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    Sign an ad only deal with us right now they said. Your site will triple in value in 18 months they said. Then you can sell it for much more money they said. I said, no.
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    They claimed they were a forum company. That they were all about the conversation. When they told me that the current forum with well over 2 million posts was just going to be an archive, on a different domain possibly, I wanted to laugh. I couldn't think of a worse idea. When I got them to admit that they had 1 guy working on the forum software (I met him, he was nice) and that he didn't do that full time it was clear. These forum companies IPB, Xenforo etc have teams of developers that live and breath this stuff. And they can't keep up. One guy that does your forum programming? Not gonna cut it. So glad I passed on the money. I knew they were going to ruin this site. Just couldn't let that happen.
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    Considering Woody's ties to Republican Party, I say there is zero chance Kap will be pursued by Jets. No f'ing way. And I have to add this as well. Even if it is my father disrespecting his country's flag, I would lose all my respect for him. No to Kap for football reasons and non-football reasons.
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    Jet fans are so phony, if John Morton came to your house and said he wanted to discuss football you wouldn't even know who he was. But now you're going to tell me how bad of a choice he was? Really
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    I for one wish him well. I think that he has a hard act to follow in Gailey. Gailey's first year was record breaking with Fitzpatrick at the helm. Last year his play calling while at times problematic was undermined by injuries to WRs, the OL and the worst QB play in the NFL. I just hope that we Jets Fans give the new guy a chance and are not asking him to turn this offense around when we don't have a diffinitive starter at QB!!!
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    Scout is/was the worst. Completely ruined JI. JetNation 4 Life holmes
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    This is going to get really confusing with a RB coach known as Stump and a HC known as Stumped.
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    This site puts me in a bad mood, ruins my Sundays in the fall, and takes more time from my day than I care to admit and after 10+ years we all owe you a big thanks. I'm sure you could have taken some money and ran but you keep the collection of misfit jet fans together because as much as we hate the Jets we can't let go.
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    he has been around carroll, harbaugh and payton, and I like that he played some.
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    I made a google spreadsheet of all the possible existing RB coaches. Then cross-references it with potential college coaches and coordinators that might be willing to become RB coaches. Then merged it with the short-list of offensive position coaches likely to want to transition from something like QB coach, to RB coach. When it was all said and done, this guy was #3 overall on my wishlist. I am underwhelmed by the hire, and look forward to the negative rep I will receive for saying so.
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    Todd Bowles is forming the greatest assistant coaching staff in the history of the NFL. They form like:
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    They should hire Chad Pennington as the QB coach... Smart analysis guy, that works with QBs in the offseason.
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    Good points, I'll add one more: The internet is a dead medium. Meaning that everything that is going to be invented has been invented and we're now at the point of redundancy and the weeding out of that which is not significant. The idea of an aggregator of sports content and sports forums was bad to begin with, you'd think they'd have learned the lesson of local sports radio which dwarfs national talk. Jets fans want to talk to Jets fans, period. If we want to talk to Jaguars fans we can just Google a Jaguars forum and be done with it. There was a popular adage about 10 years ago that "content is king". That's where this get-rich-quick Scout nonsense came from. That's not the case anymore. Content has been replaced by Twitter. People care more about the reactions of others to live events rather than the live events themselves. Just look at JI. Vibrant community, tons of traffic, people who want to hear others reactions to a niche and express themselves. Take that pure idea and bundle it in a suite of boring articles across a dozen sports it gets lost, loses its focus. It didn't matter if the UI was awful or not, the community realized it was being pimped out, sold out, and watered down, we're smart enough to know when we're being monetized. We resented it, left to find what we lost- that simple place run by fans, not suits. SAR I
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    It means Hyatt is now Motel 6.
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    Amazing how the people who are "trashing" the hiring of Morton can't/won't simply read his resume and find out that he was an OC for USC. Which means he's developed a playbook and called plays for a program that ran a pro style offense. Just because he hasn't been an OC since doesn't mean he threw out his playbook and has to start from scratch. Maybe just maybe he'll incorporate some things he learned from Harbaugh & Payton into the offense he creates for the Jets. Probably not because fans (who couldn't pick Morton out of a lineup) know more about offense than he does
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Todd Bowles didn't win any games . He never lined up opposite any player, made a single block, tackle or completed a single Pass > The NY Jets won 10 games, the team I root for and hope to one day witness win a championship . I will support anyone who is a part of my Jets as long as thery're a part of my team .
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    Remember when Fat Sean referred to Scout as a "sports powerhouse?" Good times.
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    Agreed, he was on my shortlist of RB coaches as well
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    So, Morton has coached with Carroll, Harbough and Payton, but knows nothing about offense? This board is nothing if not consistent.
