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  1. Re OTA "vacation" messages

    Is this thread voluntary?
  2. Granite, you are probably right, correcting others grammar on a message board is found upon, and can land you in the intents and care wash yourself.
  3. I've never been to an OTA. Saw a video yesterday, looked like something I would want to sit out if I was a vet.
  4. Thanks slats, lol. I was actually trying out some higher level humor. it was a playful jab at HH's phrase "Granite the Jets..."
  5. Well, for all intensive purposes, at least it's not poppycock.
  6. Decker was Geno's go-to guy in 2014. Pretty sure they are cozy with one another.
  7. Why? They set records in this offense last year. I'm pretty sure they're good.
  8. Meanwhile, OTAs are for: rookies, free agents learning the system, bubble players trying to stay on the team, depth-chart jockeying, and building team chemistry.
  9. There you are. T0m mentioned that you had posited on your site that Decker and Skrine are ideal restructure candidates (based on their age, talent, and current contracts). I see Decker's OTA absence as a brilliant business move. I love it. Being personally, and publicly vested in getting Fitz on the roster makes him an even more ideal candidate to approach for a contract restructure, IMO. It says, "I want that player on the team...I'll do anything to support him" It's all warm and fuzzy on the outside. But in reality, a restructured contract could add years (and dollars) to his own contract.
  10. Do you guys remember when that 0ne poster said that Jason guy posited something about Decker and Skrine being ideal restructure candidates (based on age, talent, and current contracts) to fit Fitz under the cap? WELL...Decker publicly hitching his wagon to Fitz (1) stresses that he would go to "some" lengths to support him being on the roster, which (2) opens the door to having that conversation with Mac, which (3) would add years (and potentially dollars) to his own contract. Strategically speaking, It's a good business move with little lost. Besides, who THE HECK really cares about OTAs with a long weekend coming up? Rookies, fringe roster players, free agents learning the offense, and guys jockeying for depth chart movement. Decker is firmly entrenched in the offense. His lack of motivation to run routes for Geno is getting blown out of proportion. He played all of 2014 with Geno; the familiarity is there. He's probably yachting with his fam and made a call to Costello going with the whole BFF narrative because it fits multiple agendas and doesn't hurt him, OR THE TEAM, one bit. Doesn't make him a bad guy, any more than Marshall being absent doesn't make HIM a bad guy, but nobody's talking about that bc it's a "non-story". This. Also a non-story.
  11. Jets might not see Eifert in opener

    What is AJ Green's record against Revis? Doesn't he go for 2 catches, 13 yards every time they meet?
  12. Jets might not see Eifert in opener

    The best way to keep players from getting injured is to keep them out of OTAs, practices, and games.
  13. WR Charone Peake ~ ~ ~

    ...catch the ball with one hand.
  14. Sizing up MLBs

    The Moneybacker has no equals. No lists can list him. He doesn't even play a position.