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  1. if texans fire obrien he could be an option. mac has ties to the texans and obrien did get hack to have his best season.
  2. welp petty be getting evey rep and start next week.
  3. i rather see overthrown balls then underthrown for picks like fitzy
  4. nice toss bryce
  5. hey now
  6. alright bryce lets do this
  7. u know its a rough night when robert turbin scores
  8. just let them score so we can see more of petty
  9. welll this is going great, powell was wide open
  10. ross sucks
  11. oh god a shottenheimer appearance just when i thought it couldnt get any worse
  12. revis sucks but skrine is garbage too. at least revis had a good season. buster is beyone frustrating
  13. another stellar play by revis
  14. oh great they are going to score again
  15. thats it get fitz the hell out of there