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    Give me the Jets. I will take it. I will even take a 0-16 season. I miss the Jets on the weekends. Thank God for family obligations that keeps my mind off of Jets. I am a junkie. I need my Jets. Damn. Seriously depressed now thinking I won't see the Jets again until August. Training Camp can't come soon enough. I am an addict. Me: Hi. I am Fibonacci and I am a Jets addict. Crowd: Hi Fibonacci!
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    I'm really sick of this bullsh*t when it comes to so called "system QB's" A QB is either going to have what it takes or he's not. Its ALL about whats in his head because most of these guys have the physical skill sets to play the pro game. There has never been a position evaluated worse in all of sports than the QB position and that's simply because its easily the hardest position to play in all of sports and nothing even comes remotely close. So you either get lucky or you don't. We have not been lucky. They make it sound like these guys could not possibly play from under center and IMHO that's bullsh*t. Most guys at this level have been playing or dreaming about the position of QB for most of their lives its not like they have never seen the game played before. They all watch the pro game and even those in a pro style offense in college still have the same issues as to whether they can handle the pressure of the pro game mentally. They can all learn play books the question is can they bring that to the field on game day ? Dak Prescott did it when no one expected anything from him during the draft same with Russel Wilson both of whom adapted in their rookie years and certainly did not play in any pro style offenses. Go out and find a guy with guts and brains and teach him the position within your offense and see if it sticks. You usually know pretty early if they are going to make it or not or you very well could be a god damn Jets fan and evaluate a QB before he even gets any game action. There are a lot of QB's in College football and very few get to even try out on a pro roster. Since the scouts have no other way to evaluate these guys ever Imagine how many college QB's that could have turned out great and were never even signed as free agents after the draft. The biggest key IMHO is getting that QB a good solid O line and a running game its no mystery why Prescott and Wilson played so well its because they had insane Running games to rely on. So what the Jets should do this year is continue to build that O-Line and draft a franchise type RB and let Petty and Hack battle it out if the winner totally sh*ts the bed then we know what to do in next years draft because if one of those guys sh*ts the bed we will probably have the high pick we need to go after a QB. Get the talent then get the QB or do both like Dallas did its certainly better than the way we threw Sanchez and Smith to the wolves with sh*tty WR's and terrible OC's and expected them to succeed. Sanchez seemed to start off decent and even played better in year 2 then it was all down hill with drunks and malcontents as his WR's as the running game went down the drain as well. Its time to handle the position right and at lest give the guy we do put in there a fighting chance.
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    I miss it too. To fill the void, I pile all of my prized possessions into the middle of my living room, set them on fire, then stare at the blaze, arms folded, like a brain dead, helpless Todd Bowles. Then I write out checks to "CASH" for $1000, pretend they're fourth round picks, and throw them out of my ninth floor window to grateful passerby below who can't believe their luck.
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    Value wise this is crap. A 26-year-old versatile DT who has the ability to be dominant vs. a broken down 36-year-old QB who has been out for most of the last three years with major injuries. Any GM who would propose this deal should be fired. If you trade Richardson, you use him to move up in the first round to get a franchise QB if you think one is there. Any other move would be a loss for the Jets.
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    Hooker so I can get a Hooker jersey.
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    The only job better than being a weather man, is being an ESPN NFL draft analyst. No other jobs in the world allow you to make one wild guess after another, be wrong constantly, and actually thrive in your chosen career the way these two gigs do. Well, perhaps politician, but that's too incendiary for a Wednesday morning.
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    They gave Marcus Gilchrist $7m per. If they try to recoup $6m from one of the GOATs, they should just sell the franchise to Chinese investors and be done with it.
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    I'll take Sh*t That Literally Never Happens for $800, Alex.
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    Sorry guys while I do miss football, I nowhere near miss the crap we were subjected to for 4 1/2 months.
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    CB, I think the bolded and underlined contentions above, which I've heard others use, is one of the biggest pantload of bullcrap any Jet has tried to feed us in quite some time. A $15 million per year player just doesn't come in out of shape. The wrist injury will prevent some forms of lifting/training, but he could surely use his legs, abs and keep himself in shape. Face it, Revis loafed this past off-season and bilked the Jets in 2016 for an 8 digit pay day. And we are supposed to show our appreciation to him? I don't think so.
