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  1. I listened to the Prometheus one last night and it was very educational. I had no clue how it was Olypians vs Titans and all other such. The host guy tells a good story.
  2. I listen to a ton of, Astonishing Legends, sometimes Myth and Legends. And Mysterious Radio is fun but the host is the ******* worst, however she interviews the most interesting people...like the way out there people. Astonishing Legends is my go to though.
  3. One time it was on the radio in my car and I got so mad that it even existed. And now I always hear it in the weirdest places. At stores and in restaurants and stuff. Sonofabitch
  4. Like stripped, beaten and hosed to bloody death in the darkest dankest dungeon. Yes
  5. I want to leg sweep that ****er down the stairs
  6. THIS song should be banned and the band should be thrown in jail.
  7. It's always hard for me to judge bc anytime I watch a non Jet football game every secondary gets torched. I just wonder how much is it the way the game and rules bend now vs an individual player. Not saying Skrine has been good but the secondary was such a mess it's a little hard to judge.
  8. UNVOTE vote nol
  9. I asked you if you were gonna reveal at L2 and you gave me a smug response that didn't answer me and then basically told me to relax.
  10. I've been pretty chill and direct all game day but every time I've tried to talk to Dpr or push a few buttons I've gotten this sorta, "for me to relax and stop panicking" response. It's been interesting.
  11. When I mentioned it votes were all over the place w less than 24 hrs to deadline w it at 10 in the morning. Nobody has really been pressured except 80. Nothing was going on. Nobody was yelling house on fire or took exception but you dude. Sitting around waiting for the last min to get a reveal doesn't help town. Pretty simple ******* stuff.
  12. No im voting Dpr. No clue about the rest it's moved around some.
  13. Look around it hasn't happened, when it does it's at the deadline which rarely helps town. You're dead wrong.
  14. Train. You'd have to google to get me but it's just beyond anything imaginable. Who? I mean, who????