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  1. welp its fitzy again. at least we will see petty/hak this year
  2. hey what do u know sheldon with a sack at d end. we really need to put wilk rich and williams on the line who cares about linebacker
  3. can we please eliminate the shovel pass from the playbook
  4. mauldin playing end and sheldon playing linebacker? what
  5. montreal, calgary, mets farm system
  6. man i wish lamar jackson was eligible this year
  7. jacksonville, tampa, san diego
  8. not saying geno wasnt a better collegiate player, but petty was no slouch. also played against better competition in the big 12
  9. fair enough but i believe geno played in a lot more games.
  10. all aboard the petty bandwagon. and to say he was a poor mans geno in college is a bit unfair. petty thrived in both bowl games he was in, both bcs games. geno stunk it up on the big stage in his final game.