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    Bathtub gin and tears, mostly.
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    It's a nice site. Hopefully a few others come along as well because that scout site is something terrible. I was part of a message board 10 years ago that had a better design and more functionality than that piece of crap they are running.
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    I hope there is nothing fragile onboard.
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    For those who don't click links, or get the brilliance of my above post, here's an excerpt: The Patriots traded (a third round pick) to move up 16 slots in the 2nd round to draft Chad Jackson, a WR who played for the Patriots for two seasons before fizzling out of the league the following year. (It's funny cause PatsFanTX said, "It's not like the PAtriots...blah blah blah blhah balbuouhslkuhjalj ") pronounced, due-shh.
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    this should be fun. T0M, SOMEONE'S HERE TO SEE YOU!
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    We refer to that as "The Bad Time."
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    What other koves do you think we'll make?
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    Good God, you're a gullible idiot.
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    Merch ideas: JN logo air sickness bags "I registered for JetNation and all I got was a JoeC dick pic" T-shirts Bumper sticker: "Honk if you like sardonic wit from overeducated yet underemployed douchebags" Commemorative "Banned from JN" timepieces "Girls of JN" calendar, featuring Courtney, DLJ, kaygee, FloridaJetsFan, and Max."
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    I recognize many of you guys from JI that left for this site years ago. Heck, I may have signed up here as well back than. Anyway read this board on and off because it was mobile optimized!
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    thanks for the Welcome, looking forward to seeing what Jet Nation is all about!
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    In the era of downsizing it took 8 guys to replace Fireman Ed?
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    Raiders offense > Seahawks defense I'm sold.
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    The Browns cut him because they're deep at corner after drafting Gilbert and Desir, they were going to have an odd man out, McFadden got flagged a lot this preseason so he was the fortunate one. He's certainly not awesome but he's not a bad player and for a team that is pretty desperate at the position this is a good find.
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    The wife calls them Birth Control Hats.
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    I visited & reg'd back during the Great exodus of 2008. JI was a MAJOR $hitshow then and it did improve after some streamlining. The Scout.com jump was the killer. The INSULTING part is that it DOES seem that our "info" (emails) were sold as a client list and like pigs to the slaughter, forced to move or go down with the ship. I'd like to stamp my VISA and see if this is where I can settle my tired laurels and hopefully start anew. Thank you for allowing my refugee status to seek asylum for the time being.
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    Better than a weggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks for the welcome and hope to see others from JI move here for their JETS fix.
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    have you seen the practice squad ? not a single ******* pro-bowl payer in the whole ******* bunch !!!! fire izdick !!!!!
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    When someone protests "It's not about the money!", it's really all about the money. Cash in if that is what you want to do, but don't pretend peeing on our collective "True Fan" legs is merely rain.
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    Its illogical from JI point of view, but makes complete sense from Scouts point of view. Its comical how Sooth has played this off as JI taking over. Scouts has been calling the shots from day 1. They control the deal and timeline. I also doubt upgrade happens
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    Yup, the timing of it is mind-boggling. I just dont get the logic in trying to migrate everyone's accounts to a vastly inferior product the week before season opener. At least wait until the supposed upgrade at Scout happens (if it ever does).
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    you try so hard to get laughs, and sometimes you do. Only problem is when you do they are laughing at you. rather than constantly finding fault with other peoples posts or opinions why don't you come up with something constructive and original to add to the boards ?
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    tl; dr Got the same email Looked at the new JI mb and it does look like crap. Read the JI thread and its now dawning on some that there is no benefit to the members in the move. Sooth got paid which is good for him and theyll come to realize thats what its all about.
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    Thank you. It's good to have another objective, honest poster on this site.
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    Sure they can. Neither is as fast as Hill, but they don't run the 40 in 6.8 seconds. Even if they both only ran in the 4.7 range, you're talking a third of a second to get a full 40 yards downfield. A receiver doesn't need Hill's speed to stretch the field. Outside of a simple go route, just as much separation can be created (at the end of 4 seconds) by getting into & out of cuts faster at some point in the route. Just saying every guy capable of stretching the field doesn't have Hill's speed. I wouldn't have been surprised if they'd kept Hill and I wasn't surprised he was cut. He was on the bubble, and with good reason. It's hard to justify giving a roster spot to someone who not only isn't good, but who isn't good for the 3rd straight summer (after being generally bad for each of his first 2 summers and seasons).
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    The Raiders haven't had a winning record since 2002. Opening week has more or less been the high point of their season for the past decade.
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    the faiders spent $$ the way many people around here wanted the jets to spend. we'll get a little view of which approach makes more sense next week
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    Only one conclusion can be made from this damning evidence, and that is that Sean Deagan is in reality a Thug Turd. and Max is the peoples administrator. I think we should throw Max a parade down the canyon of heroes. he is now the undisputed message board champion!
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    Lol, im sorry but if he was a diamond in the rough he wouldn't have been cut. But its possible he's a awesome 2 but im not betting on it.
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    I will say this... Despite the problems with drafting after the early rounds and even some debates regarding free agency, I've actually been pretty cool with the job that Idzik has done. But from start to finish regarding the Patterson signing, from the reasons for it to the handling of his dismissal, this is maybe the one instance I can say that rivals the Pete Kendall fiasco. And I didn't even think that type of weirdness was repeatable.
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    Jeremy Kerley gets so much love around here. The kids above average but damn you'd think he was TY Hilton
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    Good decision. 4 backs on the roster was too much and Powell is a sound third option anyways. We need the space elsewhere.
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    What, no JetNation Radio Blazers for broadcast nights? I'd like something like this: Get on it, Phil.
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    As soon as I get my free samples, I'll report back here with my reviews.
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    I'll get the coffee cup if you make me a mod...