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    hodor. i loved the episode i just hope time travel is not a reacouring thing.
  2. Movies We've Seen Thread

    watched legend last night with tom hardy playing the gangster twins. it was good for the first hour and a half but dragged. way to long. also i love hardy but it was really hard to understand him in this movie. the accent was so strong i had to put subtitles on. maybe i had too much to drink haha but i could make out maybe a third of his dialogue.
  3. Poll: Fitz vs Geno

    gun to my head unfortunatley geno. but im hoping petty wins in camp
  4. offense-powell amaro denfese-pryor, williams
  5. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    ok i like his stats and size
  6. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    we got a punter
  7. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    gotta see how these picks pan out next year. i realy liked what mac has done up this point. dont wana get out the pitchforks quite yet
  8. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    great nephew of art shell
  9. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    i like this pick
  10. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    dahl picked by detroit, good selection
  11. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    rich cimini says mac denying rumors that we are trying to trade for nick foles
  12. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    welp that was certainly a pick
  13. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

  14. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    i think we go o line. i know rb is not a need but dixon would be intriguing if hes on the board
  15. Late whispers about TCU WR Josh Doctson

    i like treadwill and coleman bettter but wouldnt hate this pick