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  1. Because then Winters gets the bonus up front. Instead of week by week. Better then a signing bonus because all cap charge in year one.
  2. Because many posters here are dumb as hell and hate EVERYTHING the Jets do.
  3. No matter who it is many posters here will hate it.
  4. How about instead of trying to be first you try to be right? The tittle of this thread makes it seem like there is info that says the Jets are going to release Marshal and that could not be further from the truth.
  5. Terrible job by the OP. Nothing in this artical says the writer has any info, only his thoughts. No need to make it seem other wise. This is all crap.
  6. I swear, this team could sign Rigers and people would bitch. Great move, paying our young good players. What an idea
  7. You really think Bowles told Macc he did not want Fitz?? Fitz was a choice that Bowles made.
  8. Well, Bowles hired Gailey and Quinn hired KS. Tells me something.
  9. So who do you think we should spend the $50 mil in cap room on? There are not any current Jets who need new contracts except Winters. So where do we spend it? Or do you think we save it for next year to sign our own players? If so who?
  10. See I do see and understand your point completely. I also agree with what you are saying, but you are not seeing what I am saying. I am quoting posters that have said the only reason Hack did not play is he sucks so bad that the Jets are scared to play him. That's my point.
  11. So two things, 1). Reading this artical as posted is not possible on a iPhone. 2). Jets draft a qb and tell everyone that this QB will not see the field in 2016. QB does not see the field and fans yell he must have been hidden from playing cause he sucks so much. Wtf
  12. It's all over that if McCoy does not get a HC job he was going to be the OC where ever Sean McDermott went to coach. do you need to see more?
  13. I would think it's because the guys they want are waiting to see if they get head coaching gigs first?
  14. See that's the thing, no I am not at all. I am trying to figure out why anyone would want this guy to be their QB. He stinks! So it can't be his play, so what is it? What logical reason?