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  1. No they did not. Go back and read the threads.
  2. Hope he sits, lazy pos. Worst contract since Sanchez.
  3. Of course it does, but could a third round back be doing just as good?
  4. Because of the qb they drafted..
  5. What year do you think it is? You do not draft RB in first round big cat was best prospect in the draft and is a great player. His mistake was not trading Wilk and saving that $ and getting some picks. No team wins anymore with a good running game and a defense that stops the run. It's a passing league and that's what matters. Please try to remember with the Revis and Harris contracts, the Jets had to spend the $ that year. They HAD to spend $$
  6. Here come all the Geno fans, they will be making excuses for days. He sucks, just like Fitz.
  7. And there is the Geno we know. Fitz sucks moose balls balls and the only one dressed is freakin Geno. That better change next week.
  8. Jets win in a walk. 28 - 12. Palmer does not make it out of the first quarter. Chan decides it a good idea to throw the ball to Forte.
  9. Great, another team that will kick our ass.
  10. This is why I can not understand why Geno is still on this team. It's stunting the growth of the two young qbs by taking away there reps. There is no good reason to still have him on this team.
  11. Would be fine with this.
  12. Dude, everyone is pissed but no reason to crap on everything. Pryor played well last year.
  13. Someone please tell me why Pryor is back to being a covering safety?? His first year he sucked at playing FS and having to cover. He played great last year playing true SS. So this year Bowles the dumbass has him back playing like a CB / FS cover guy ? Wtf.
  14. Where did you hear or see this?
  15. You do know Mac did not hire Bowles right??