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  1. "You Can Never Take Enough Good Players" Words to live by. Bowles should record himself and play it back so he can hear how dumb he sounds.
  2. He might be correct. Except there is just 1 problem. Geno is a dumbass, other than that, sure.
  3. He will be in IR by week 4.
  4. I don't see the point of signing any free agents other than OL. The only reason you sign OL is because perhaps you are trying to assess the QB's. So I wouldn't pay Donte sh*t.
  5. Oh boy! Can't wait to sign this loser.
  6. He needs to first take his head out of his ass. The problem is I think he likes the view from up there.
  7. Agreed. Anyone who doesn't see that Idzik should be selling popcorn is either delusional or his relative.
  8. I hope they sign that loser. Maybe Geno will tweet 'I'm a GIANT among men bitches".
  9. If they sign that arrogant prick Cutler I would root someone to break his jaw just like Genos was.
  10. 1. Geno sux. 2. Most Jets Fans that go to Jet games hate Geno, because he sux.
  11. This is correct. I am fine with this too.
  12. Sounds simplistic, but it really is a viable plan. I think they have to tear it all down. Mac learned that signing free agents doesn't get you there. It won't even get you to the playoffs.
  13. Of course he did. Bowles was the 1st HC in NFL history to deploy a 295 lb linebacker. Unreal.