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    • Then we taken Rosen and move forward
    • You are totally clueless my friend. You made a post that some found offensive. You apologized for it right? You were given a pass for it right? I mean you weren't banned or anything. I don't know what went on behind the scene's but you are still posting here so you got a pass. You were forgiven. Now this is strictly hypothetical and I am in no way threatening you or trying to mess with you but expanding on a point. What if someone did a screen shot of that and posted it on Facebook or Twitter? In this PC driven world that could have went viral. It could have caused you a lot of hassle and heartbreak. Hell it could have seriously messed with your life right? Luckily it didn't but it could have been a sticky situation for you. You apologized and were forgiven. Yet you refuse to give the same consideration to Mixon. Before you say its not the thing to some it could have been considered the same or worse. That's all it takes my friend. You railed about Mixon and called him a criminal piece of $hit. Yet you were given a pass not 24 hrs before for what some overly sensitive person could have considered a hate crime and in this PC sensitive world a lot of people probably would agree. You see the double standard here right? That's why you have no leg to stand on sir. Mixon is due the same courtesy that was extended to you. Yet you deny him this. What does that make you?
    • In other words, it's not a big deal on any level.  A veteran QB as a mentor isn't going to hurt anyone.  Other than twist a few panties. No matter how many times you call it nonsense.  Or say silly things like the rules favor the QB so today QBs don't need to learn as they did in the past.  Talk about total nonsense.  Lol
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