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  1. Rex is horrendous

    Did he say...smelly?
  2. Is it time for a logo & uniform change?

    Its ( highly unlikely) will jets add new look. Nothing wrong with a new look though.We get lambasted in everything we do, so i dont give a rip sbt what critics have to say. I wld love to see a modern , hot new look ...why not GO JETS!!!
  3. Is it time for a logo & uniform change?

    Love this look! Nothing wrong wth wardrobe upgrade. I always look hot when my wife picks out my clothes!!!
  4. Is it time for a logo & uniform change?

    This Uniform is The Shiggety!!!
  5. I've often wondered that myself. Don't forget Serby, Matthews, Blezoe, and That Loser Guy that looks like Phil Donahue. Honestly tho, I read them, and listen to Francessa, Cryin Beningo, and most of the haters on the NFL Network, that continually "clown" my team. Deep down gut-honest, It totally PISSES ME OFF!!!!! I must be masachistic or something, to put myself through that self inflicted , gray -hair inducing drama, yet I'm compelled to do it. I curse them out, and GLOAT when we win!! You would think I'm crazy. I'm on the train...YELLING AT THE NEWSPAER, things like..." GET THE F#@K outtah here!!! "YOUR AN IDIOT"!!! " HOW DID YOU GET F#@KING JOB?" It doesn't affect them in the least, so, I guess I'm the IDIOT!!! But I cant help myself, Its just waaayyy too much fun!!!..................GO JETS!!!
  6. Looks like Andre Johnson could be on the move

    Hate to covet every "Big Name" FA, but AJ is an awesome receiver. Bet he'd LOVE to come to the JETS tho. I'm no seer, but don't be surprised!!! ...........GO JETS!!!
  7. tajh

    I'm curious. Now, when we lose..He sucks, right? and...when we win games like against Tampa, we were lucky , and only won because they "gave us the game" with a bad play , right? and...when we win decisively , Geno can only win against "TOMATO CANS" right? We won 8 games. So... 3 games against the cans + 2 games that were "Given to us" = 5 wins, right? (Thank God for my Engineering degree, whew!! That was a tuffie!!!) So tell me Sir, what about the other 3 games? Was that Bizzaro -World Geno? Hmm, 3 undetectable games. Rain-outs maybe? Lost in Bermuda Triangle? Blackouts? BTW, You have an open mind! If you cant stand Geno, so what!! But for you to say that he isn't worth a damn, please tell me what QB that YOU want to play for The JETS ? I'm extremely confident, and anxious to see this 2nd year kid play this year. Who do you want ...Luck? Dalton? Pick any other QB in the league. Only 1 won the Superbowl. Every one else is also-rans with flaws. Go JETS!!!
  8. Matt Simms vs Tajh Boyd for the # 3

    You actually said that???
  9. Matt Simms vs Tajh Boyd for the # 3

    Well , your honesty is refreshing. I get so sick of hearing the old standby... " He's an Athletic" or "Running"QB! Thanks for stating the obvious. that said, I really like Matt Simms!!! He's young, great arm, confident,and got an "IT" factor. We'd be crazyy to let him go!!!You can see it when he plays. Remeber, hes learning on the fly too! Keep the other guy for my money, which its not...but a guy can dream can't he? .......GO JETS !!! '
  10. Jets just picked worst pick in draft!!!!!!!

    Now Im gonna stop. Im sorry Stoic. but you gotta admit... that was funny!!!!! What is KILLING ME...is that Im not sure whats funnier, the original post....or the Time Machine explanation!!! Im dyin over here!! Thanx, just worked 12 hrs, you made my day!!! yuk yuk hahah heehee!!!! Oh yeah, almost forgot...............GO JETS!!!
  11. Jets just picked worst pick in draft!!!!!!!

    Is it just me, or did u just say that his field play is Kinda Irrelevant???? Flying on Other teams draft boards is what matters? Wowww. I just ,blubblubllbblubbblllubbblub !!!
  12. Calvin Pryor Is An Enforcer

    No applause please....Just throw money! However, since I happen to be the ONLY loser on this site who avered LONG BEFORE THE DRAFT, that the JETS needed to address the safety position, I humbly digress to all the Google-Stat-Heroes who need to actually watch the game sometimes. Its not Google-Rocket Science. For example, Dee Millner suddenly started to close in on WRs, as the season progressed. GS Heroes will quickly point out to us, that he "ranked " poorly, based on this stat or that stat..take your pick. But anyone with half an eye, could see his confidence suddenly emerge. Laymans terms, "The Light Came On" for him!!! He has ALL THE TOOLS, now, he has the SWAGG to go with them! Dee Millner will be a STAR , just like Revis. at least 10 ints...Book it!!! .........GO JETS !!!!
  13. Calvin Pryor Is An Enforcer

    Can I still be a podcast Host?
  14. Thoughts on Calvin Pryor

    Again with the compliments. You old smoothie. go for the EGO, never fails. Where do I sign?