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  1. We get a 3rd for Richardson next year?
  2. Probably not. Rosen wore a "Fck Trump" hat at a golf tourney, I'd imagine that takes him off our radar per the big man's political ties.
  3. It's good to see that after playing 'bump-and-run' with his first 8 baby mamas, he's finally locked on to his primary receiver.
  4. Don't give me that. She don't make enough money then she can quit.
  5. This thread is dumb: 1. No good players at 60 anyway 2. Have you seen our 2nd round picks?
  6. Didn't say I wanted them inserted in me.
  7. Legit hand size, on all of them.
  8. You guys are dickheads
  9. Maye is going to happy-hour hump, and not buy breakfast in the morning.
  10. This post reminds me of my favorite ping-pong match from the 1986 pp championships.
  11. How motivated do you think Sheldon is after getting "shopped" and "not bought"? If I'm him, I am BEASTing out this season.
  12. I love you. #nohomo (and also, all I got from that was that our defense is "in perfect condition")
  13. I really like the Marcus Maye pick. It's such a "F*ck You" to the the the team. And also. It's brilliant to build our team. Macc is the man!