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    This whole team needs to be totally dismantled and rebuilt. No position should be safe. I could care less if they went 1-15 for three years in a row if it meant an actual rebuild. And I'm officially on the fire bowles train now as well. What a bunch of fing awful, undisciplined, idiotic, selfish, no caring pukes.
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    Maccagnan is not getting fired. Bowles might, I don't even think Mac's seat is warm right now. GM is a whole different lifecycle in comparison to head coaches.
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    Let's see Revis get cut or one of the other lazy quitters and then I'll be impressed.
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    Glennon, Hack, and Petty in a camp competition next summer.
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    Mac didn't choose Bowles. Let Mac choose his own coach.
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    they are talking about building a wall between the colts and the end zone.
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    It says that Hillary Clinton is a huge loser..
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    What the **** are you babbling about today?
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    If Bowles comes out of the half with the intention of keeping Fitzpatrick in there Woody should fire him on the god damn field. This is exactly the type of game that Parcells never would have stood for. Players mailing it in, a quarterback completely playing like dogsh*t instead of playing for his job. For all his faults the entire reason Parcells was almost always successful is because of that very thing. Certainly not perfect, but I don't see any point in keeping on a Parcells disciple if he's a complete pussy at the one thing that made Parcells' career.
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    Sheldon can go asap, he is a shelfish dumbass that will totally check out the moment he gets paid.
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    You don't fire a GM in his 2nd year. I'm not ready to give up on the guy
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    What exactly does that photo say?
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    David harris Because he's David harris He just keeps coming. young harris. old harris. doesn't matter he doesn't care He just keeps playing hard Because he doesn't know how not to. I love this guy. he's the only bet worth keeping
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    Todd.. get off the message board and pay attention to the game
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    Tom Coughlin made the playoffs once in his last 7 years. You're kidding, right? SAR I
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    Hack needs to dress every game going forward.
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    True, franchise QBs, the kind that can carry a team to a Superbowl, are 1) difficult to draft, and 2) difficult to guarantee development. Less difficult: Building a blue chip o-line and winning with an average to above average QB. Witness Dallas this year. Yes, Dak Prescott is exceeding draft expectations, but that Dallas o-line is awesome, perfect mix of young talent with a couple of vets, and the running game is outstanding. And it was a mess just a year ago. They fixed it and turned around the franchise (along with fielding a very good D) after a really bad 2015 season. The Jets made Mark Sanchez look very serviceable for two years with a good o-line. He regressed in year three when the o-line was a shambles and he was getting whacked every other play. Next year's draft is a weak QB class. The Jets have cap limitations. Trade back and get excellent tackle, center and guard prospects. No, it's not sexy, but you can reliably compete to win football games and give young QBs a better chance to develop.
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    People keep saying we have no talent at WR? Seriously? Marshall + Decker + Enunwa + J. Marshall/Anderson/Peake + Devin Smith if he's ever healthy, is perfectly fine talent wise. We're weak at TE, because our O-Co does not in any way utilize the TE in the passing game. But that WR group is the best/most potential we've seen in years here. The kids are suffering kid problems, mostly route running and dropsies, but the talent is there if we get a QB who can utilize it. Decker is hurt (and thats hurt us badly). WR is not a talent problem.
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    It by far is up there with one of the worst jet games I have watched in the last 20 years.
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    Idk about Mac. This team has talent. These guys have played well not that long ago. They are horrible right now. Its 110% coaching.
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    I didn't like Petty as a prospect but he he showed me some things tonight and frankly I'm shocked our coaching staff is so dumb he didn't start since week 2. He fits Gailey's spread offense he just needs reps to get better.
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    Bryce Petty throwing to Anderson and Devin Smith could be the only streak of fun to look forward to this season.
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    Gruden: Petty is not ready Well gee Jon. Maybe if he got some action in actual games he might BECOME READY
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    I like lee. He was right there. He is trying hard. I have 0 problems with him.
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    Our coach refused to start Petty simply because he was afraid the team will quit on him. Anyone else know what I'm getting at?
