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  1. Yes Max. I have it and I have done it. But be advised you can only have one person logged in and streaming at a time.
  2. I think we are looking at another 5 win year at best. If they are a terrible team hopefully they wont win more than 2. Besides, things never break in favor of the Jets.
  3. Winston Rasmussen Kevin Mawae Jim Sweeney Marvin Powell Dan Alexander Joe Fields Mangold Jumbo gets honorable mention after coming over from the G Men (He was good and he caught the pass on MNF miracle)
  4. I feel it was a privilege to have seen him play. He was special. Put Joe in for goodness sake.
  5. Tried to post article but it wouldn't work.
  6. How long did it take to think of this dumb question.
  7. We could have easily been 3-13 instead of 2-12 with Decker and Harris. I wish them all the best. Cimini can spare me his crocodile tears for these players. Could it have been done better? Maybe but when you are leaving a team it's never neat and clean. Jets probably did them a favor anyway. It's not like they are going to be unemployed. They will still make the bucks.
  8. Maybe because we didn't like what was offered? This isn't a fire sale. Value needs to be offered.
  9. You got it. If you think about it, just how much better is this team with a healthy Eric Decker? DO they win 1 more game? Don't get me wrong, I like the guy, but it makes sense from a few points of view.
  10. Agreed. Perhaps with a veteran QB and experienced WR's it would work. But you have all these rookie WR's. Bad coaching philosophy or at the very least an unwillingness to alter your coaching to your personnel. Where have we seen that before? Pathetic.
  11. Ray Lewis? Spare me. More like Alex Gordon.
  12. Happy Birthday Tom. But getting your own thread is such a suckup. lol