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  1. the accountant was meh
  2. little surprised by his cb rankings. agree with him on cook over fornuette. mike williams is the #1 wr imo
  3. i hope so. they are very good defensively. on offense they go through spurts where they just stand around and jack up threes. they need to attack more and try to get lydon involved down low. really wish malachi richardson didnt leave early after last season. he was clutch for them last season down the stretch and now i believe he is in the d league.
  4. tough loss last night for syracuse. really could of used that win. really hoping they make the tourney.
  5. nocturnal animals was well done. jake gyllenhall is great in these dark movies
  6. we should target o line def. i wouldnt mind going after at least 1 cb in free agency. gilmore or trumaine johnson
  7. Yea those were great. Whatever happend to that brunette, haven't seen her in anything else really. I will prolly have to watch it again to pick up on everything. also this is only the second Lynch movie that I have seen so it really threw me for a loop
  8. watched mulholland drive last night for the first time. super weird movie. i know critics love it and lynchs movies are supposed to be open to your interpretation but i cant tell if the movie was total pi ss or actually creative. he got me thinking about it though and i am sure that was his goal
  9. no worries, go falcons
  10. is this still going on? i logged in and it says the contest is disabled
  11. best amusment park ever. i went every year as a kid. loved it all. i actually went back last summer and was so bummed to see that they eliminated the tarzan swing and cannonball. cannonball was the best. also i did survive the alpine slide. not sure how i did but that thing was awesome
  12. love all the hires. if bowles gets canned during mid season i think Dennard Wilson will be the interim head coach
  13. just watched batman:mask of the phantasm for the first time. very good. kevin conroy is great as batman/bruce wayne and mark hamil always nails the joker