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  1. Nobody likes a cocky hetero, calm down.
  2. The 20's baby'!!!
  3. That's not my idea. I said if they go QB. As in out of the QBs...I'm not advocating for it.
  4. It's impossible without combine numbers ...but they already have him listed as a LB. I'm not sure his paper numbers are gonna wow. He feels like a 3rd-4th rounder to me. Just assumptions until combine/pro days though.
  5. I loved, There Will Be Blood.
  6. Like cops you should give them ban quotas to juice up the place. Give your mods some swag.
  7. My dream is to get hurt enough but not bad enough for $1MM from Walmart.
  8. Never knew Thor was a mod. Who woulda known..
  9. Even the Spring Heeled Jack episode is good and creepy. I'm telling you, if you have a hard time sleeping and like getting creeped out, listen to this podcast with ear buds in the dark at night before bed or on a long drive in the car. They are A+ Excellent IMO.
  10. I suppose this should be considered a high compliment. But I honestly have no idea who any of the mods are on this site. Besides Crusher as Mafia Overlord. Good job by everybody involved. Thanks for not being dicks. *salutes
  11. Great thread. I just repped people from 7 years ago
  12. Someone will prob shoot up the board for sure but as of now not sure there's a sure enough pick at 6 for an OL. Im starting to lean Watson if they go QB btw. None being close to a sure thing Watson might be the closest thing in the winner/mindset/intangibles category.
  13. Not even a little bit.
  14. Revis at S next year shouldn't impede on a 1-15 season so I'm ok with it.
  15. Same here on the horror! But I think if you really want to enjoy horror you really have to go into it knowing you're gonna have to suspend disbelief, so for the most part, plot holes and things like that don't tend to bother me so much for that genre. I def agree with some of such in, It Follows....timing being one of the biggest things, and how it'd sometimes get in and out of places/buildings...and the roof. I was fine with the acting, campy works for horror. Best part was the unconventional dream-like era/setting. I thought it was extrememly well done produced/directed. What it really did best was actually scare me which is pretty hard to do these days. If you ever watch, The Wailing, let me know. Typical Korean/Asian horror that crosses the line, gross out scenes with a slow, plotting pace. It was almost like a Dan Simmons book for me, you had to finish it and reflect on it before realizing how much you liked it. Through a little research the movie also has a much deeper meaning than what's on the surface, which made me like it more after the fact.