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  1. Get hyped. Our secondary features 2 rookies, 1 guy that's great when healthy and hasn't been healthy in 3 years, 1 guy that is big in the rich housewives community, and 1 guy that was considered a prime candidate to switch to safety in most predraft reports.
  2. Yeah I was not advocating keeping on 15 million in salary cap in order for some jet fans to feel better on a message board. I tried to sarcasm, I failed to sarcasm
  3. Over/ under Week 4 before some says "why do we have a fullback? It's an antiquated position"
  4. Oh it'd be chaos but a couple of first rounders used at QB and LT or QB and OLB are better for marketing than a DE.
  5. I mean the other two are the former DROY and a guy considered for years to be the second best 3-4 DE in the league. And in the end we've only managed a surplus of mismanaged talent and the decline of 2 guys that could've been traded for 1st rounders 2 years ago.
  6. I'd rather not trade him but he's not untouchable is my point. If you can get your LT for the next 8 years for 1 of your 3 upper echelon DEs that's better asset management then having superfluous talent at one position and not using them correctly. I'm not advocating a trade for the guy but he's not untouchable if the right offer comes along.
  7. I already am paying 2 guys that are at most only marginally worse than him. Leo is a nice asset. No reason for him to be untouchable.
  8. I'd trade Leo for a first rounder or starting LT and a 3rd rounder.
  9. Healthy Claiborne? Decker and Harris would've made the list. For the sake of this discussion the Jets should have kept those guys for $15 million.
  10. There do seem to be a lot of people that can type with their butt holes in this thread.
  11. I feel nothing in regards to this signing.
  12. I'm not on the bus. I'm glad there is a bus though. At least some of you are getting in board with the fact that this will be a fun season.
  13. So your argument is that a torn Achilles is less to worry about than a torn ACL? I guess that's a win for you
  14. Yeah but Sidney Jones is a stud. He should've been the pick. The Maye pick ruined that day for me. I feel better about it now but I'm not totally gonna be on board until I see something on the field.