40 million in contracts to the secondary alone and it improved only slightly from inexperienced and bad and cheap to veteran and bad and overpaid. There are several other instances of Macc showing he isn't up to par as a GM, but I don't want to derail this thread. As far as Bowles is concerned, I don't have much more faith in him either as he's made several glaring errors in both season one and season two without seemlingly have learned from those mistakes. This upcoming draft is a big one. Macc can't miss again. 
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