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    • [emoji378] it all to Smithorines? [thoughts]
      This topic has been talked about before, but its a change from everything fitz.. Trying to see where most of us stand. At this point now would u rather hit the reset button and blow this all up to hell and suck for next 5 years straight and getting top 5 picks year after year in hopes of drafting our guy. or continue being average and continue this merry go round thats been going on since 1968? I know this has been talked about before, like i said just figure change things up a bit and see where we all stand. And i know teams dont "lose out" on purpose, its bad business. But does any part of u wish we wuld literally get rid of any vets any high caliber players revis, wilkerson drama etc and start with a clean slate? Because the ny jets never fully hit reset button. And thats the problem. We do these half fast rebuild reset strategy's that get us nowhere. What do u guys think
    • Too Late for Jets About-Face on Fitz?
      I have laid off these threads for awhile now due to this unbearable offseason, i cant believe we are still talking about the same thing less then a week away from 4th of july. Smh i have no excitement whatsoever for this upcoming season. This fitz saga has gotten old and the thought of seeing geno throw his first pick makes me wana lose my mind. Why does being a jet fan have to be so torturous Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
      Whoa. Bombshell. I like that they're saying even though it's it's less episodes, but they'll be longer episodes. That means epicness.
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