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  1. This is such sad news to hear. Byrd was two years younger than me. Another one of 35,000 deaths on US roads this year. Driverless cars can't get here soon enough IMHO. RIP
  2. At least once or twice a year someone brings up the topic of alternate jerseys. People yea or nay the ideas that come up, then the thread dies. I have a theory: Those that grew up watching the Jets wear a certain jersey become attached to that jersey. I started watching the Jets in 1981. Sack Exchange, anyone? I would not mind if the Jets wore the jerseys from that era once in a blue moon. It could not possibly suck any more than the Titans jerseys. I also think the metallic green on the helmets they tried last year with the "rush colors" was actually a nice change of pace. On a slightly related topic: Anyone know if it's possible to purchase a Jets cap like the one Bowles and Forte wore recently? It's black with the green Jets logo from the 80's. Peace out.
  3. Interesting punting style. I hadn't seen a rugby-style punt in american football before. It seems like it might have some success in the NFL, until teams start to game plan against it. It seems like the punt can more easily be blocked if the punter holds on to the ball for so long.
  4. Can someone explain how the Jets went from tons of cap-room last year to being in cap hell this year? - Was the GM's plan last year to win it all in his 1st year with Geno/Fitz and to hell with next year? - Did league rules require we spend every penny? Many of us praise Maccagnan for what he's done so far. But why is the poor cap room situation not on him? Granted, with Brick retiring, this topic may already be moot. But please humor me.
  5. I hope Bowles and Maccagnan make the right choice if they decide to trade Coples. Like John Abraham, Jonathan Vilma, and other past Jets trades, I don't want to find out Coples becomes an All Pro with another team.
  6. I thought it would be fun to dredge up a thread from 2007. Jets' 2007 1st round pick: Darelle Revis Jets' 2008 1st round pick: Vernon Gholston Discuss.
  7. Nicely written article, but methinks we can't call Amaro a bust just yet. Interstate of green - Your interstate connection to everything JETS and EAGLES" - finally! A site dedicated to fans of both the jets and eagles! FffffsdsdCONNECTION TO EVERYTHING JETS AND EAGLES"
  8. Keeping Geno on the bench has two benefits (1) Bowles would be crucified if he put Geno in now and the Jets start losing.Too risky. Only Chip Kelly makes moves like that. (2) Sitting Geno gives him a a big slice of humble pie. Just what he needed after two years of being the presumed starter. In my dream world, Fitz is the reason we lose to the Pats the first time, and Geno is the reason why we win the 2nd time.
  9. Fun fact: The 1968 Jets "only" had to beat the Raiders in the playoffs, then the Colts in the Super Bowl to take home the trophy. The 2009 and 2010 Jets won two playoff games each year, and didn't even make it to the Super Bowl.
  10. I was 4 yrs old. Didn't know a football from a cowpie. My dad bought me a kid size Jets helmet. I had no clue what a Jet was.
  11. Good teams create their own opportunities. They overcome bad calls. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the Jets have won their division only twice in the past 44 years.
  12. You do realize that the Jets are ahead of 13 NFL teams who have never won a Super Bowl trophy? This HC would want to give a trophy to a trophy-less team first, wouldn't he? He'd for sure be a legend there! Just sayin' Good thing it doesn't work that way.
  13. I feel like the old man who was released from prison in Shawshank Redemption. After 50 years of being in lockup, he couldn't handle freedom and hung himself. After 32 years of watching the Jets (mostly) lose, I don't know what I'd do if they won it all. Probably I would go into shock and die of a heart attack.
  14. I wish the Jets can be community owned like the Packers. Woody Johnson makes me ill.