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    We used to be tight. But now he blocked us on Twitter. Might have something to do with this exhange. https://twitter.com/JetNation/status/412808886974832640
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    I see the holiday season has filled you with hope.
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    JetNation.com48m Yesterday we tweeted that @RichCimini was a sack of ****. We regret that & would like to apologize to sacks of **** for the insult. Blogger / Podcaster
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    while i agree that the jets are sh*t and have been a joke for some time, everyone can change.
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    I ripped this from PFT. Some surprising numbers. For those statistical purists, a valid sample consists of 32 observations. Through their first 78 games as head coach: Dumb Rex Ryan: 39-39 Genius Bill Belichick: 35-43 Rule: no quarterback, no win. Also this: Belichick’s record with Tom Brady: 146-43 (.772) Belichick’s record without Tom Brady: 51-62 (.451) P.S. The thing that’s so compelling about Belichick’s record *without* Brady is that there’s a very big sample of it (113 games, or basically 7 full seasons), so it’s that much more reliable. Also, contrary to popular opinion, Belichick’s poor career record without Brady is not simply a function of what happened in Cleveland. By way of example: Belichick in Cleveland: 36-44 (.450) Belichick in New England *without* Brady: 15-18 (.454) Virtually identical winning percentages.
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    Not for anything but this is exactly what Archie Manning has done the past 20 years.
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    Rex will be let go because of his complete resume- not based on one factor or decision -
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    This. Rex Herm Years coached 5 5 Winning Seasons 2 3 Divisional Titles 0 1 Playoff Appearances 2 3 Playoff Games 6 5 Playoff Wins 4 2 Super Bowls Promised 2 0 BTW ... Baltimore has won a Super Bowl since he left. Rex is overrated.
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    I can believe Rex is getting fired but if Snoopy bowl is the reason we are in big trouble with Idzik in charge. Everyone knows Idzik wanted to start Geno. That's the whole reason why Geno started preseason game 3 even though he didn't earn it.
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    A lot of people are already grasping them!
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    And when the QB you people want to draft next year makes rookie mistakes, you'll all be crying on the boards for them to draft another QB the next year. Giants' fans were calling for Eli's head before he won a SB. If they were as impatient as you people, they would have dumped him and won jack sh*t after his first year.
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    It was a sad day when Rex lost the Jets. See: Game vs Pittsburgh Steelers, AFCCG
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    Pennington would only be considered a bust to a complete jackass.
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    if cutting down penalties and turnovers isn't the HC's job, wtf does he get paid for ?
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    Would expect nothing less from the board's (and the world's) biggest whining pu$$ of a fan.
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    The Jets seem to be on that perennial 8-8 kick during and after the herm years. Except for that one 11-5 season under Rex, the rest of the time(herm, mangini, rex) the team has either been around 8-8 or under that mark. They have to sneak into the playoffs and catch lucky breaks and thats that. Honestly the jets had one good year under Rex and thats it. That first year was a great playoff run, but the only reason they even made the playoffs was more because the Colts sat Manning and other starters and the Bengals gave up. People kind of throw the truth out the window because they don't want to believe it, but it's true. Sometimes you get gift wins(Bucs this year), sometimes you get knocked out of the playoffs because some other team kicks a 61 yard FG in some other game. But those things only happen when the team stinks. When was the last time Brady & the Patriots or Manning on the Colts/Broncos are hoping some other team loses or wins to sneak into the playoffs? Or they hope some other team chokes down the stretch. They might hope for byes and #1 seeds, but they go out and win most of their games year in and year out. Hell the Ravens have done that for years now and maybe they make the playoffs this year, maybe they don't, but the reality is they need to win out and have been doing so. They aren't the greatest team in the world, sure weren't last year either, but they found a way down the stretch to win. Not to back into the playoffs and hope a bunch of lucky charms is the key to success. The problem the jets have is that they are a team who needs the Ravens and Dolphins and Chargers and so on to lose. They need the Colts to sit Manning and other starters and not care about a game. They need other teams to lose out. Once in a while and who cares. But this is their team forever. And it's been that way with Rex 4 out of 5 years. When your season depends more on other teams winning/losing because you don't get the job done, you're really not a good team and you sure aren't a good head coach.
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    This is the cruelest thing you could have said to CTM anyway, bravo!!!
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    Nothing says "Rex is the future" like saying "the best Rex will give us was 3 years ago". I don't even need to dispute such an incredibly stupid point of view.
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    Soudsn like he had a conversation with his agent heavy on the words "cut" and "veteran minimum salary".
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    My normal response would be: "He's married, so yes - he dies a little more each day." But I've actually met his wife, and she's a sweetheart.....so that doesn't apply. So I'll go with "hehe".
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    Some mighty high standards you've got there.
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    Why would we keep a receiver who has as many TD's this year as Sheldon Richardson.
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    Well ******* said Matt. This sh*t pisses me off.
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    If only we were a well run franchise.... like Cleveland.
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    You need to eat something or lay down.
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    ^ ape had a few too many banana daiquiris last night .. getting all touchy feely like
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    Still not sold there's a better HC out there. The Jets have to be absolutely sure of that because this franchise giving up a coach who's elite in area of the game is just lol worthy, and Ryan IS an elite defensive coach.
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    Cam's been doing just fine. Now he gets a must-win against a suspect Saints team, at home. Stick with Cam. You'd rather go down with your stud than have Cam go off but have Cousins cost you the title. And this coming from a guy who was saying to start Cousins last week.
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    I normally say dance with the lady you took, but if some other chick looks juicier and your lady is limping, dance with the hot hand.
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    Wait, are you comparing Jeter to Holmes? I know we have rules here, but GFY!!! lol, j/k
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    Trade 2 first rounders and player to be named later. We can win a Super Bowl when our roster has a majority of players with a J in their name.
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    that relationship was over when shanny sent him back in the game on one leg
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    Good risk..had some dumb mistakes at UNC with some turds trying to cash in on his name etc. He made a few bad decisions. Texans took him as a UDFA and he killed in camp and had basically made the team. Reason he left team in middle of night, was his infant son had rare lung disease and he mentally had trouble dealing w/that and football. He quit to be w/Mom and son. The son died awhile later and Dwight has been rebuilding his mental fortitude and will. This guy was All ACC, fast and decent hands (no Stephen Hill, LOL). 6'3 , 230 lbs, can bully CBs. If and I mean if he is in shape and mentally 'all there' this is a guy who will be on Jets roster for many years to come. I am 100% sure Coples was consulted, they are friends I hear. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F01xFUaKKqA
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    No JETS, so who cares? They could play the game on the moon for all I care with my team not in it. The only thing I'm concerned about the Super Bowl is that we have a 36 pack of Coors Lite, and My SQUARE comes in every quarter and final.
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    Who knows what Goodson's story is. Powell's a JAG and Ivory offers zilch as a receiver. Running back is still a need.
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    Who? Heres how the Cleveland defense is game planning for the Jets offense. We need 11 healthy bodies to play defense this week against the Jets, any volunteers?
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    I do not have a twitter account and do not want one- call me names right here at jetnation if you want.
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    It will be a sad day when the Jets lose him. Big mistake.
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