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    • The Jets have done nothing but draft defense for years in the 1st round & Seattles offense just toyed with them 3000 miles away on the road at what to them was 10:00AM.  We have 3 first round Dlineman & one of them we just gave 85 million & we didn't breath on Russell Wilson. Last night the Cardinals were chasing him all over the place & pretty much took away all of his WRs.  Tells you how far away we are from competing vs top teams in this league. All of those 1st round defensive picks have done sh*t for this team. 
    • I'll be honest and I was annoyed that the open of the show just made you wait and wait and wait. I think everyone was expecting something right from the very beginning; I found myself being very distracted since I had already seen the opening scene from the teaser that was released early.  But the episode really took off after Abraham got it, Glenn's death scene was given justice and was done nearly identical to the comics. And Andrew Lincoln was tremendous in that scene with that was some next-level sh*t right there. Rick has been broken. JDM is just owning as Negan.     
    • Agreed. I mentioned the 3-4 in an earlier post last week hoping they would get back to it. Finally got some turnovers as well but the secondary continues to get torched. 
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