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  1. I was going to start this very thread. Yes I would draft him. Might be the best all around RB in the draft. Might even take him in second round.
  2. You said all that to just say you don't like Hack? Yet another who has absolutely no idea if Hack is any good and is making statements about it.
  3. You really don't have to go to every single topic and bang this drum. They are not drafting a qb so deal with it.
  4. The nyj are not drafting a qb in the first few rounds. I don't see how people don't see this. No qb in this draft is worth it.
  5. This player?? 😗
  6. This is even better then what I said about osweiler. Sign him cheap and let him battle with the kids. Loser gets cut, winner starts and other is back up. He could be a player, but many here will say he sucks cause he has not played a lot.
  7. Well Elway tried to give him pretty big money to be his QB so I think I will trust him more then you. Now if he can't beat out Hack or petty then he gets cut. That's why the low contract. Where do you get that multiple QB needy teams gave up a litjust to get rid of him? Cleveland only wanted to get the second round pick. Look, my way you gave a real competition and no real cap hit to cutting the loser. If the winner does not show enough getting the entire year then it's known that it's time to find a qb. It's time to finally find out, but we need another arm for camp so why not make it one that can compete and also can be cut
  8. So even if every QB in the draft sucks we have to take one anyway? Good thinking there...
  9. Macc won't be drafting a qb at 6. Perfect situation is that we sign Osweiller for like 2 mil, since he is getting 16 from Cleveland it don't matter what he gets from us. He Hack and Petty fight it out and loser gets cut, winner starts.
  10. This is great news, now we know what the suspension is and it can be planned for. Glad it's only two games.
  11. I have to disagree. More then one source has said they think he is the best qb in the draft. It sounds like he loves the game and lives to study and do what it takes. Plus the fact that he was voted capt in two different teams said a lot. Yes it does help he has the size and arm strength that you look for.
  12. 6'5" with a rocket arm who is smart and loves to watch tape? Quick release and has been a capt at two different schools? Sign me up.
  13. 12 mil would make him the 2nd highest paid ilb in the NFL. So no
  14. Lmao @having to pay someone to take Richardsons contract.