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    Woahhhhhhhh guys, this went from 0-100 real quick lol.
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    This interview: Bowles: tell us about your philsoph... Maccagnan: Can you head coach? Bowles: What Mike means is, your development of Brandin C... Maccagnan: Head Coaching. Are you ready?
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    The guy is a NC product. HES YOUNG and tough..... in his 2013 rookie season he took over on week 4. In 13 games he threw for 2608 yards and 19 tds vs 9 picks. THIS IS AS A ROOKIE. In 2014, Lovie Smith comes in as coach and brings in josh mccown. Glennon is benched for no reason other than lovies love for mccown. TB is offered 6 different trades for Glennon but no dice Mccown flops. Glennon only fills in here and there when mccown goes down with reoccuring injuries playing catch up. Had some great moments and some bad moments. Still, hes in his 2nd year. THEN, jameius winston. End of story. He was a 3rd roynd pick in 2013. Geno and another were selected before him. So....... again tell me how he did NOT get a raw deal here and how he is NOT a very interesting option. Also, tell me who has better potential/upside
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    Man...some people like to type a lot.
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    I found it so sad when it Scout bought JI... I loved JI!! And it was clear it was going to be destroyed. But it's obvious now - it was actually a blessing in disguise... I can't believe I didn't come here sooner!
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    Totally agree. It's like paying for porn with all the free content available. Or so I've heard.
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    No one with an IQ over 30 pays for any news service. I still haven't met a person that actually pays for ESPN insider service.
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    He sucks and he is an ass hole. Better chance he is out of football next year then has a starting job
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    LOL! Yeah, It's not even February and the Jets organization has already written off 2017...Mcc, Bowles, CS are all coming to Florham Park everyday and just standing around saying "F it today we're planning on going 0-16 this season anyway..Who brought the DVD to watch today?" good lawd...
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    Thanks for the update...' Still a horror and terrible tragedy........
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    Road rage killer of ex-Jet Joe McKnight indicted on second-degree murder charge NEW YORK DAILY NEWS STAFF Thursday, February 2, 2017, 3:27 PM The Lousiana man accused of fatally shooting former Jets running back Joe McKnight in a December road rage incident has been indicted on a second-degree murder charge. The Jefferson Parish District Attorney’s office announced a grand jury’s decision to indict Ronald Gasser on Thursday afternoon. Gasser, 54, was initially questioned but not arrested after the Dec. 1 shooting in the New Orleans suburb of Terrytown, which sparked nationwide outrage. Police arrested and charged him with manslaughter five days later. McKnight was shot and killed outside his car after he and Gasser got into a fight. One of the drivers allegedly cut the other off, sparking an argument that lasted for several blocks until McKnight pulled over to get out of his car. Police said Gasser shot the retired NFLer at least three times in the chest, shoulder and hand from inside his own car. Gasser remained in his vehicle while medics attempted to save the 28-year-old's life. He confessed to killing the other driver when police arrived at the scene. The killing came eight months after a similar road rage incident that left former Saints star Will Smith dead and his wife wounded in the streets of New Orleans. Cardell Hayes shot the couple on April 9 and was convicted of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter in December. Gasser has remained in jail since his arrest and faces life imprisonment if convicted. His bail has been increased to $750,000. SAR I
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    I understand what you're saying. And, this is an example of how cynical many Jets fans have become through the years. Even when we seem to make good choices, we become suspicious of our own good choices.
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    lol I say this all the time....one good year, one bad year loaded with injuries and the man is garbage and about to get fired. Sorry but that is NOT happening unless the team does another season of embarrassing, blowouts. Honestly, I cant imagine looking worse than they did last year so it almost HAS TO look better. I think He is safe this year and maybe at least one after....then the record will call it.
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    I don't think the folks of the NFL are nearly as convinced of Bowles pending demise as Jets fans are. In truth, all it will take is a healthier team with a few upgrades this offseason, and a few more wins pretty much locks Bowles in for at least one more year. It's not that crazy to think the Jets could make it to 8 wins and, whether we like it or not, that won't get him fired. I doubt any assistant coaches are using the reactions of a bunch of fans and local beat-writers about one season to influence their career choices.
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    That gets said every weekend.
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    I never visit Jetsinsider/Scout anymore. Terrible. No traffic. A failing business. Sad!
