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  1. Not the worst mock I've seen.
  2. Hey, you think if a prospect attends the draft and sits with the fans, he could just walk up on stage when his name is called? You know, force the hug and a handshake, get a little camera time. Take some pics on stage. I think so. Geno was a second round pick and he even got a hat.
  3. Wanna know how I know you didn't watch the video?
  4. Yeah
  5. Safest player in draft
  6. Smokescreen. Just like the Hightower "blitz".
  7. So is it McCown or McNown? I'm just going to call him, Josh.
  8. 6'3, 190, and that 10 lbs makes a difference. I like that he's working with Chad Ocho-Cinco this off-season who knows a thing or two about winning with great footwork and high-pointed catches. Im not sure if he'll ever be a true #1 but if he's our WR3, Enunwa is our WR2, and we get a stud TE, it doesn't matter if we don't have a true WR1 on the roster. (Decker is a WR2, IF, big IF, he's still on our roster).
  9. Kevin Minter to the Bengals.
  10. Josh is a great option. He would be a veteran stopgap that could provide mentorship to the youngins, he won't win any games on his own, and he's a scapegoat for the front office ("we did ALL we could")
  11. As a senior, he totaled 58 tackles with 19.5 tackles for a loss, 14 sacks, one forced fumble and one pass batted. Rivers showed his pass-rush skills with eight sacks as a junior and 13 as a sophomore. Read more at
  12. He's 27. (Birthday cup cakes)
  13. Teams are allowed to have 90 men on their roster before final cut-downs. That means there is an upwards of roughly 2,880 players in the NFL. Of the 2,880, only 1 of them has said, "[He] definitely wouldn't mind playing for the Jets." -Kevin Minter Why have we not signed this guy yet?!
  14. What about OJ Howard in the first, and Evan Engram in the 2nd? (and after everyone loses their sh*t...we find out that Engram is going to be our WR1 in a Mike Evans role, and he turns out to be the best big-bodied receiver in this class).
  15. H'Tower is 27, as of today actually. Harris is 33.