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    • Von Miller
      The Raiders couldn't even afford to pay Von Miller ( Will get Jj Watt money- highest defender in the game) . They need that money to eventually pay Derek Carr, and K Mack.  Not to mention despite the monster cap space, don't have the cash you need  upfront that you need to put in escrow to cover that contract in case of injury.( M Davis isn't a billionaire)See N -Suh last year-   Why the Dolphins knew they were going to get Suh despite not having anywhere  the cap space the Raiders had. If Aldon Smith stays clean( big if) they would have their bookend pass rushers.He is a free agent but it's a slam dunk will be back with the Raiders if he gets reinstated.( both parties are happy with each other). He won't be back at least the first nine games You can't count on Aldon Smith( have to plan like he won't be back- you do that by targeting players  in Fa that are scheme versatile that can fit in 4-3 defense, or 3-4 defense.  Like Bruce Irvin.  Noah Spence become an option at 14( if he gets past the Bears) .  Very talented pass rusher with serious character risk ( like the Jets knew Sheldon Richardson had- but at that point was well worth the risk) .  They have more than enough High quality guys in that locker room ( Dan Williams, K Mack, and Malcolm Smith) to keep N Spence in line.
    • Why can't we find an outside linebacker?
      I laughed, I cried..... the laughing was probably the drugs.   Why the **** can't we find a rush linebacker? We've been talking about this since Mangini.  We rolled with Calvin Pace for 10 years. Even ******* Sanchez was better then was Manning tonight.
    • Could you imagine...
      I understand that perspective but I think there are other reasonable conclusions one can draw. Imagine if he dives in there and gets injured with minutes left. Then the team has to hang its final minutes to come back on a backup which is especially risky if CAR fails to come away with the ball. That's twice as bad as giving up the fumble. I dunno, it's hard to castigate the guy like he pranced away from running in the game winning touchdown without really knowing what was in his head in that moment. Maybe he was playing scared all game and that was the clearest presentation that he wasn't willing to risk it all for a super bowl victory. Maybe he thought it was his best chance to keep his team in the game.
    • Does instant replay review even work?
      I agree completely. Not sure why people are even complaining. The ball hit the ground n it moved. End of story. 
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