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  1. What is the trade
  2. I hate this franchise
  3. I defended Mac in the past but this pick is mind boggling
  4. I'm guessing cards are taking kizer
  5. cook butt williams
  6. nice pick by the 9ers just hope cook is still on the board tomorro
  7. bettis and franco look like the movie looper
  8. 9ers gona take cook fml well at least we got forte asj devin smith robbie anderson decker coming off surgery. oh yeah we have mccown throwing to them
  9. or the ever elusive devin smith
  10. hopefully mac
  11. lets all cross fingers that cook is there when we pick. dude looked like faulk in college
  12. ABCD Always be choosing defense
  13. good for watson he goes to a staked team. i have a feeling we will be kicking ourselves for not taking him
  14. its gottta be for a qb