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  1. That was Parcells and it was a mistake.
  2. 4 more wins? LOL. I don't think so.
  3. Do you have any other words of wisdom? Did you stay up all night thinking of this crap?
  4. Perhaps the headline should be: Why Hasn't Bowles Considered Firing Kacy Rogers? Chan doesn't play QB and he can't be judged by the lack of points scored until we have a real QB.
  5. I can live with this, FOR NOW. I wanted Petty, but evidently his injury was worse then the CS lead on. I don't expect much different from Geno, from what we have seen before. However, Petty should move up to number 2, so he can get Reps. Bowles should be asked about that now. Also, before this season is over we should see Hack as well.
  6. You are not alone, I'm sure in "knowing this was coming". That's good for you, but to watch this nightmare and enjoy it is another story. I started a thread that predicts we will be 3-13. But I still hope to win right now. However, If we get to 1-7, it will tough to not want to look at the draft next year and want a top pick.
  7. I think this will be a very close game, but we lose.
  8. Newsflash..... Fitz was ok last year, shouldn't have been resigned. IMHO Geno sux. IMHO
  9. I would not trade Marshall. If we had a REAL QB throwing the ball, BM would be dangerous.
  10. LMAO. A fate worse that death. BTW, it's Kotex.
  11. I went on record that we would finish 3-13. I am sticking to it and I believe he does NOT survive that. IMHO
  12. Fitz is done Cutler is a head case. He isn't coming here.
  13. I figured I would bump this. 3-13 We cant beat anybody.