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  1. Another season, another sh*tfest.
  2. I actually found it more disturbing he kept trotting Marshall out there.
  3. Side note: I used to get all bent about why the DB catches those but when you think about the bonus cash they get for INT's turnovers etc ....that's what you get. So stupid though.
  4. Not one of those throws was close.
  5. That's two different poster's you've told to shut up in this thread. I have a feeling you wouldn't be saying that to their face.
  6. Cable networks are all part of Satan's plan.
  7. Wow lol, ballsy. They (Chiefs)just called a TO? Total lack of respect.
  8. Lol hear the Chiefs stadium Announcer guy, Robbie Peterson
  9. Rex Ryan is a horrible Head Coach.
  10. Let's beat the sh*t out of United.