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  1. Yep. Very disappointing to not even have a good game today.
  2. That defender was all over James and the refs call nothing.
  3. I agree with you. Damn hard to watch.
  4. Typical refs sucking Pats asses. I'm sick of it.
  5. Jeez, how is that not PI on the Pats defender?
  6. If he won't take a pay cut then let him go.
  7. Whew. I will remember this one. I will root for the Pack all the way.
  8. What a catch and throw.
  9. He's not a big Puss like lil Tommy.
  10. The Pack offense is a well oiled machine and will give any D fits.
  11. He's got my vote.
  12. I'm sure we all needed to hear that. Thanks for clearing that up.