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    They should really do it on a Saturday Teams are coming off a 2 week break, so it's not like it's a short week. Make it easier for people to travel, makes it easier to have a SB party or whatever else as you don't have work/ kids don't have school the next day.
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    I'm sure this has been covered, but I'll say it again. Revis was a great player, who also leveraged the sh*t out of the system to get every last cent he could when he had the upper hand. Can't blame him, a football career doesn't last long and no one knows when that career ending injury comes, and it could come in any year. And now, with this escapade, Revis has no leverage, at all, with the Jets and now they can get rid of him and save money in the process. Not for revenge, but because he's no longer good and they need to save the money. Just business. Like the holdouts. But karma, and fitting way for Revis to go out this way. Lived by the leverage gun and now his career with the Jets dies by it. I don't know. I sort of like it.
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    We all know these are bullsh*t charges. Revis hasn't hit anyone in 2 years.
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    I am on Mahomes bandwagon. Pick him if he is there at #6. Play him right away. If he turns out franchise QB in 2 years, fine. If not, who cares? We didn't win a Superbowl in 48 years anyway. Pick the next highest QB prospect in 2 years. Rinse and repeat until we find our franchise QB. I don'tr have a lot of years to live.
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    I go to the local crackhouse and counsel them that the road to recovery begins and ends with improved mechanics.
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    I miss it... I find myself googling jets information daily it's going to be a long off season...
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    I'm hoping maybe he had undisclosed injuries. He knows the craft. He's a proven supertalent. He's only 31. Rod Woodson played at 38, Darrell Green was almost 43. Darrelle's "I'm old" comment was either a cover-up excuse or turning past 30 messed with his head. He watched D'Brick quit after 10 years. Maybe he's questioning his own interest in the game (but not the money). Maybe it's just a fixable funk. It must be hard to stay enthused when your team sucks and the HC is clueless.
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    If the Jets release Revis AND try to recoup the remaining guaranteed money, that is surely the issue that will wind up in Goodell's lap or in court. Either way, I don't care. It's just time to let the guy go. He's a major liability on the field.
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    If you read the terms of his contract a few posts up, you'll see that it is a gray area, but one certainly does not have to be "convicted" of a crime to be in breach of contract.
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    drop the hammer and recoup the 6 mill..even if u can't recoup just drop the hammer..
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    Since he's unlikely to receive league discipline in the next 3 weeks, it seems likely he'll just get cut and receive his guaranteed $6m. So $39m for 2 years of Revis on the wrong side of 30. No great year; one generally good (though not that good) season, and one bad season (complete with obvious mail-it-in effort). Say it again. $39,000,000 for the past 2 seasons. 29 starts. $1,345,000 per game, over two non-playoff seasons.
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    Revis has basically been a celebrity for 10+ years with no altercations like this, or any off-field issues. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here. Cut him March 11, pay him the $6M, keep the relationship healthy so that one of the all-time greats stays a part of the family.
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    Best thing that could happen is 2017 is a complete sheetstorm, Bowles gets fired, Maccagnan gets religion and Jets are in position to pick Darnold, and hire a real coach in 2018. The Jets aren't winning anything in 2017. Enough half measures and half assing it. Burn it down and start over. There is no way that money found by voiding Revis changes any of that. And if it did it would simply be another half measure of failure. The worst thing the Jets can do is throw more lipstick on the pig such that Darnold dosns't happen. Lot of people here want to turn Revis into Public Enemy #1 over a bar fight at 2:45AM on a Saturday night. In the criminal justice system that is commonly called a piece of sh*t case. This is stupidity, not criminality. Everyone was drunk, said and did stupid things, nobody is credible and nobody is really hurt spare pride. Revis has never been in trouble before, have a hard time believing this is anything but one stupid drunk night.
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    The 2009 Jets gave up 153 passing yards per game. The 2010 team gave up 200 yards per game. In a passing league, that's pretty amazing stuff that Revis was definitely a huge part of.
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    your opinion is warped. Seems like most here are tired of your horsecrap. I sure am.