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    It's me, @Maxman and like fifty other guys. We're pretty pumped.
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    The concept of Woody hiring the GM and HC separately needs to go. It might work fine elsewhere but the less control Woody has over the process, the better. Either bring in a HC capable of running the total program (Being GM AND HC) OR let the GM hire the next HC, whether that's Macc or somebody else.
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    I thought so too until last night. I think last night's performance cost him his job.
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    I've been preaching patience, but last night is indefensible. The team just flat out quit.
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    For a guy who played safety, began his coaching career as a secondary coach, the busted coverages are super embarrassing
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    Everybody and their mother knew not to take Hackenberg in the early rounds. We were the only dopes Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    I think that's a Jet requirement
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    Glennon is the best option of all going into next season. I'm all for it Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
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    Yes, we've seen enough of Bryce, he stinks. Jeez.
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    Because you can't not draft Winston he was considered almost Luck like prospect. Never mind the whole Florida State thing and TB being the team.
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    I got the glimpse i was looking for. Today is a win for the jets franchise moving foreard. We move up to pick 4 in the draft and the young qb made a nice play to build on. Today was a great day for the jets.
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    So, Petty in his second year; drafted in the 4th as a project with one start and a few spots in a game and little practice time, and we are judging him as a lost cause because he likes to sling it and hasn't mastered reading the field. Okay...
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    Starting to think we should have given up some draft picks for Glennon after all.
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    Tonight was the best thing to happen to this franchise. They've been exposed. Now let's make the needed changes.
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    Cut Breno on the field, in front of his loved ones.
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    Best thing about this game is the colts have a guy named Jack Mehoff. Hahahaha.
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    When the Jets took the field for the 2nd half in their prime time loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Bryce Petty took over at QB for Ryan Fitzpatrick. Barring injury, it ended a disappointing season for Fitzpatrick in which he never came close to replicating the results he had last year. Petty’s numbers tonight were not great, but he showed a big arm and he flashed his potential a few times. It looks like his audition will last several weeks. After the game head coach Todd Bowles announced that he planned on starting Bryce Petty the last 4 games. Bowles explained the situation like this: The plan was for us to start him the last four games anyway, so we just started a half early. We could have won 45-0 and he was going to start the last four games. Petty was asked for his reaction to being named the starting QB: Just opportunity. It’s tough right now because obviously this game didn’t go like we wanted (it) to at all, but looking ahead it’s an opportunity. I just said in an interview earlier, I’m a kid from Midlothian, Texas. Who would’ve ever thought I would be where I am now? I’m excited for the opportunity. I’m going to lead these guys the best I can and be ready to rock and roll. Petty and Robby Anderson connected on a touchdown but Petty missed him a few other times. Giving both of these players first team reps will be important as they try to improve their chemistry. Petty discussed missing Anderson on a few deep balls. I’d rather miss him by 10 miles than miss him by the finger tips. Robby got behind the defense a couple of times and that’s shots you’ve got to hit on, especially in this league. That doesn’t happen often. I think that’ll get better with time being able to throw to him these next coming weeks. He did really good getting behind the defense. I’ve just got to hit him. At this point in the time the wins and losses don’t mean much. Finding the next QB is mission # 1. This is why bringing Fitzpatrick back this year was such a big mistake. Petty might not be the guy, but the next 4 games just got more interesting. The team should be energized by the QB switch and he took chances down the field. That is something the Jets need to do more of, as they stretch the field more with Petty’s strong arm it will help them in the running game as well. This is how the next four weeks stack up. 12/11 @ 49ers 12/17 vs Dolphins 12/24 @ Patriots 1/1 vs Bills We are not sure that Petty can answer all the questions that exist right now. What he can do is get better each week and put himself in the conversation for next season. Click here to read the full story...
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    the problem is the coach not the GM. 20 other HCs could come in here and win w/ this current team.
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    Keep up the good work Colts. Let only the ashes of this miserable franchise remain.
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    I wish security would come down and escort Fitzpatrick and Bowles off the field and out of the stadium. I'm sick of both of them.
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    You do realize he was referring to Toilet Bowles....