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  1. almost fumbled again on the kickoff. jesus just put hopkins or fueller back there
  2. god texans look awful tonight. u would think they would come out ready to pounce. obrien continues to show me he is not a very good pro head coach
  3. pop star was funny. def dumb but if youre a fan of brooklyn 99 you will enjoy it
  4. they call this the ole lance armstrong
  5. how is that not taunting on cruz. great catch but that wa def more taunting then decker or shedon
  6. mike wallace having a day
  7. garoppolo down i repeat garapoollow down
  8. i knoww the titans are not good but mariota does not look like the guy
  9. ravens look horrible
  10. garoppollo looks great 14/17 3 tds. damnit did kraft make a deal with the devil
  11. def LT and as much as I hate him jason taylor. faneca is real good but i dont think he makes it
  12. i agree he looked bad, but he seems out of shape. i said to my wife last night when he was walking into the stadium in a suit he looks a lilttle heavier then in the past. hopefully he gets it together. if not i believe he will pull a champ bailey and move to safety
  13. nice! happy for you and your family