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  1. Name the pick

    His 5 star chef father never taught him to cook.
  2. Name the pick

    I would be pretty happy with this.
  3. Name the pick

    Time to put yourself out there. Name the Jets pick. Not what you want it to be! What it will be. I am saying Josh Doctson, WR, TCU Bonus pick, 2nd round is Christian Hackenberg
  4. McShay said the same thing, might not go in 1st round. Its getting thick.
  5. Myles Jack Sliding?

    Please dear God let the Raiders take Jack. Anyone remembera guy named Robertson? How did that pick end up??
  6. Trade down?

    The player we got sucked compared to the players we could have taken in the 1st round.
  7. Leonard "Pink" Floyd

    He is a NYS registered sex offender piece of crap.
  8. Myles Jack Sliding?

    Gonna be bone on bone. Pass. As many teams will.
  9. Cardale Jones

    Jones was 25. That's not above average. It is 7 points higher then lynch. Jones sounds like an idiot when he talks. Has nothing to do with the color of his skin.
  10. Cardale Jones

    No, they did not. Winston was never compared to Geno.
  11. Cardale Jones

    Geno 2.0
  12. Somebody's getting fired!

    Which two was that? Greg Schiano drafted him, started him after three games and played him the rest of the year. Lovie replaced him with Josh McCown, then drafted Winston. Then Lovie got fired.
  13. You completely wrong 1. RG3 was testing the waters and trying to scare Fitz, it did not work 2. No idea what Hoyer was asking for. If he asked for $15 mil a year do you think the Jets should have paid it?? 3. They have chose to not pay Fitz his asking price, nether has anyone else. 4. No other team has thought it a good idea to give a 1st or 2nd for Glennon why should the Jets? 5. Same answer as #4 You are looking at the off season in a vacuum, it does not work. The Jets have been rumored to be doing all they can to find a QB not named Geno but they won't Over pay in terms of picks or salary. I for one am very happy with what they are doing. Fitz will be back at $10 to $11 mil and there will be a QB drafted. Geno will then be cut.
  14. Kiper's "Grade A" Jets picks

    Posters are going to be so mad when Macc picks Cook with the 20th pick. Its going to be epic.
  15. Eagles Trade Up to #2

    I tried to tell everyone, four to five QB's going in the first round. Lynch will be gone at seven or eight and cook before 20.