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  1. What's the 9-11 fix?
  2. You are still a clownboy douche.
  3. You know nothing about football.
  4. It's over clownboy.
  5. So, they did nothing. Can you stop it now.
  6. Stop whining. jeez.
  7. Well said and completely agree. She was nothing short of impressive tonight.
  8. Agreed. Too many worry warts saying the Pats can come back. Can they? Sure, but they will have to shut down the Falcons Offense and figure out the Falcon D. It would take a miracle. Not happening.
  9. He can't adjust his way into winning this game. It's over.
  10. Won't matter. This game is over.
  11. Says you. You are NOT the designated arbiter on the Ref.
  12. LOL. How exciting we are interviewing short term place holders. You can't make this sh*t up.