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  1. Mangold also tweeted that no one threw up today. So Mcknight should be in better shape.
  2. I think its a good thing that we dont see him flat out outrunning defenders because that wont really translate into the NFL because everyone is fast. I like that he seems to see the field very well and hits the whole instead of trying to fly out side every time. Im excited about him as a player and i think he will do extremely well behind out oline.
  3. I dont understand the outrage of us going after a stud RB in the early rounds.....We are a running team and greene seems to get injured/tomlinson is a wildcard and i doubt he would be able to carry a full load/ washington is coming off a serious injury who knows how he will come out of it. Plus i mean really who would really miss Leon. We went to the AFC championship without him. I think he could be easily replaced. Sure hes a fan favorite but cmon take off the green glasses people.
  4. couldnt get it to work.....
  5. I beg to differ......while he did have respectable stats as a whole, he was known to disapear throughout the season. He recorded sacks in bunches which inflated his stats a little. But it doesnt really matter now lol
  6. This guy is pretty nice. Good body control.
  7. actually they picked the patriots 2 years ago but i couldnt get anything beyond that....
  8. Out of curiosity does anyone know the superbowl picks for these guys like the last 5-10 years?
  9. lol at first i thought you were serious lol i had to reread it a few times
  10. Cribbs is a better brad smith.....I dont know if I would give up alot for.....although Mangini did love brad, so maybe a straight up trade?