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    Well people are talking about him, but not in the context of him being the future. A good long positive future for Christian and the NY Jets. That's what this thread is about.
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    On the show, Theon is methodically tortured over a period of months and has his cock cut off. Eventually, he is broken and starts referring to himself as "Reek," who is seemingly feral and dehumanized. Point being, Theon has been a Jets fan all along, so putting the hat on is superfluous.
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    Maxman, the voice of reason, thank you sir. Now I am in no way guaranteeing that Hack is a definite starting QB in the NFL, but what I am saying is who the "Hack" knows for sure? The answer is nobody. We have to see how it all plays out and how he does in real game prep and play, if Bowltite lets him that is. I just do not understand how everyone has written him off based upon his College career, and a few wrong routes run by WR's in OTA's. The guy has it all, size, arm, football smarts (See Gruden QB Show), all the necessities to excel as an NFL QB. You know, "football smarts and instincts" cannot be taught, they are genetic, footwork however, can be corrected - with proper coaching that is. Now, do we have proper coaching for him? Last year definitely not, this year, I am not so sure. As long as Bowltite is still the HC, I will continue to question everything they do regardless of new QB coach and new OC. In any event I am so looking forward to seeing the young guys go out and play for the sake of sticking in the NFL instead of playing only for a paycheck. Even if we go 0-16, it will be a lot more refreshing and exciting to watch then seeing Darelle Beavis's back chasing WR's into our EZ, as well as knowing the rest of the veterans will give up in week 5, and just show up to wear the uniform and collect their money for the rest of the season.
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    Okay. But please remember this. Like seriously don't forget it. Because it is important. The Jets will not select a QB in the 1st round of the 2018 NFL draft. Because Christian Hackenberg will be the 2018 opening day starter for the Jets. It is right there. All you have to do is see it. Let me know when you all see it.
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    1. Arya is the biggest gangster in all of Westeros. 2. Watching the progression of Sansa has really been something. I love that she bluntly told Jon that he would suffer the same fate as Rob and Ned if he thinks he can act 100% noble all the time and won't suffer the same fate. And I really, really love that she gave credit to Cersei for being able to see stuff like that. 3. The fact that the Lannisters seem so royally screwed right now worries me. Thrones has a way of pulling slights of hand with this kind of stuff and there's no doubt she has or will have something up her sleeve. 4. I see they are making Euron the new dude that everyone hates. The Kanye outfit was a nice touch. 5. The sequence where Daenerys finally landed was incredibly shot. Wish I could have seen that on a big screen.
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    No nerd points for liking Arya. However, you get major nerd points for begging for approval from others.
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    If the Jets don't take a QB in rd. 1, it better be because Hack just got them a Lombardi.
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    I'm all in. Here is what I think: the Jets media wanted to bash Hack so bad at the end of OTAs and the fact that they actually wrote positive things about him means that he played REALLY well. And no one, even the basher Connor Hughes mentioned his footwork. People completely ignore how elite his skillset is, and want to completely dismiss him for perceived struggles at Penn State. I already created the bandwagon bus for Hack. Hop on
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    So weird. Gettleman does good with easy schedule and franchise QB, then does bad with hard schedule....didn't deserve to be fired...Should immediately be sucked off by Woody and offered a job. Mac, with an easy schedule and decent, not franchise QB play, does well...but one bad year with human feces at QB and a hard schedule deserves to be burned alive at the stake like a witch. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
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    I find it comical that his "horrible rosters" have yielded EXCELLENT defensive players that are All Pros and one of the more formidable in the league and the last few years he focused on drafting offensive players: WRs (Benjamin, Funchess who was a 2nd ROUND pick, NOT a 1st rounder) and RBs (Barner, Gaffney, Artis-PAyne) to HELP the QB who apparently was carrying the team all by himself. The only players that "hate him" are the ones he cut because he didn't acquiesce to THEIR contract demands. He may not be the most "kind" GM, but all he did was cut aging vets who wanted MORE than they were WORTH and were bitter: Smith, Williams, Beason, etc. He made the necessary decisions an executive HAS to make. The players hate him because he did his job and didn't get sentimental about it like some pu$$y millennial or how I was over David Harris a month ago. He makes practical football decisions in an objective manner that won't OVERPAY for aging talent. HIRE THIS MAN WOODY. Gentleman will help GET the job done.
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    Arya is badass. I expected it, but do not understand the people who are pissed about how she was able to assume the identity of Walter Frey, considering there was no precedent in the tv show. Even though the book explains it perfectly, people feel it should have been explained in the show more properly. Why? Why does everything need to be written out for everyone in painstaking, smash-you-over-the-head fashion like a michael bay movie. It's a show with dragons, demon babies and the un-dead, I'm willing to suspend reality for a bit and just assume there's something more behind the magic that arya and jaqen h'ghar use than just putting the lotion on its skin.
