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    Looks like a life-size cardboard cutout of Eli.
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    Just wait until they give him an Honorary Oscar in a few weeks.
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    that play was bad but ultimately we won so it didn't hurt us. In my lifetime of watching the Jets: 1981- Todd picked off by Bill Simpson at the GL going in for the winning TD in the WC game 1982- Todd to Duhe 1993- Cary Blanchard missing 3 FGs at Buffalo 1994- fake spike 1997- Leon Johnson halfback pass/ray Lucas option pass at detroit 1998- Elway to McCaffery after we took the 10-0 lead in the title game 2000- John Hall missed chip shot vs. det 2002- INT at end of 3rd at oak in div rd 2004- doug brien 2008- Brett favre 2009- Manning to Austin Collie after we had taken a 17-6 lead 2010- the final Pitt 3rd down 2011- Victor Cruz 99 yds 2015- Fitz INT in EZ
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    I was just rewatching this and thought I'd share, because even though I mostly hate all of you I still spend more time taking to you than my real friends-- my wedding video from 8/1/15, if you can stand 7:30 minutes of mushy crap
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    Sex change operation?
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    Here's JiF, enticing Ape to come out of his tree house:
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    btw.. a good premise for a sitcom , jolly giant big fat guy, dooshy Mexican and narcissist gorilla driven by crippling insecurity all live on cul de sac together only thing missing would be a flirtatious twink running around in short shorts and a t-shirt bra serving leomenade and baked goods .. where can we find one of those?
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    People just make stuff up!! I am Jets fan through and thorugh ... But Eli Manning has been nothing but a class guy since he has been in NY, the idea that we have to make stuff up to bring him down is preposterous!!! No one knows what Eli was thinking, not the reporters who started this and certainly no one out here on an internet message board!!! Good Grief!!!
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    For the record, this is the first image that shows up when you google "grey cat nestled between bouncing brunette boobs gif." I don't know where the cat went, and I don't give a sh*t.
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    Just stop talking, you started out well and now I can't even find a reason to tell people you're town. It is crystal clear he's trolling CTM. Are you new? Hey ****head, Nolder had the setup already and tossed this theme on top. Is there a part of that which remains unclear to you? I'm available on Fridays and every other Saturday.
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    the quoting on this board stinks as badly as one might imagine pac's fat, sweaty, swampy ass does after a night of deep fried bean and cheese burritos chased with a 5th of cheap tequila
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    Weighed in? Cute fur face.
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    Joe Namath from these picks alone has been the man for over five decades. Just Amazing!! Thanks to all!!
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    You mean like this?
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    I can't believe I missed this, thanks for tagging me man. I can't believe some of the complete bullsh*t being said in this thread! Chad was totally great, but unfortunately the dumbasses running this team at the time made it literally impossible for him to be as great as he could be. The moment anyone he had to work with seemed to be getting any good, they'd just get rid of them. Oh, Coles just had a breakout season? Yeah, let's get rid of him! Oh, now it's Moss' turn, too. Yeah, let's fill them in with crap like Curtis Conway and Just McCareins. Can't believe that didn't work out, huh? People want to talk crap about him getting hurt, like that's somehow in any way his fault, but all that did is prove his greatness. What did the Jets ever do without Chad in those years? Um... NOTHING! They kept trying to bring other guys in, but they all showed how much the rest of that Jets team sucked ass without Pennington. He carried all of their asses all of the time. Maybe if he was given the tiniest bit of help out there, it could have been a little bit different. There's all the talk about how Brady and the Pats always win the AFCE, but I have a question for you... who else has done it during that time? Oh wait, that's right... PENNINGTON! It was even on two different teams in the division, which proves it was ALL HIM. It didn't matter that he never had any help, he was the only guy in the league who could step up against a cheater that had way more on his side. It's pretty much impossible for one guy to do it all by himself, but Pennington got closer than anyone else ever could. Hell, even with crap receivers he had the highest completion percentage of everyone, that just proves how ridiculously great he was at his job. Just imagine if it wasn't a bunch of crap who wasn't constantly dropping balls? It's just such a damn shame that talent that amazing was just pissed away for his entire career. That's why we have no idea how long it will take for the Jets to ever be legit again, because with how rare top level QB talent is in the NFL, who knows when, or if, they'll ever get anywhere close to that again.
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    Teams that lose two late season games vs lousy afc schleps, one of them playing out the string, thus losing home field advantage, thus losing favorable reffing , thus not having access to the master key of the visitors dressing rooms, thus having to deal with the other teams head sets actually working do not have more talent.
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    Saw Emily on a commercial yesterday. What a body on this chick.
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    For Crusher, and don't eat 'em all.
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    Sweet, Mo is getting traded to the Raiders!!! Holy crap we're getting Von Miller too!
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    When the upgrade is completed you will be on Scout..
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    Wait, wait, wait...this is a thing?!?! So I haven't wasted my life?!?! I can just call it "research" when I masturbate?!?!
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    Mrs Crusher and my honeymoon. That was 14 years ago. Damn I was in good shape back then. Hay wait!!!! There is Hess! I forgot he showed up.
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    More Bernadette, a.k.a. Melissa Rauch. Yowza!!
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    When Brett was walking down the pier towards the water I was certain this would be waiting for him:
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    I come home from work, dinner, kids homework, getting kids ready for bed, fighting with kids to go the **** to sleep, then finally relax and open this thread. Every day. Thank you Jetnation. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    smash and Lizzie didn't agree
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    Last year ppl were down on that class, talking up 2016 like it was legendary with cook hack and cardale. None are projected to go in the 1st as of today and both Winston and Mariota appear to be hits. I think you have to throw all that jazz out the window. Next year, this year, comparing what's available to what's not etc. Just scout the guys available as they are and go after one of you see franchise potential If we're not developing the next face of Geen and White, then we're just wasting our time with the Fitz show IMO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You got it. Tony Dungy should be put into the Pro Football Hall of Fame because he drives a used vehicle and picks up his kids from school. Let's just look past the fact that he is mostly a bigot and not a great coach. Good coach, not great.
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