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  1. I'm going to just guess, Petty to practice squad. Gene gone next year and you have Hackenberg or Petty...or FA or draft pick to choose from...
  2. I can actually picture his agent running out of the bathroom pants still around his ankles, toilet paper coming out the back of his underwear, the phone fumbling around in his hands, once he heard Foley was available.
  3. Somebody else on the Internet has another opinion.
  4. Another pointless list. Men once had to hunt for their food, I can't imagine.
  5. Somehow you guys have all seemed to elevate your game. Kudos. Kudos!
  6. You mother****er. We need a double jinxer in here.
  7. Nice pivot back to t!ts and ass btw guys!! 👍🏽🙏🏼✌🏽️👏