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    I still don't understand, how they thought migration was the best mode of preservation there. Someone on that team had to see it wasn't a good idea because people sort of like talking to similarly minded people, otherwise there are about seven Jets sites alone that should see consistent cross traffic. Twitter all but killed the sports reporters and sites like say ESPN are useless. When I was a kid, ESPN was the go to place (AOL Internet period) where I would sit through an hour long Sportscenter to see a 45 second highlight of my team. Then the internet became more rampant, and instead of watching ESPN, I used to go on the website to get up to date information. Then, forums became much more popular, so instead of getting lost in the hellhole of ESPN comments, you could comment with like-minded people on specific forums. And then Twitter comes along, and the getting the news part is completely gone, I get it from Twitter, see it here, and just talk about it here. Same thing with Bleacher Report, I just go through their tweet list to see what's new instead of reading most of their articles. I think the big thing for hurting attendance (of die-hard fans) at games are really the clarity of TVs. I don't live in NY, so I don't go to Jets games because I'm rarely there on a weekend they play. I've been to a few games at Yankee stadium, and it's let down of an experience. One, the prices are ridiculous. Second, even with good seats, I have no clue if it's a strike or not, whole crowd reacting like they saw it up close but there is really no way to tell. The music goes off every few seconds, and barely any intelligent conversation. At most, it's "Yeah, that was a beautiful line drive" or something. Same thing with Titans football, have to sit around and look for replays before you know what really happened. Whereas, at home, not only can watch in HD, I can get numerous perspectives, replays, lack of annoying music, and I don't really have to spend an extra dime. The thing that makes it worth it is really just the fan experience. I think I would have a much better time if people could get together in front of say an 80 inch HDTV and just watch with friends. You have better conversations, most likely better food, and you can still follow along closely. At stadiums, I almost feel like I'm watching the game on the screens anyway, because I can't tell apart close plays even with good seats. I played fantasy for a long time, made some decent money when all you really had to do was be knowledgeable. I used to kill in baseball (and basketball, because it's most statistically predictable sport) because I knew the prospects really well. And I was into sabermetrics well before it became mainstream, so it was much easier to predict the breakouts and slumps. And then fantasy became mainstream, and too many sites popped up talking about prospects or match ups that it became impossible to do anything to get a leg up. And the season long leagues started to bore me, because I didn't think the payoff was really worth the effort. Started daily leagues, and it was hit or miss, because you really have to win around 60% to break even, and there are just so many sites that offer valuable information that it's just luck by the end of it. You find a sleeper, he hits, and then you realize 45% of the league has him, so you don't go anywhere. Thanks, I actually write that mainly so it stands out. I feel like it's under-represented in the NFL and very few sites actually do it (I believe fieldguls, the SB nation site for the Seahawks do it on their site) and Brent Kollman (the guy that made the famous Hackenberg video) does it for the Texans from time to time because that's his team. Other than that, it's really hard to find, so I figured it was the best way to write and inform the fans, without just repeating the same thing over and over again. I just have to accept that it's a niche field because there is a limited amount of people that will read 4000 word articles, lol.
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    I don't know if the internet as a medium is dead, but you have to establish something of value, and it's getting harder and harder to stand out. You can't follow suit to an established one and upend it without being better. So Facebook upends Myspace because people got tired of the music, ads, and amateurish look. Technically, they are the same platform, but Facebook stood out because it was cleaner. Even if the idea is established, people have to differentiate themselves somehow. In terms of content, one website that I visit frequently is TurnontheJets. Most of their stuff is redundant, but I love their context stats, because it helps break down the offense in a logical fashion. I'm not going to find that at too many sites, so because of that content, I'm much more likely to check out their stuff even though I can get the same information elsewhere. I faced this issue years ago, with a site owner that would not relent on the idea that he needs to attract people with something unique. He built a website with sub-sites for every single team in pro-sports, and select college teams as well. And I wrote for the Yankees, and he kept insisting on daily game recaps like he was going to compete with the myriad of websites that provide more detailed and instant game recaps than me writing them up, while balancing my college work. I kept telling him to go with sabermetrics (it wasn't mainstream then) and fantasy (again, nowhere near as mainstream as it is now) based articles, build a base, and then try to compete. You need something that makes you stand out so people come for that content. Would not listen one bit, wanted to compete directly with ESPN, with a startup website that didn't offer much else. And he wasn't some dumb guy with money, he was a lawyer, and from what I could tell paid a ton of money for website design, domains, technical support. They refreshed after a few years, but still run the website, with barely any traffic. I think even for football, there are a ton of avenues to pursue when the time comes: 1) I think film review will be more common, as it helps people see the results better. 2) I think football will have a sabermetric revolution, with advancing technology. I expect football velocity, spin rates, trajectory to be major areas of interest, first in scouting, and then eventually into mainstream like pitcher's velocities now. The physical breakdowns for prospects have already started with SPARQ on the mainstream, but I think it'll go much further. 3) I think a fantasy match-up breakdown website will take off because so many people have money riding on these sites. Basketball has BasketballMonster as a good website, but football doesn't stay nearly the same statistically, so I think a website that factors in many things will take off. For example, a couple of years ago, I was big into FanDuel, so a friend of mine signed up for this website that provided stats based on match ups for baseball. So if a hitter has done well vs. a pitcher, a pitcher with similar stuff, in that park, in similar park, recent streaks, lineup breakdowns, bullpen workload, recent movement in Vegas one way or another, etc. We used to take it one step further, look at umpires and their propensity to call balls/strikes, humidity level at the stadium, elevation, rain forecasts, wind directions. We made decent money, but the more we went on, we figured that there was just so much information out there that it was hard to pick the right one. However, I do think a website that can bring it all together has potential. 4) Scouting, I know Draftbreakdown is a big site, but I think they can take it further if they could get their hands on All 22 tapes, and actually provide scouting reports on these guys. Lol, definitely took a loss on that one. I think the premium cost thing really hurts, because they don't provide anything that you can't get for free. People will pay, if they see a benefit, but they aren't going out of their way just because of the name. I was on JI when it happened and I kept thinking, why did they have to merge onto their forums? Why not buy the domain and keep the same forums? Obviously, they wanted freedom from IPB or other boards, but for their theory, it would be a downgrade for all the members. I thought maybe it would work if the forums were improved, so it was a seamless transition, but then people became territorial, a whole bunch of "We're JI posters" acting like a hostile takeover, with the few people left there acting like victims of a war crime, and ended up in a disaster. With all the money they spent, I don't know why they didn't just invest in some better boards.
