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  1. Are you speaking of your president??
  2. Everyone disagrees. Just so you know.
  3. Take a breath blackout, your sounding nuts
  4. He was so close to playing center for the Bucs to...
  5. Everything tastes better on a cracker. Just saying
  6. How are all those good seat available? I thought they were all valuable PSL's? Guess an awful lot of them got turned back in
  7. Lmfao. You people. If a guy got attacted like that with witnesses on April second he would have been arrested long before now.
  8. Who the heck wrote this? Man, a lot of nobodies seem to get their stuff posted here.
  9. Please stop with the stupid ass decker was a cancer.
  10. Yea, and all girls will act like ladies at all time. Cause this is 1955.
  11. Much. Shows your judgement is suspect if you think Geno is better then anyone.
  12. I don't. All three are better then Geno.
  13. Not sure if you realize that Geno was possible the worst QB the jets have ever had. Dude sucked something fierce.