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  1. Kraft takes lame jab at Mannings

    That quote genuinely made me stop and feel sad for Robert Kraft.
  2. that was the young, leinart,  cutler...d'brick draft.
  3. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    There's zero correlation between Pennington'02/Sanchez'09-'10 and Fitzpatrick '16 imo. It'd be a completely baseless conversion that would lead to nowhere. jbh. 
  4. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    I never got into too many Pennington debates on these boards so can't tell but I'm guessing sarcasm. Whatever though, if you weren't excited during '02 you were a fat nerd.  
  5. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    I'm talking mostly about '02 when he took over for Vinny. Pretty sure he was already hurt before the '03 season even started and tried to play through the hand set back midway through. '04 they were 5-0 then he blew his rotator and that was it. Yeah man, I was in love in '02. I literally thought he was gonna be the guy who brought them a few Super Bowls. It was the most excited I'd ever been as a Jet fan. And then there was that brief moment in time in the beginning of '04.  You can talk sh*t all you want, he never had a cannon but the rainbows only really started after the rotator cuff went. I never felt anything like that with Sanchez whom I basically sat on the 'hopeful' fence with the first three years.  
  6. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    I'll never forget that season ('02?) when Pennington took over for Testaverde at 1-4. Besides the 3 AFC championships games, that was the best I've ever felt about the Jets. No, maybe the best I've ever felt actually, because it's the only time in my life I thought they actually struck gold with a young QB. So much hope and optimism. Even during Sanchez's back to back AFC Championships I never felt even half as good about him, as I did about Pennington pre-shoulder injury.
  7. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    Fuzzy logic. You've been deducted another 3 points.
  8. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    You just compared Jim Caldwell to Bill Belichick...disqualification. 
  9. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    You're using some fuzzy logic. Everyone knows it's a huge advantage for to be in the same system, on the same team with the same Head Coach. Plus, Manning brought Jim Caldwell to a Super Bowl.   Manning wins this one too. 
  10. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    If we're using Super Bowl logic again neither Brady nor Manning are in the Top 10 Passer Rating for a Super Bowl. There'd be a slew of Qbs ahead of both. But you know it, I know it, everyone knows if you could take any one QB in his prime to run your franchise today, it's Peyton Manning and it's not even close.   Brady needs the comfort of the HOF HC and to be surrounded in a system that cheats. Peyton is the system. Only QB to win a SB with two different teams and brought four different HCs.   WINNER: Manning
  11. OFF - Season PLAN ~ ~ ~

    Kelly, Thanks for keeping it in your pants I mean in one thread. 
  12. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

    # of times team or person caught cheating in order to win  Manning 0 Brady 5 # of Super Bowl Wins not mired in scandal Manning 2 Brady 0 # of times needed help from a horrible call (ref and coaching) to win a Super Bowl Manning 0 Brady 2 Brady has Tuck-Gate, Walkthough-Gate, Spy-Gate, Deflate-Gate, Formation-Gate and the biggest head-coaching blunder in the history of the NFL to thank for his Super Bowl wins. Peyton's are all legit.  Winner and Still Champion: Peyton Manning    
  13. Is Denver's D one of the all-time greats?

        That's deep.