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  1. Neverwhere 5 stars Ocean at the End of the Lane 4 stars American Gods 4 stars Sandman (comics) 4 stars Stardust 3 1/2 stars Trigger Warnings (short stories) 3 1/2 stars Anansi Boys 3 stars ...that's out of what I've read
  2. Season 2, and although I'm only halfway through Season 3 (so far) of Penny Dreadful is probably one of the best show watching experiences of my life. Season 1 is ok, it's good. But Season 2 and so far Season 3 is next-level amazing!!!
  3. One of my favorite books and favorite authors!!!
  4. I can feel it coming in the air tonight. I've been waiting for this moment all my life.
  5. buuuuurn it... alllllllll down
  6. would be great if this song auto played while reading the thread.
  7. borderline creepy man face but the bod and the tat are too fine.
  8. Not really, it was never perfect but the holes are now completely ridiculous, and that's the problem. The writing has gotten worst...plus the plots and the acting. It's pretty much a total sh*tshow/disaster. And no, just because it's the zombie apocalyse doesn't mean I have to forfeit my expectations that the show can and should still make some kind of reasonable sense.
  9. It's a big dilemma for me JiF. I'm already invested tho. I wonder that if I couldn't breeze through the first 5 seasons on Netflix if I'd of felt this way the whole time. I'm currently at a viewing crossroads in that, I am still curious enough to want to know what will happen. But the show sucks now. Just because there's a science fiction aspect doesn't mean a story line can do whatever it wants and I'm just suppose to suspend disbelief on every single common sense life rule.
  10. The only way I can get through this post seriously is by using Spicoli voice over and adding a bunch of "like(s)..." when I read it.
  11. *snorts