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  1. So it looks like Ape lost another game for the Town?
  2. Dear. Lord.
  3. Neagan's charater, in real life, is about as believable as Spaceghost.
  4. Glennon might be able to get you Flacco status. He'd probably be the best (potentially) available (risk-reward) option, if money were also part of the equation.
  5. Bo Jackson is the greatest RB and football player I've ever seen.
  6. Not that it should matter but Mike Catapano wouldn't make another NFL roster.
  7. Keep up the good work Colts. Let only the ashes of this miserable franchise remain.
  8. In my time (and interestingly also the greatest college RB's I've ever seen): 1. Barry Sanders 2. Adrian Peterson 3. Marshall Faulk Before my time (but all the old bastards...and NFL Films) 1. Jim Brown 2. Walter Payton (remember the tail end though and still great) 3. Earl Campbell In his own special category all by himself Bo Jackson
  9. Good game everyone, I feel stronger than ever!
  10. The dorce is strong in you all, I know.
  11. DPR probably has a different style at DM which works better with nerds.
  12. I like Smash and LK as ultra townie and still think AVM is full of it. The role might be real but sounds potentially scummy. I could vote BG. JC and DPR are playing slimy. I don't see Ape as scum but def gut feeling possible SK, whom I hate to kill. Dice maybe but not really. Verbturd should be prodded with a long stick.