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    It will probably never happen but I think Chad Pennington would be a perfect hire. I think he still does film breakdown for the NY Jets site. From what I remember, extremely intelligent, scholar athlete. Pennington's strength was his football IQ. Relaying the play to a young QB with what to look for into the headset could be beneficial no? If Chad was the QB coach, I think it makes it easier to have Petty, Hack, and a rookie with Chad playing the mentor/coach
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    Doesn't mind trading picks for veterans Fitzpatrick, Marshall, Stacey, Clady Character plays a role in the process Likes players from major conferences 2 of 13 picks came from non-power conferences He doesn't mind taking younger players early in drafts. The players tend to get older in the later rounds (just something I noticed, not saying he purposely does this). Williams: 20, Lee: 21, Hackenberg: 20, Jenkins: 21 Likes to "stockpile" outside linebackers http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2015/04/why_jets_mike_maccagnan_studied_pittsburgh_steeler.html "In fact, we really tried to study their success," Maccagnan said of the Steelers. "Pittsburgh always seems to have guys in the pipeline. They had a long period of time where one would be productive, and then as soon as they' would maybe lose him in free agency, they'd have another step up right behind him. It's sort of the lifeblood of your 3-4."
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    As I have stated, and many here as well, that UNTIL The Hack plays, there's no validity to the whining critics that declare his selection a complete waste. I'm fine with grooming him congruent to the way Chad was in letting him get acclimated to the Pro game and eventually see if his natural gifts CAN translate to the JETS' on-field success in a year or two as the TALENT AROUND him is acquired and increases his chances of being successful.
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    I literally did this last night with Hackenberg under center. All I needed to do in order to drop 50pts on the Pats is flip the Jets playbook to the Saints playbook and got instant results. True story.
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    stupid ravens hired a special teams coach to be head coach this one time, lol
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    The Jets don't comment until the contract is signed. But if Schefter says it, it is true. That guy is amazing.
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    STUPID CBA doesn't make it any easier for them to work together off-season even out of their own volition to personally excel. Stupid Union rules.
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    hey and while we are at it... any ideas on a quarterback?
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    I would love to give Chad Pennington a shot
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    Forget the results, because it's college kids. Although you can see Joe Mcknight play. What stands out to me at least on that play. The screen to Mcknight, notice the spacing of the WRs. They spread the field out, so the RB has a one on one match up with a LB, with an angle. The incomplete pass to Turner around the 3:00 mark, notice how the defense is fooled by the fake bubble screen, which leads to a wheel route from the slot WR. If it wasn't for the defender basically running into Turner, that's an open receiver. 4:00, this is something you should recognize from the film reviews the past two years, if you have man coverage, you first look for the guy with off coverage because he's the most likely to be open quickly (man coverage guys have to beat press most likely, and then beat their man, therefore the time it takes them to be open is lengthened thus the QB can look for the easy option first). 6:45- Bad read by Barkley, they have set up two receivers on both ends, in a double safety look. Barkley chooses the side without a TE running, which makes this a bad decision because the other side should be one on one match up considers the second safety has to account for the TE. Again, not much to go on, and this is what 8 years ago? But it does show that he had good concepts back then, and took advantage. As you can see by the score, not exactly a barn burner, but the concepts do look decent. It'll be interesting to see how the spread works with someone like Petty/Hackenberg because they both have much stronger arms than Barkley.