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  1. Could Darnold pull a Peyton? Cimini Ponders

    you and the others who mentioned leinart are correct. totally forgot about him
  2. The Odd Man Out: Matt Forte

    can we throw him the ball this year please? i want to see him lined up in the slot every once in a while with powell in the backfield
  3. Could Darnold pull a Peyton? Cimini Ponders

    it would be so jets if he stayed unless he has a bad year. but i cant think of a recent qb who decied to stay when considered the number 1 overall pick. peyton was the last unless u count matt barkley

    Tywin was great. Second choice would be Oberyn because he was the s hit. Stole every scene.
  5. 2017 New York Yankees Thread

    bad trade in my opinion. rutherford is one of their best prospects. frazier is having a horrible year and is a free agent after this year.

    i believe hes talking about dragonstone where torrmound and the gang will be defending against the walkers

    arya and the hound co mvps. also even tho he looked like russel brand, euron with the sick burns on jamie
  8. Sam Darnold not a lock to enter draft

    this would be our luck
  9. honestly maybe 5. that would be horrible tho because all the good qbs will be taken and we have to draft a rb from penn state. so u know this will happen. we all should hope 2 but show some competitiveness in all games.
  10. it would take a lot drinking and hope
  11. i could be wrong but didnt decker sign with the jets for 7.5 a year? if so Q doesnt have the body of work
  12. i love Q and I would lock him up but hes from a previous regime and Macc has drafted and signed a bunch of wrs under his watch. if stewart, hansen, anderson ,marshall and peake show they got talent i wouldnt be surprised if he lets Enunwa walk at the end of his contract. Again I would extend him.
  13. Charone Peake

    also patton getting injured def helped his cause.
  14. Charone Peake

    i think he will make the team, but needs to show a lot in camp and preseason. big fan of him. he was great at clemson. if he can contribute as well as stewart and hansen i will be very happy. jalin marshall is the odd man out i think