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  1. yea hes my favorite cb in the draft as well. i am a gator fan so i might be biased but i watched all his games. hes legit
  2. very surprised mike williams isnt his top rated wr.
  3. im guessing they take garrett and either fornutee or cook in the first. trade a second and a third or fourth for jimmy g
  4. dont think twice was trash.
  5. nagy maybe. i have a bad feeling it might end up being chip kelly or art briles
  6. ive only seen a few games of his in the nfl. looked ok. i dont mind this if its not an owswieller/flynn type of deal. like someone stated a show me deal loaded with incentives would be ideal
  7. good point. forgot about him.
  8. i could see cincy trying to get mike williams to pair with green.
  9. watson, williams, or cook.
  10. looks like mcdermott the dc from the panthers will be getting the bills hc position. reports say he is hoping to get mccoy to be his oc. hope thats not true
  11. holy sh*te
  12. harrison unblocked
  13. ive always liked moore i suggested a few years ago we go after him. but dude seems fine being a backup