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  1. Outstanding. Kudos to all for their efforts.
  2. Offseason disruption? That's just terrible.
  3. You have to understand that there are a lot of negative nancy's on here.
  4. OK, I shouldn't say this publicly. It's my house and I raised the rent big time because Fitz keeps clogging the drains with beard hair.
  5. Very true. I don't see anyone banging down Fitz's door to play QB. I think this guy is a bad combination of delusional and stubborn. If he isn't signed in 10 days for a very reasonable number (not 12mil), move on.
  6. I'm very pleasantly surprised. I got the alert on my phone and did a double take. I am very happy for MO, us as JET fans and big MAC. Mac brought it to the table. Hey when is Training camp? Lets go!
  7. Stay positive and keep the faith. I will be thinking of you and your family and praying for you all.
  8. What a sad and empty life you must lead. That is all.
  9. Yes. The Yankees were done in February.
  10. SportsDevil, ProSports, Castaway.
  11. Absolutely. Even if you can't find a HD stream, there are HD stream services for like $15 per month that are great too. Screw Sunday Ticket.
  12. The kid made some real strides last year. I can still see him making that catch against Dallas. He should be able to build on last year. It's nice to finally have some, dare I say it, depth at WR.
  13. Hard Feelings? Seriously? Give me a break.
  14. Actually it's not that hard for some. LOL