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  1. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Every time Kevin posts I want to pinch his cheeks and baby talk him.
  2. Whatever Youre being duped. Just bc some people are seeing what's blatantly obvious, that the league and sport is a joke, don't get mad or throw sarcasm at No Bowles. Gambling, Fantasty Football, and the general population that loves their routines is the only reason why the NFL is still relevant
  3. Even when I try and watch other games that I don't care about it, 10 minutes in and it's just completely dictated by penalties. I genuinely just don't care anymore.
  4. This is why I don't care anymore. I still watch Jets games but don't watch any other NFL anymore. I'm close to giving up on the whole thing. I seriously don't put any energy into it anymore.
  5. Game off, done

    Don't blame you. I'm close to there myself
  6. The call on Shell reminded why I don't give a **** about the NFL or the Jets anymore.
  7. Ealy was suppose to jam him and instead helped push him in the direction he was going. You're nuts if you saw that as on Adams. If anything scheme or poor execution on Ealy.
  8. If we did end up with the #1 pick

    Everybody gets the team is trying to win. Jeez dude. Captain obvious.
  9. If we did end up with the #1 pick

    The point, really, is whether it's Darnold or somebody else, the Jets are wasting away on a couple extra wins, getting the best QB prospect. And also, that anyone of our opinions on any QB prospect on October 13th, is a waste of breath. Maybe Darnold slides or stays another year. Yes, The conversation is futile. It has nothing to do with respecting people's opinions
  10. Wow, this pretty much nails it.
  11. If we did end up with the #1 pick

    Except it's not about what some layman fan who doesn't even watch college football thinks. Comparisons are more around Rodgers at Cal fwiw. Btw how have Cal QBs transferred over besides Rodgers. Or Michigan since Brady. or Ohio State, or Florida, or LSU or Alabama. To judge any QB based off the school's history is non-sense. They're not looking at mistakes or dominant in game stats but delivery, release points, arm strength, stature, intelligence. This isn't the USC of old. He's not surrounded by elite talent. The team isn't that great. Whether he ends up going #1 or high top 10 is to be seen but please stop with what you can see and or keep pointing at the INTs. Yeah he's forcing the ball. Ok. Maybe he doesn't end up the guy...but there's a lot going for him as an NFL prospect, more so than most QB prospects in recent years. And he'll get carved up more if he enters and as the draft nears. The amount of scrutiny now is ten fold what it was even 5 years ago. The draft even in this forum in 2010 was 10 of the same ole guys now EVERYONE talks about it, everyone has an opinion. There will never be a perfect QB prospect again due to how much more coverage there is now. If we want to find something to worry about with Darnold is, he's not looking past his first read right now. That could very well be an issue. But they all have them. Even the NFL greats while they were still in school. Your whole argument is, well, this guy isn't clear cut enough for me like Elway, Peyton or Luck. Those days are long gone. This team isn't doing sh*t ever until it gets a real 15 year type franchise QB. This is about as good a year as any to get one. The higher the pick the better chance they have to pick the right one. That's just odds, not an automatic seal or guarantee. You're not getting that dude. Give it up. To argue halfway through the season, who's the guy, is pointless. There might be 4 or 5 guys heading into the draft, maybe 2 turn into franchise QBs. Jets need to make sure they get one or I eventually go postal on this sh*t organization. That's all that matters. The QB. Drafting one. Getting it right. And keeping him for the next 15-18 years.
  12. Amari Cooper

    They had a thing on him somewhere about the amount of dropped balls he's had this year, which I guess is a lesson learned about trying to gauge a college prospect bc he was known for great hands coming out