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  1. +1 no matter how many topics you start, this was a great pick.
  2. That guy is the best
  3. Guys, this topic is for calling who the pick will be. Not the same jets are stupid stuff.
  4. Was it just too hard for you?
  5. We did this last year and it went pretty well. Say who the Jets will pick at 6. This is NOT what you want or what you think they should do. It's what you predict the will do. I say OJ Howard
  6. Shefter also said two RB go in top ten. I would think Jets will have a choice between Howard, Adams or Hooker. It will I'll be one of those picjs btw I have an inside scoop that Allen is going to fall and fall hard. Out of the top ten. He has arthritis in his shoulder and the teams know it but it has not been released to the public yet.
  7. Shefter is saying Clevland is NOT trading up. I have been saying it, they are not giving up picks.
  8. They are picking Adams if he is there. Second best player in this draft. Will be a team capt for years to come. Leader with skills. Makes players around him better. Bye bye Prior
  9. I guess we will see now won't we.
  10. Peter king is saying this. Webb is going to be the best QB in this draft and that is not saying much.
  11. Which is higher then both Cook and Fournette
  12. Can't be, petty won't be on the team.
  13. I read somewhere they are not going to have falcons do that.
  14. @Pats Thursday night opener.
  15. Well buttercup, guess you are done watching because this guy is getting drafted in the first two rounds, sorry for your luck.