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  1. Jets Uniforms

    Yeah they have. Nike unveiled new tech and the Nike 51 uniforms were replaced. That means no more of the seams and patches from the last few years. The new jerseys have this big upside down Y seam on the back now. It looks like this new uniform system also makes the uniforms a lighter shade since our greens are more green now.
  2. Man, Brisset looked awesome in that second half and Hooker looked great on that 50 yard TD.
  3. I just wanna know if the “McCown has been one of the Jets best players” narrative has finally ended?
  4. People feel like they know things so when a team is made up of players that all unknown the only logical reaction is to say that the team is bad rather than admitting that we might not know something. The team has exciting pieces. Our WR are intriguing and reliable if they came back with the same group next year we’d be fine. On the o-line Johnson and Beachum can be upgraded but neither is a problem they’re just okay. We need a pass rusher and an upgrade from Pennel. QB remains the biggest issue because McCown’s mistakes cost us this game and almost cost us the Jags game.
  5. It just means that now Bowles will be talked about in definitive statements rather than Macc.
  6. Awesome. Macc will be determined by how he deals with his successes. If we managed to find good players at crucial positions but ASJ, Claiborne and Ealy all walk or get us in bidding war then Macc has failed.
  7. Dude went out of his way to lose this game today. We’re talented enough to stick around with good teams but since McCown is basically a zero sum/ player with no sense of winning we have to move on from him.
  8. “McCown gets the boys lined up and avoids mistakes”
  9. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    I think this is gameplan specific or to avoid the pats signing Coleman with Gilmore out. They’ll probably try to get him to the practice squad.
  10. Also we were down 3 edge defenders and 2 CBs.
  11. Viable depth is having 3 interchangeable running backs. Having 4th or 5th running backs that you actually expect to play is just an unreasonable expectation.
  12. More top heavy than - the NBA with maybe 5 competitive teams? -the Premier league with maybe 4 competitive teams? - the Primera with maybe 3 competitive teams - the Bundesliga with maybe 2 competitive teams? - NCAA football with 1 superpower and a bunch of guys picking their shots every 3ish years? The MLS and MLB and NHL are competitive I guess.