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  1. Yep, I don't really see the issue with this draft since Adams was a higher ranked prospect than anyone else at 6 and these QBs are all really flawed. Now it's possible that they all end up good but that's unlikely. On the other hand drafting Hack and trying to force feed him into a role he's not good enough for is another issue all together. But you know at least he's not Paxton Lynch
  2. Yeah but rebuilds start in the trenches and our o-line is either below average or bad until further notice.
  3. I'm still in shock

    Exactly. Minnesota wanted Petty over Smith and other teams inquired about him. Petty might be nothing but if we're discussing our team's options he's better than Hack probably about as good as McCown but with more upside. Hack might still turn it around but to have him over Petty right now is dumb. If you need evidence of where Hack is compared to Petty think about the two times they had free rushers coming at them. In that Dolphin game, Petty realized something was wrong, felt the pressure and delivered a great pass 20 yards downfield before getting wrecked. Same type of situation and Hack showed zero situational awareness. its embarrassing that I even can point to that moment as a positive.
  4. I'm still in shock

    A throw at ASJs feet and poorly placed pass to Peake that was broken up by a defender are not drops.
  5. I like Gabe Marks. He'll be nice to have on the roster when we draft Luke Falk.
  6. Hack has yet to put together anything resembling Petty's game against the Redskins last season, or even his Atlanta game his rookie year.
  7. Definitely want to see Petty get some time with the 1s next game. Also want to see McDougle doing some work in Nickle.
  8. Leggett has to catch that. He'll be quality once he's used to making adjustments.
  9. Yeah, Petty has an arm that's just as strong, he's always been more accurate and his feet are more active. So what reason is there to think that Hackenberg is more worthy of faith?
  10. Petty looks the part on the field. So I'd rather lose with him.
  11. Jets fans are never delusional what are you talking about?!?
  12. Man, I hate Buster Skrine sorry I'm just trying to get ready for the regular season.
  13. But he's also playing with scrubs. However, he has to put up points and force himself ahead of Hack to get reps with starters this week and next.
  14. I hate that kid and his haircut in that Decker anti-bullying commercial.
  15. That's how you get cut. Roberts and Hammond, missed block/muffed punt combo.