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  1. shocker. still the worst decision bowles made all last year was to start him and play him most of the buffalo game.
  2. yea i really like our trio, but if one goes down id take a flyer
  3. released by bills today. know hes suspended first 4 games, but what do u guys think
  4. no hate but didnt u say multiple times milliner will have a great season?
  5. so robbie andersons having himself a game according to you guys and other sites. damn its gona be tough cutting one of these guys. i love marshall, peake, and now anderson making a case. whos gona go? i say worthy is def gone. ross even tho he had a good return is gone and i would cut thompkins but i know bowles loves vets. guess its a decent problem to hav
  6. have we ever had a decent te, i guess keller pre ray lewis hit but other then that i dont knw. guess i should watch nfl films from the 60s to see if there is any tangible evidence
  7. i know alot of people dont like when we were on hard knocks but it would be fascinating this year with the depth chart talk. between the receivers and qbs i would love to hear what the coaching staff had to say
  8. havnt watched yet but im totally with you. in 2013 in the fiesta bowl i thought he looked like a young farve/romo on the field. in 2014 bowl against mich st which was a shootout i immediatley put on facebook after the game all aboard the pettty bandwagon. still got a lilttle ways to go, but im hoping we lucked out. we deserve it
  9. i havnt seen anything yet but it sounds lke petty is doing well. i loved his arm and attitude when he was at baylor, dudes a gunslinger. fingers crossed my fellow jets fans
  10. the only jets fans enjoying this are cromartie and pace
  11. u think the skins regret passing on leo
  12. sounds like pace shouldnt silence his phone tonight when he goes to bed
  13. interesting theory, i think there might be more to it then that but def possible
  14. so how are all you out of market fans watching? they are replaying the game at 2:30 am on nfl network, which ill prolly have to wait for since theres no redzone this week