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  1. Andrew 'just ran outta' Luck (guess who's his new QBC)

    I was never a Schotty fan. His offenses were far too predictable and oftentimes relied on being way too cute. I'm glad we've moved on from him. That being said, one thing I will give him credit for is that he helped establish an offensive identity for the Jets in those 09-10 seasons. And for every dumbass play he called, he would occasionally stun you with something brilliant. This is still one of my favorite plays to this day. Doesn't excuse some really mediocre years, but I do think he's a lot smarter than people give him credit for. Fantastic play call at the most pivotal moment of a big time game.
  2. Good Lord. You have single coverage on Marshall in scoring range. GO THERE! Sick of cute playcalling
  3. I was really hoping that Bowles would have the good sense to move Coples back to his original spot on the D-Line. Even coming out of college, he has always been much more effective when used as an interior rusher. Standing him up and using him on the edge is not suitable to his strengths, which surprises me because this staff has generally been doing a good idea of playing to their players abilities. This just strikes me as a Rex-esque fitting a square peg into a round hole.

    Actually no, I take that back.

    It's interesting to read Collision Low Crossers and see how highly Bill Callahan thought of Hunter. Said he was one of the best lineman he's ever coached. And then, this happened I can't ever recall a lineman getting so easily handled.
  6. At what point did you know the season was over?

    I had an inkling during the very first game when despite significantly outplaying an inferior team, the Jets still only won by one score. It was a strong indication that the team's tendency to shoot themselves in the foot carried over from the prior season.
  7. Nick Folk ~ ~ ~

    I don't know what the hell's happened the past two years, but Folk has silently become one of the most consistent kickers in the league. I remember holding my breath for every one of his kicks from 2010-12.
  8. Who's your least favorite nfl player?

    Oh, and **** Favre as well.
  9. Who's your least favorite nfl player?

    Big Ben followed closely by Tebow Someone else summed it up much better than I can ever hope to. I've always had a hard time defending my hatred of Tebow especially to my family and conservative neighborhood. I'm not sure of he consciously took up his act as a way to mask his sub-par talent as a Quarterback, but I always get the heebie jeebies whenever I see him take a knee and be subsequently surrounded by hundreds of media members. It strikes me as false idolatry being broadcast at a mass level. And Big Ben just because....well, dude's a rapist.
  10. Shonn Greene released by the Titans

    I wouldn't even say they were good years of play. He hardly ever got more than what the offensive line gave him. Though I will give him credit, he was lights out in the San Diego game. Oh, and who could forget him taking a nap in the Patriots end zone? Though it was much more reasonable to fall down at the one and run out the clock, I loved that act as just a little extra "**** you" gesture towards the Pats.
  11. Potential nickname for our D-line

    The Silverbacks
  12. Don't get this Leonard Williams pick at all

    Anyway you slice it, there wasn't anyone available at number six that was even in the same ball park as Williams. Also, there was no one that was expecting him to slip that far. He was the best talent in the draft and the fact that he slipped to number 6 is a godsend. The best teams in the league don't play patty cake trying to fill needs while hoping for the best; they build on their strengths, punch you in the mouth, and dare you to take a swing back.
  13. Hopefully held accountable in the exact same way Julius Thomas was. It's so ******* easy, indeed.
  14. Spread Offense

    Tyler Thigpen is a free agent...