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  1. The only thing better than Foster at 6, would be Foster at 12.
  2. Garrett was born in TEXAS... played high school ball at TEXAS, and is graduating from TEXAS A&M. #nonissue
  3. Adrian Peterson (in a stacked RB draft) or Eric Berry (coming off two surgeries)?
  4. Should be a poll. "anything but a tie" should be an option.
  5. *Captain* @Larz I just want to say that some of these s-holes are going to try to blame you for the team's record. Lets be real, you don't have any control over that. But you DO have control over how many asterisks you place in the official game thread Titles... and that DOES control the teams record. Despite what others will tell you, there is no pre-determined number of asterisks that is going to get the job done, so just choose the asterisk count that works best for you. Thanks in advance for not ******* it up.
  6. Oh. I thought we were talking about this Sunday.
  7. IF he doesn't play, Catapano will probably start in his place. Catapano is better at setting the edge than Jenkins. Considering the Bengals game plan is likely to focus on the run, Jordan rehabbing for the Bills game doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  8. He's one of my new favorite players. Kudos to Macc for landing the best punter in the draft.
  9. And the draft. itd be kinda sh*tty to host a draft without any picks
  10. RT, Khalif Barnes for a looksie?
  11. I would say the same thing about about a fella I was trying to trade.
  12. Bernard Pierce is a goal line back. Something that Forte/Powell/Helu are not. Khiry is the only other power back on the roster, so having positional (and ROLE) depth is achieved in the Pierce signing. The article talks about how fast Helu was at his combine, completely dismissing that his combine was ages ago and was prior to his TWO hip surgeries...but it does mention that he's not a power back despite his size. Bernard Pierce is a power back. Whats the confusion?
  13. +1 on the KRL love