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  1. Do you try to annoy everybody on purpose or are you just dense? Yes, that's what he did for a long time. I didn't say he was the original chant starter nor do I care who was.
  2. Right, which is what I was saying.
  3. INteresting perspective. I never hated him I never really loved the "idea" and the whole buzz that the FO created around him. He was cool as the guy who started the chant organically. He was not cool as the team's ******* mascot. I blame the Jets more than Ed.
  4. Drama amongst the Jets beat-offs

    I like the top part. What did he say? Or write?
  5. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Is it ok that I hate the Holderness Family.
  6. Is Allen Iverson the best player ever...under 6'?

    I don't know. Is there anybody else? It's kinda of amazing he's 5'11 and probably a top 50 all time great. It's a slow forum so figured why not address it.
  7. Who will be a "surprise" cut?

    I keep forgetting about Bruce Carter. ReLly thought he'd be an impact player. No sarcasm.
  8. Play 1 would have been nice if Winters could hold his block.
  9. Dude, that's awful. I can't even imagine with some people.
  10. Gotta be honest, their agrument is the only reason I'm reading the thread.
  11. When you try too hard to make up for your incompetence you tend to make dumb decisions.
  12. Cannibis isn't a drug. to think of all the man made chemicals and sh*t we pump into our bodies and some people have a problem with this. And no i don't smoke pot
  13. There's this really cool viral post on social media about how deep the ocean is. It takes you all the way down to the Mariana trench. We are well past how far down the whales can reach in this thread.