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  1. also patton getting injured def helped his cause.
  2. i think he will make the team, but needs to show a lot in camp and preseason. big fan of him. he was great at clemson. if he can contribute as well as stewart and hansen i will be very happy. jalin marshall is the odd man out i think
  3. going down with the ship like the orchestra on the titanic enjoy the life boat
  4. bill obrien sam darnold and deandre hopkins
  5. fair but the fact that our gm made it public that he was going to cut decker if not traded is dumb. just shut your mouth macc
  6. yea this is misguided. my only hope is mac is planning on drafting darnold signing hopkins from houston and bill o brien is our new coach
  7. get the brat part but i bet he will be scooped up quickly. when on the field he can play we could of at least got a 5-7 rounder
  8. wow wonder why we couldnt trade him? maybe because big mac said he was either going to trade or cut him. this franchise is exhausting.
  9. love this team
  10. hes going to the highest bidder. i bet this is his best year not only because its his contract year but hes not going to play out of position. at the end of the year if i was a gm id offer him 12 mil contract with incentives on sacks that way u can motivate his dumb a ss, but like i said he will get more money elsewhere
  11. Did someone really suggest terry bradway. No offense but no f way. If we do fire Bowles please give me a offensive minded coach. Gm? I don't know too many options
  12. Watched dr strange and captain fantastic on a plane. Both enjoyable time killers