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    • I don't even know if the numbers do justice to that game.  I can't even remember a performance that bad, even in college when some Division II team is playing a Division I foe just to get their name out there, and are clearly outmatched.  Fitzpatrick looked like an idiot.  He legitimately could have had 10 interceptions in that game.  I don't know how a coach could look his team in the eye and say Fitz was the starter the next week after that performance.  If Fitz was a young prospect who was learning the curve, or a good QB that just had a bad day, then I would understand.  He's a career journeyman that lucked into a contract last year, and the team treated him like he was a HOF caliber QB, as they were afraid to hurt his legacy.    
    • He showed flashes, and honestly I thought they catered the whole system to him when Bowles came up.  He's a great fit in Chan's system because it's not complex reads, and it's somewhat similar to the Air Raid systems, without as much read options.  Him getting injured by IK is probably the biggest what if moment for me with the Jets since we didn't get an incomplete pass from Ben on that last pass in Pittsburgh.   The hard part with evaluating him is really the talent around him.  From that 2014 team, has anyone besides Kerley even done anything?  Holmes is out of the league, Cumberland is lord knows where.  Nelson is out of the league I believe, Salas is basically useless unless he's playing us.  Josh Cribbs, somehow seen a possible savior is out of the league, Stephen Hill has been out of the league and injured, and Kellen Winsolw is jerking off in his driveway.  It's probably one of the worst combination of talent in a receiver core I have ever seen, when you consider what they have done after moving on from here.  I remember podcasts boasting Salim Hakim of all people.    From what he was given, I didn't think he did all that bad.  Idzik got him a weapon with Decker, but he got hurt, and they panicked on Harvin with media pressure.  You can't develop QBs without giving them weapons.  That's what I love about the Raiders approach, because they went dynamic weapon in Cooper, plus Crabtree.  Even the Jaguars, picking Allen Robinson, and then getting lucky with Hurns.  Even when the Vikings picked Bridgewater, they paired him with Mike Wallace, Cordaralle Patterson, Stefon Diggs, and last year picked up Treadwell, even though he looks like he's sucked.  How are the Eagles trying to develop Wentz?  Alshon Jeffery this year to go with Jordan Mathews.  How are the Titans helping out Mariota? Winston?  Every team that develops QBs goes out and brings along good weapons.   I have no problem going into Year 3 with Geno, with the idea of Marshall/Decker/Enunwa/Smith as his options.  I don't think that plan was foolish.  It's Fitzpatrick starting over him after the injury that foiled the evaluation process on him.  Once Fitzpatrick was entrenched as the starter, Geno was done, because the team just got behind Fitzpatrick and Bowles was too bad of a coach to actually do anything about it.   If someone could write a manual for how to not develop a QB, I think the path with Geno would have been the perfect one.   
    • No they are set up quite nicely to keep their key core players, and be around for awhile. ( they set Carr contract to be able to afford those other players.( G Jackson - expect they sign him before this season , K Mack,  and Amari Cooper.    Going to Vegas will help too, as with no state income taxes they can sign those players for less. Still taking home more than if they were in California.  Reggie Mckenize has a very good understanding of the salary cap.( he knows exactly what he's doing there) Sure theRaiders are going to lose some talent( Like Mario Edwards contract up after 2018 season - healthy he's every bit the impact player Mack is)   since Raiders will rarely be active anymore in Fa , they will get a high compensation pick.    They are looking at 4 compensation picks in 2018 . ( these replenish your depth with cheap players you have for four years) That isn't counting the guys they will trade that Don't make their 53man roster.    Basically keep your core, and replace the other with draft picks. ( Raiders have done excellent with late draft picks and undrafted Fa's under Mckenize.  
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