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  1. 14 posts in two pages by jw. This thread has has been joewillied!!!!!!
  2. Chan is going to hang it up after this season. You watch, he will not be able to handle working for Bowles. New system for the kids next year. Them and the vet that is brought in and who will play over them. If i was Macc I would cut Fitz, then ask Bowles "what are you going to do now"
  3. There is no way in gods green earth that Revis will leave one cent behind when he hangs um up. He will force the Jets to cut him and get his six million.
  4. Great. Yet another game that a young qb got zero experance.
  5. Pick 6 time
  6. We are going to get beat by 20
  7. Some day a mod is going to make this a better place by banning you, I hope it's sooner then later.
  8. Boy you must be pissed now!
  9. Well now I give a crap!
  10. Some great responses. Sounds like most posters agree, product sucks until Petty starts.
  11. About watching the Jets? i just cant seem to give a crap, QB sucks something terrible, three top Defensive players don't seem to give a sh*t. Team is out of contention and the sh*tty coach won't play young kids. Anyone else?
  12. And you said Mo was worth giving big money to and he sucks so wth do you know.
  13. They are going to have to let him rip it at some point.
  14. Wow, how does a racist topic not get locked? Does the op really believe this racist crap?