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    Had he shown once ounce of leadership, especially when the team needed it most during times of internal strife, maybe we'd feel differently about him. He was indeed great on the field before the ACL and leaving for Tampa Bay. After returning from NE, he has been nothing more than a pile of dog poop on the field. He offers ZERO leadership in the clubhouse, and comes off as a me-first, selfish player at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS. NONE. From his rookie hold out until now, it has been the same selfish crap. I could tolerate it because of his talent. Now that his speed, agility and motivation are all tapped out, Revis is useless to this team. Combine that he stinks on the field and brings NOTHING to the table in the way of leadership, support or any intangibles, it's time to let him go, notwithstanding his once-great skill set and play. When are we going to learn from NE? You don't keep a guy like Revis around because of what he once was. That's how NE does it and so should the jets. Mac should and must evaluate what he offers now (which is just about nothing). Your constant criticism of Jets fans is tired and stale. Give it a rest or post somewhere else. Sick of your bullcrap. It never ends.
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    He's clearly being railroaded. Anyone with half a brain knows Mevi$ doesn't hit anyone.
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    I gotta be honest, I don;t get all the love for Williams and Lattimore. What is so special about these guys? To me, Williams lacks elite speed and doesn't have the size/strength and route running ability to get away without it as a #1 receiver at the next level. 6 is WAY too early for him, IMO. Lattimore is just not the elite CB that I would draft in the top 10. He's solid in multiple facets of the game but doesn't excel in anything in particular. To me, S.Jones will be the best CB to come out of this draft b/c of his amazing man-cover skills. He may lack ideal size and strength but he has an amazing skill set. Am I taking crazy pills??? On defense I voted for Garrett, Barnette, Hooker, Adams, and Allen. On offense I went Fournette and the two O-linemen, just b/c I think both will be Pro Bowl caliber players somewhere on the O-line (either RT or OG or LT). I did not vote QBs b/c its too early. In other words, the only way I would take a QB is if someone really separated themselves leading up to the draft and made it pretty much a no-brainer. But if that happens, he will probably go #1 to CLE, #2 to SF, or #3 to CHI.
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    ^I saw that, too. They almost long snapped that rat straight into Hell, but it turned into the New Meadowlands.
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    He deserves not one single thank you from any of us. Fcked us over royally. Fraud. You rip Pennington constantly but not Fitz? Interesting. Both were smart. Both had weak arms. Pennington was accurate. Fitz is inaccurate. Both gave us false hopes and promises. Both screwed us at the end of seasons, Fitz vs Buffalo and Pennington in the playoffs. Very similar.
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    FULLY agree. Either that or have the next day be a national holiday - lol. Or maybe they can move up President's Day?
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    Regardless of how the criminal charges play out, through the eyes of many, this incident will leave a black mark on Revis' reputation. In my opinion, the best publicity move for Revis at this point would be to say, "Yes, I will work with you. I'll renegotiate my contract". Not saying the Jets should do it, but RIGHT NOW, it would probably be in HIS best favor.
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    I agree that he was a great Jet. Past tense. But this is now. The Jets need to move on. Be more like the Patriots. You don't pay a player based on his past performance only. Must look to what he contributes currently.
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    You are correct. I did do 20 and out for a municipality. The municipality got the better of the deal for 20 years and now I get the better of the deal. We both operated under the contracts and employment conditions agreed to. NFL payers know what they are signing up for and the NFL doesn't get to, nor has it changed rules mid stream (at least not without the NFLPAs consent) Revis has gotten the better of the deal all along and if you think he gives a damn about, or does anything for all those other players that weren't so lucky you are dead wrong. He is Mevis and has always made it clear he doesn't give a sh*t about anybody but himself.
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    I want this. The cup, not the woman. Chick like that just cause too many problems.
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    Revis didn't steal anything from the Jets when he held out twice and threatened to do so a 3rd time. That was the business of the NFL and how it works. Likewise, the Jets wouldn't be stealing anything from Revis if the remaining guaranteeed money is voided under the terms of the contract that Revis himself signed. "Tell Darrelle it was only business. We always liked him."
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    It's what Jets fans do: demonize the rare great player or coach foolish enough to wear the green and white.
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    Exactly. Imagine if they let the dude throw 35 times in that game. He would have had four interceptions and the Jets would have lost.
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    Give me your Porsche and I'll have my sister touch your penis same thing hahahaha my sister is hideous
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    One of the many who is tired of reading your absolute nonsense on almost every topic.