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  1. Trade it or take the best player and the future DROY Jamal Adams.
  2. **** Tennessee that's a shockingly good pick
  3. Basically this. It also applies to the Steelers. Get rid of overpriced established guys and trust your process to identify cheap young guys, acquire specific role playing cheap veterans, rinse and repeat.
  4. Why? Because you've looked over the players extensively and know what you're talking about? Or because you like to complain about things that you have little knowledge or expertise in?
  5. Stop oppressing the white people
  6. I was working with a chick as the pick came in and I was cautiously optimistic and she crushed everything with this, "That's good but Hackenburg sucks. he's dating my best friend and everyone knows he's a bitch."
  7. No i gotchu. I agree with you. I was being facetious hence the one comment that is out of step with the rest of my points in this thread.
  8. Good contribution
  9. Have you?
  10. The big flaw in your argument is that the markets would become aware of the changes and adjust based on who is watching the network. It's how markets work and it's why they pay so much for various data mining resources. Assuming that there is one specific type of political lean that watches ESPN is just you wanting to relish is perceived slights. If that was true then when Lebatard replaced Cowherd there would have been a noticable change in viewership, there wasn't. ESPN packages Mike and Mike 3 different times a day. They didn't do that because they wanted to they did it because people watch it and advertisers see the value of that show. A lot of people complain about Michael Smith and Jamele Hill's version of Sportscenter but the ratings are basically untouched from before the change.
  11. Those were simpler times and ESPN was how you took in sports back when they rose to prominence. ESPN is competing with Fox Sports, NBC Sports, BeIn and now Amazon, Facebook and Twitter for live sports rights and the costs are skyrocketing which has proven good for the pockets of sports owners but bad for the networks reliant on consumers that want to pay for content. For example, if I want to find a mock draft or player analysis I trust, I'd rather go to YouTube and watch Voch Lombardi or read Walter Football than watch ESPN. For Jets and general football information I come here first then I hit twitter. LeBatard makes the point on his show constantly ESPN has to fill 72 hours worth of content a day through its 3 main channels and paying for rights to the major sports networks to fill that would be bad business. Paying talent more than they're worth is also bad business. The old ESPN model is dead and anyone claiming that politics is the reason for the company's failures is trying very hard to expand their biases.
  12. They fired cowherd because he became expensive. They replaced him with Lebatard and tapped a younger demographic for less cost and equal viewership. Liberal programming does less because the news cycle doesn't really exist for liberals especially young liberals. It's a case of using cord cutting and online programming and services to get on demand entertainment rather than accepting what's fed to them. Basically, old white people sit around waiting for Fox News to tell them things that a young liberal read hours ago while pooping. One is an easier metric to gauge and the other has companies scrambling on how to connect with a new audience.
  13. You don't get it. It's not that white people have race issues it's ESPN that has a race issue.
  14. Someone should run a platform of bringing back "good ole fashioned sports" back
  15. All the best defenses have a great Safety. It's the thing that puts defenses over the top. We have to end up with either of Adams, Hooker or Baker in this draft. I think Adams is future all-time player so I'd prefer him but it all depends on how the draft falls.