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    Other teams fire GMs that would be in our Ring of Honor.
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    It is weird- we are terrible but IMO not intentionally so just for the sake of sucking- not a single released veteran Jet has signed a contract equal to the contract he was cut from. Think about that. Every single guy was overpaid so cutting them was good business. Hell, our Thor God Nick Mangold is still on the street as is our GOAT CB. These Overpaid vets helped us win 5 games last season so the smart business move was to cut em. the market has spoken- they weren't worth what the jets were paying them so this tanking talk is very inaccurate to me. We suck but not necessarily intentionally.
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    The Jets aren't actually "Tanking" the season as in they aren't trying to win the games. They have finally realized where the talent on their roster is. Not good. Time to rebuild. Nothing would please the Jets' FO more then for there to be a miracle and Hack steps up and shows he is a true starting QB. Plus have a lot of the young guys step up and show they can play in the NFL at a high level. If that doesn't happen, and they suck, they get the possibility of selecting a very good QB...........Maybe.
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    Ray Guy 4th overall? That a joke?
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    LOL That is pretty funny actually Job was probably outsourced to Pakistan
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    The Jets will do it without cheating though.
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    Be afraid. Be very afraid. For the Jets old passing records. Because they are all going to be broken by Hack soon.
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    I sincerely hope you guys are right. I want Hack to succeed and play well. We all want him too deep down. Even the guys who doubt him will come around if he does and it won't be jumping on the bandwagon either. As much as its belittled being skeptical is only natural considering the path that this franchise has been on the past decade or so. Optimism is all well and good but I want to see it on the field. Hack is in a tough spot. If he can succeed with all the crap thrown at him so far he could be the answer this team has looked for for a long time. I hope he can. Time will tell.
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    I see a young QB with all the intangibles you look for in a franchise QB: strong arm, prototypical size, football smarts, that has some serious flaws in his footwork, as a result he's inconsistent and some of his passes are downright ugly. I also see a team who took a flier on him in the second round hoping they can work out some of those issues and find the QB they've been looking for. I see a media who's had a field day trashing the Jets for years that have been right in their trashing, or perhaps their trashing led to a self fulfilling prophesy for the Jets and they became what their image said they were. I see a fan base that has been waiting too many years for a championship and has begun to believe the Jets are cursed, and realize if they want to be able to say I told you so they're better off siding with the media. Now I see a young man who has been beaten down by everyone and who everyone expects will be replaced in a year, continue to work hard and get better and learn from his mistakes. By the end of next season the Jets and fans and maybe even the media see a light at the end of the tunnel after a 6 and 10 season. The Jets still draft a QB, but Hack beats everyone out in training camp next year and becomes the Jets default starter going forward.
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    Heh. That's bold Forum Owner Guy, very bold. His success is the ideal scenario for the Jets obviously, and it would be nice to see him have a season where he at the very least shows the game isn't too fast for him and any lapses of inaccuracy are being corrected with time. I can't jump on any bandwagon until I have the faintest hint that that's the scenario we're dealing with. For now its hard to dissuade the "he's not an NFL QB" perception, there's almost no evidence to the contrary. Wish there was though. We can dream.
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    With all of the other virtues the 2017 New York Jets have piling up ... this thread holds as much chance of being truly visionary as any we will see this fall .... but if I were betting any cabbage on it ... here's Chrissy in 2020
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    Everyone is dead set on D1. He is just in the .00004% that has D1 set on him apparently lol. Seriously is an amazing accomplishment and I don't think people realize how tough it is to accomplish what he has, great job.
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    Yeh, that chart was confusing on page 1, he took over in 2013. Still, I see no evidence of him being a damn good GM. Unfortunately for him, being able to deal with people, especially your best players and the people who sign your checks, is a big part of the job. It's not the pre 80s NFL.
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    I'd think that wanting to replace a GM you think is sh*tty with another sh*tty GM is more of a sickness, but that's just me. Wanna make an argument for Dorsey? Fine. I love that guy. Gettleman? He sucks big fat donkey d*ck.
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    Didn't read the whole article. I like QE. Appreciate at the end of last season how he said he wanted to step up and be a leader this season. However, leaders don't say it looks like we're tanking this season. You shut up, go to work, compete and set a positive tone for your teammates.
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    So he didn't draft well, let his star players go, never surrounded Cam with better players and the team, ownership etc hate him This is all it takes for a jets fanbase to covet him as a replacement for a better GM, to become head of football operations or to be called another smart guy in the room who should somehow be in anyone's ring of honor. You can't make this shlt up.
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    I'd have to wait and see what Madden 2018 has him rated as.
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    Apparently he's not the most well liked which tells me he does his job objectively. SIGN HIM UP to our Front OFFICE and don't let him interact with players or their agents - he'd be invaluable resource for the draft process and gaging player value and when to walk away. Gettleman was hired the same year as Idzik in 2013 and also inherited a defensive minded HC and had gone 40-23-1 w/a NFC Championship and a SB appearance.
