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  1. just got to get some stats... Tell me more about why I'm suppose to give two ****s about pro sports
  2. Wilkerson is the 3rd best DE on the team....and is the 17th highest paid NFL player. J-E-T....derp
  3. The only way this works is by moving Mo to NT and he puts on another 10-15 lbs a la Kris Jenkins' career path. Richardson is a 3-5 tech, by putting him anywhere else makes you a ucking idiot.
  4. Everything is for a reason once Sam the Savior gets here. *cult like nod
  5. How about maybe they just try drafting good, all around WRs, who were productive in college, that would be a good start. Kinda why I like the two guys from this year's draft. Not flashy but good all around prospects who were productive in their given offense. Hill was combine hype and Smith did nothing but catch go routes on a loaded team.
  6. Weirdest pick ever, dude was a one trick pony even in college. He caught a bunch of go routes on a loaded OSU team bc he was fast. That was it. Huge black eye on Maccagnan.
  7. weird I think I know her. Will wait for name from 80.
  8. Completely agree w that.
  9. I think I'd rather Dennis Smith than 4 of those players. Honestly this might turn out ok. Ktilakina, to your point, could also be exciting.
  10. 5-11 has potential for me whipping out the Hanford Dixon jersey again.
  11. Luck...unfortunate he might waste away most of his career with that sh*t organization
  12. Your negativity only makes me stronger.
  13. Is this a serious question? Yaaasss
  14. Now that's what I'm talking about dbatesman, hi 5z. Bravo. BraVO!