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  1. You found a way to **** up the poll, I'm done with you.
  3. If we lose every game 31-32 after failing to convert on a two-point try...
  4. Irma

    Irma Gerd
  5. Training Camp Practice 8/23

    I'm by a copy of Aliens.
  6. Kyle Fuller?

    So I basically know a guy who is friends with one of Kyle Fuller's cousins.
  7. Yes, but if two helicopters leave their respective helipads at the same time, and one is traveling at 80 miles per hour with a 10 mph back wind, the other is traveling at 60 miles per hour against a 10 mph, when they each reach the halfway point... they'll still be more entertaining to watch than the Jets.
  8. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    If our defense played against their defense...there would be no snap, no QB, and no WRs. ...and, Buster Skrine would still get flagged for holding.
  9. The title says "2 miles," the article says "2 minutes," which one is it? I'd like this cleared up before forming an opinion.
  10. The Next Position Pick:

    I wanna look it up before I answer. Im goina
  11. LT, Nate Solder is only 29. Scheduled to be an UFA. Signing him and a TE like Tyler Eifert or Zach Miller could go a long way toward building up our offense.
  12. His player comp is, get this, Quincy Enunwa.
  13. Interesting take, but it's "QB centric" because of the rules which protect the QB. Take those away and we have even fewer healthy QBs. I like watching good QB play I'd rather explore options that produce more NFL-ready QBs. Like the league that pays college age players to not go to college, rather hone their skill set and prepare for the NFL.
  14. Didn't you read? we're supposed to discuss the draft picks in a DIFFERENT thread.
  15. If Harris was the "glue" that held our #28 ranked defense together... Maybe Demario 'scotch tape' Davis isn't such a horrible replacement. It's not like we're asking him to cover like we mistakenly did on his first tour; he's a thumper, built like Harris; with the same production; but 5 years younger. Whats the problem? Don't get me wrong, I liked Decker. Especially in year-2, but he had 9 receptions last year. At his salary, and injury history, you'd think that after drafting multiple replacement prospects and bringing in so many free agents over the last two years, this wouldn't have shocked the league as much as it has.