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    • Just thought of something If I was role blocked my BPV would not have worked Unless a role block only blocked my role of Cop ?? Not sure how that's supposed to work is a BPV considered a Role ? But if I was not role blocked what would that make AJ since I got the no read back from Hally ?
    • I hope you're right but I'm not holding my breath. In the NFL everyone is a step faster and bigger. I think the Jets whiffed on their first 2 picks in this draft. Neither will have an impact this year or next. Really never been an Ohio State draft fan especially linebackers from that school. Maybe that is in the back of my mind going back to Tom Cousineau and fast forwarding to Vernon Gholston, who on previous boards I hated the pick instantly. But the Jets were in no man land that year. 
    • Lily is lying  and I'll explain She came into this phase  claiming she was the Doc then she quickly changed her mind and claimed back up cop there is no way in hell we can let that fly and I'll tell you why. I'm the Back Up Cop my powers did not engage until the main cop was killed .  I have investigative powers like a normal cop plus a 1x bullet proof vest. Last night my vest was shot off so I can only assume I was shot by scum and Crusher was shot by the SK. That's why when Lily claimed Doc I did not remove my vote because if she were the real doc I would have been protected since she claimed to protect me and I would still have my vest. Makes me wonder if there even is a Doc at this point. My investigation last night was AJ and it came back "no read", so I can only assume I was role blocked or AJ has some type of power like a Godfather ? I'm not thinking AJ is a godfather so I think I was just basically role blocked. I felt Lily was probably going to be lynched but I feel I had to reveal since my vest had to be shot off by scum I could get Doc protection tonight and solidify the lily lynch that is if a doc exists.
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