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  1. Not gonna lie, I didn't want to to have to go through every bullsh*t post to see, but what the **** nuts is actually wrong with Petty AND Hackenberg. I mean how in Da Fkc have their 3rd and 4th string QBs been hurt all season?? seriously. How the Fkc does that make a bit of sense.
  2. Unvote vote Dicksters
  3. I'm here! Good day to all and fare thee well to one of you. Who shall it be?
  4. Somewhere in my head was thinking the same thing. Through last season's episode's, it was set up to be like a cult, "we are all Negan" or whatever they would blabber on about. If you didn't follow the storyline through the comics, like myself, you would think of Negan as less straight forward cold blooded badass and more of a fake religious, conviving Jim Jones-type.
  5. Eh, I dunno. I don't expect anything except to be entertained? I don't have a wishlist pre every episode. I'm just saying it has it's peaks and valley's. I almost stopped watching after S1 because EVERY ******* TIME SOMEONE DIED....the ultra melo drama that goes on and on. Then it got cool, about survival and they got harder over time. Last night was like full circle or something I dunno. It wasn't a "bad" or "awful" episode, it was just sorta boring to me. Like, ok I knew it would go something like this but what happens next already.
  6. Carol has probably been the glue that's kept the show together for me. That whole time they were in Alexandia (i think it is). She's the ******* bomb. For me the show goes with Carol.
  7. I can grin and bear it as it's obv setting the stage. In that regard, job well done I suppose.
  8. Not trying to act the contrarian, I like the show btw. Sometimes a lot. But WTF with 50 straight mins of melo drama. I had a hard time with Lost for the same reasons fwiw.
  9. I thought it was boring. But I actually think that half of the time the show is boring and have thought this since S1. But I guess over time I've beocome invested enough in the characters to keep my interest going. I was excited to see who got it tonight. Am a little upset with the second kill. But I was still bored and rolling my eyes at the end. Jbh
  10. Yeah I never watched this Talkimg Dead stuff after. I just turned it tho before I starting hating everything about the show and it's characters. Eh, a little too pretentious for me
  11. So I guess my opinion differs but that was melo dramatic bullsh*t, I'll take it for one episode but sh*t better pick up ASAP
  12. Watching Talking dead...wait!!! They're all British???? Wha da fkc
  13. Watching the Pats game if this isn't a fumble I'm done with football foday