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  1. remember when we never played kerley in 2015? dumbest move in recent times he would of been awesome with decker and marshall
  2. holy moly lee is having a day so far please god lets hope this continues. i have been negative towards him in the past
  3. am i alreeady drunk or is lee having a good game so far
  4. Belichick praises Jets

    just bull sh itting so our front office thinks bowles is the right man for the job
  5. trade them kerley and have stewart take over. i know this will never happen
  6. edwards has had a nice game
  7. alright comon d give me more fanasy points
  8. hue jackson is either losing on purpose or an idiot why not take the points
  9. freddie bishop looking good
  10. marcus williams would like a word.
  11. we are in big trouble with no powell and our oline getting b itched slapped every run play