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    God this is the worst time if the year. Cant wait till camp starts
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    As a long time yankees fan I have had a hard time watching the Yankees the last few years. Just a bunch of old vets collecting huge paychecks and putting up mediocore numbers... at best. I was very excited to start this year to watch the kids grow (Sanchez/Bird/Judge/Severino/Hicks and maybe guys like Frazier/Torres etc..) I knew, or so I thought, they had no chance to compete but was still excited to watch. Turns out the kids developed faster than people expected and they have been competitive and could make the playoffs. I go into this season the same way. I am looking forward to seeing which kids turn into players we can build around. That will happen whether we go 10-6 or the more likely 3-13. But it's still going to be better than watching guys like Revis collect a paycheck.
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    We should probably bring him in, but we're no doubt saving a high-ranking personnel spot for Paul Hackett's 27 year-old son who has an "A+ eye for talent" and is a "hard worker."
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    I don't get the Ed Sheeran hate. I just didn't care, I didn't even recognize him. Arya, "tell them the North remembers" What a bad ass
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    Soooooo some pretty nice table-setting. Favorite part was Sansa telling Jon that his father and brother were stupid and that's why they got overrun. And in a testament to how awful the world is, I read multiple recaps where people were outright pissed about Ed Sheeran. Spoiler speculation-- Stannis and Melisandre are about to walk back into Dragonstone
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    Which begs the question of what was holding them back before he left?
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    Surprised Wilkerson wasn't in there. Him getting $18 mill for his production last year is nuts. I never saw it coming with him- he always seemed such a stand up guy to go along with his talent. Hus gut is petty crazy though- window to the soul - def not a JJ Watt work ethic- I get some flab for a DL but that's a full kegger.
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    If Hack does so he better get MVP and best offensive player with the supporting offense he has. I think a .500 season with a lot of it having to do with Hacks play and not just being a game manager would suit me. Sent from my Moto Z using JetNation.com mobile app
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    What kind of scumbag of a GM lets go of a 32 year-old RB with a $6.3m cap number, who missed 10 games the prior season, when they already have a 28 year-old starting RB with an $8.3m cap number (plus a young running QB)?
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    Wow. It's amazing you believe this as the history, because it's all incorrect. They signed Collins because he was a legitimate starting QB (14 TDs, 8 INTs the prior season; hell of a lot better than Josh McCown in 2016) and he was available in August. Name a better QB move for them at that time. If they were purposely tanking, they wouldn't have picked up Collins in the first place and would've just gone right to Painter/Orlovsky. Next, they didn't "bench" Collins; he got concussed and knocked out of a game, IR'd him while he still had concussion symptoms in October, and that was it for the rest of his career. They drafted Painter 2 years earlier, and liked him enough to keep him on their roster those 3 years, but he wasn't getting any real snaps with Peyton Manning. Painter's first 3 starts he had 5 TDs and 1 INT. Then they left him out there for a handful of awful starts after that, giving him the chance to get himself on track in a season that was lost anyway by then, before finally deciding they'd seen enough. THEN they went to Orlovsky for the rest of the season and 2 weeks later THEN they finally put Manning on IR. Get that? At 0-11 they benched Painter - the QB who was serving them the #1 pick on a silver platter - to hopefully go with a better QB with 5 games remaining, even though there as another 2-win team (St. Louis). As it turned out, in the first 2 outings they gave him, Orlovsky wasn't much better than Painter and the only TDs he threw were in garbage time with the losses well in hand. They ended up winning 2 of their last 5 with Orlovsky. In the final loss, I wasn't watching their final game, but in the 2nd half Orlovsky threw a pick inside his own 10 and fumbled twice on sacks (losing one of them), and they still lost by less than a TD, calling late timeouts so they could hopefully get the ball back with enough time to win. The alleged strategic tank job by the Colts isn't 1/10 of what the Jets are doing this year.
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    Guys, you know what's real good GM'ing? Taking a gigantic & vital piece to your super bowl run, pissing him off, and letting him walk for absolutely nothing despite having the ability to control and trade him for at least 2 more years. Anyone who is against that type of brilliance coming to the Jets is in legitimate need of help.
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    Ohhhhhhh even more fun, a little research shows that the Panthers did that while having far away the easiest schedule in the league that year. Yes, easier than even *gasp* US. Weird. According to the bukkake level circle-jerk around here, that 15-1 season is basically null and void. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
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    Go head. Name em. Name all those tanking decision the Colts did. And then name the GM that got fired and the Coach that got fired.
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    Yeah. I watch GOT with the little subtitle box on (because Jon Snow is a mumbler) and even before he spoke, it said "Jorah: Has she..."
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    I don't think the Colts players tanked for Andrew Luck either. I just think that front office decisions created circumstances in which winning was highly unlikely. The players did not tank. The organization did.