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  1. Just have a meltdown and you can blend in with the rest of the children of the corn.
  2. Oh yeah well jjjjjust watch!!!!
  3. I'll fight whoever doesn't like the Hackenberg pick right now.
  4. Come on now. Who's w me?
  5. I'm on the Hackenberg bandwagon whoooos w me? Whoooooiiiiiiisss w me? Who's w me?
  6. You watch you just ****kng watch Crusher.
  7. I'd punch you in the face when you aren't looking. Elbow to the back haaaaaaaiiiiiya.
  8. I love the pick. You're all ****kng stupid.
  9. Jets fans are an embarrassment.
  10. Yep, if Mauldin can be even a poor mans Suggs it's over they'll be dominant.
  11. I would trade the kitchen sink (via as manypicks as possible,not Mo) toget him tonight.
  12. For Those Still Crying About Lee

    Theirweight though. And Lee's faster. Abdthat's it. But still. Bright side. Positivity lights the way to a better tomorrow...