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    • You're right, I do believe in you: - I do believe you lead the league in INT's - I do believe that before yesterday's relief appearance you were 1-6 in
      your last seven games - I do believe you pre-determine who you're going to throw to before the snap
      is in your hands - I do believe you consistently miss open receivers because you refuse to 
      scan the field - I do believe you must be the most delusional QB in the entire league.  First
      you held out all off-season thinking you were going to be in high demand.  Then
      you have the nerve to call out the front office because they FINALLY held you
      accountable for your bad/reckless play
    • As you guys have pointed out, we play so much better 3-4.  Not a coincidence that 2 of our better defensive efforts came when either Wilkerson (yesterday) or Richardson (Cincinnati) were out. Tired of hearing about "needing to get our best players out there". Rotate those "best players" so that they'll be fresh late in games
    • It's a shame how hate makes people blind. Did you even watch the game? 
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