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  1. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Smith Unlikely To File Charges Against IK   

    Does IK still take him to small claims?
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  2. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic is jets CB Antonio Cromartie starting to decline at 31 ? ? ?   

    Did he "play well" last season? Did he?
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  3. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Breaking: NFL upholds Tom Brady's 4-game suspension.   

    Interesting, if true

    PFT's Mike Florio reports the NFL offered suspended QB Tom Brady a two-game reduction on his four-game suspension in exchange for a guilty admission.
    Per Florio's source, Brady had to admit to having knowledge of whatever ball men John Jastremski and Jim McNally were doing to the footballs, admit to failing to cooperate with the Ted Wells investigation and then apologize. Brady's ban would have then dropped to at least two games and possibly one. It appears Brady is dead-set on taking the NFL to court to get his suspension wiped out completely or he's going to take the heat and sit the four games.
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  4. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Brandon Marshall worried about Drug Test after a week in Jamaica   

    He probably felled English
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  5. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Jets add Undrafted Free Agent WR Austin Hill   

    He would be good in camp to simulate Decker/Marshall redzone WRs, for our second practice field. Maybe makes the PS or gets an IR stash
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  6. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Giants will have better record than the Jets this year   

    Ok, i'll play, but I don't necessarily agree with chalking up W's before the injury dust of training camp and preseason settles.
    The Jets actually play against the NFC East this year. So if Washington, Philly and Dallas "take a step back", they also benefit.

    Similarly, the giants play against the AFC East this year; which includes two greatly improved rosters (in Buffalo and Miami), and a team that can cheat its way through any setback.

    So the question becomes, would you rather play against the AFC South (Colts, Texans, Titans, Jags) or the NFC South (Falcons, Saints, Panthers, Buccaneers), or more specifically, does the Jets roster offer a better chance to beat the former, or the giants roster to the latter?

    Personally, I would rather have the Jets. The Jets defense playing against Bortles, Mariota, and Mallet, look better off than contests against Brees, Matty Ice, Cam Newton, and the Rookie Sensation.

    The extra two games also look to favor the Jets. They play the week-1 Browns, and the week-8 Raiders. The Giants play the week-5 FortyNiners, and the week-16 Vikings.

    Roster wise, schedule wise, and depth wise I think the Jets are better off this year than the gmen.
    The only exception is at QB.
    Eli is reportedly stronger this year, he's going to be better acclimated to Macadoos offense, and he gets his playmakers back healthy.

    Geno just needs to learn a new offense (which should supposedly bet tailored to his strengths), acclimate to his new weaponz (who should theoretically hide his weaknesses, AND play to his deep ball strengths), and then, just not crap the bed enough to let the Defense/Folk lead our team to victories.
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  7. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Is Moving CB Dee Milliner To Safety An Option for the New York Jets ? ? ?   

    Dee Milliner is a great (and willing) open field tackler; it's one of his strengths.

    I know the Achilles thing was a non-contact injury, and I'm on my phone (too lazy to look it up) but I thought his other injuries were a hammy and ankle, or was it a knee? But also non-contact.

    Injury prone, yes. Fragile? Meh. More like unlucky, dude is solid.

    On edit: it was a torn labrum coming from college to pros. He had surgery, it healed. Last year he sprained his ankle in the first preseason game, didn't return until week-1. No biggie, it was preseason. Week-6 he had the freak Achilles tear. That sort of injury happens from exploding out of a sprinters stance so fast that the ligament rips off. This guy isn't fragile, he's otherworldly. The Hulk comes to mind. He's like a slimmer-nimble Hulk.
    The fact that his injuries aren't reoccurring issues, like say a toe, or a knee, or Deckers hammy, is actually a positive...though the Achilles may be the end all, his past injuries haven't resurfaced, (and he ripped out a hip flexor in college) suggest that he heals well.
    Fingers crossed he can step into the #2 role opposite Revis, let Cro cover TEs.
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  8. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Jace Amaro – The Sophomore Leap?   

    Amaro needs to step his game up.  Kellen Davis is 6'7, has pass-blocking chops, and could just as easily assume the Scott Chandler role from Gailey's Buffalo offense.  
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  9. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic At what point did you know the season was over?   

    The first game after acquiring Percy Harvin. I really thought his addition would turn our season around; when we lost that game, the season was over.
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  10. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Do we have a 'more than competent' pass catching RB?   

    What about Daryl Richardson? He seems to fit the Spiller role with his skill set.
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  11. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Sheldon Richardson Suspended   

    Is this real? And, do you have to be a resident?
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  12. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Painfully awkward interview with John Harbaugh on The Herd.   

    1. When are you a pushover?
    2. What record are you expecting?
    3. Is the conference a bye?
    4. Sell me on your program, I run a 4.3 and I'm horrible at football.

    Is there an award for investigative journalism of this caliber? This man deserves a gold-plated Giraldo Rivera statuette.
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  13. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Painfully awkward interview with John Harbaugh on The Herd.   

    Apparently, coach and I heard:
    "Is the conference a Bye?" (as in, so easy the opposing team feels like they get a week of rest whenever they play the big-10)
    Instead of simply re-wording his question, Colin hung tightly to:
    "Is the conference a Buy?" (hipster slang for really exciting football)
    I can see the confusion.  The interview never recovered from there.    
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  14. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic The 2015 Jets Positive Thread   

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  15. Greenseed4 added a post in a topic Calvin Pryor Player Profile   

    Nicely done, Courtney.
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