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  1. If we could find a QB who could play as well as Rick Astley dances...we'd have Fitzpatrick.
  2. It's a good draft for WRs coming up if you like them 6'2+, 200+ WR1 types
  3. That's cool. Did Mike Westhoff win Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2014?
  4. Cimini has been a lotta swing and miss lately.
  5. The Bengals are also featuring a first-year OC with new receivers; Brandon Lafell and draftee Tylor Boyd. If we can stall their run game and put the Kabosh on their #1, we can make this a game that comes down to our offense beating their defense...we have the weaponz, we just need decent QB play.
  6. Forte. End of thread
  7. Since 90% of Pats fans are band-wagoners, what happens when they start losing? And they will. Maybe not this year, maybe not next. But soon enough they will lose their FoF, and the entire NFL will be inundated with their crappy fair-weather whiner fans, flocking to the next up-and-coming franchise. I think in about three years you'll see a significant number of Jaguar fans sprouting up in Boston, claiming, "I've always been a huge fan of Jacksonville."
  8. So we have a two week head start. K.
  9. I'd say you def march to your own beat...but that would imply that you could keep one.
  10. T0m Shane's freestyle rap is to the ears :: what a white man dancing is to the eyes.
  11. Maybe they DID get back to you, but since you had them on ignore you never saw it?
  12. Nice take. Jordan Jenkins too small? That's news.
  13. correction: TWO Cantons.
  14. I had Rex pegged for a back-peddler.