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  1. So just so we are clear, you want to give up the cap space because Regis was good years ago?
  2. It's cap space, no one cares about woody money
  3. This is not even close to being true. All it means is they believe he will appear at all the times he needs to appear. Has zero to do with the charges. Where do people get this crap from. These are very serious charges as for the 6 mil, your damn right they should go after it This guy has always been about him self and never the Jets if he such great jet how about he retires and let's the Jets save the 6 mil in cap room? Oh that's right, he will never walk away from a dime
  4. So felony charge should void his contract and save the Jets $8 mil in guaranteed money and 16 mil in cap space.
  5. Lmao at the folks that want Geno back. One if the worst mistakes this team has ever made.
  6. No it's not. You play Richardson at DE all season and he will make the pro bowl. You play Romo and he will not make the end of the season. Simple as you don't trade young pro bowl players for old injured players that have not finished a season in years. You just hate richardson and want him gone at any rate.
  7. THis is the dumbest thing I have read here for some time. Boy that's saying a lot.
  8. Hey jw12, how about giving it a rest? Everyone knows what you think of Bowles.
  9. He sucks and he is an ass hole. Better chance he is out of football next year then has a starting job
  10. I like the system he came out of. But that's all I know
  11. So 18 and 20 tds are good stats? And I am the one that does not know what he is talking about? Oh that's right, weapons. He would be better if he had weapons!! just because he does not turn it over does not make him good.
  12. Show me the season he had great stats? Guy has never thrown more the 20 tds in a season. Guy has never thrown for 3100 yards in a season. Fitz sucks and he had a 31 td year in 2015. Now you tell me why you think he is so great??
  13. Since you quoted me from a few weeks ago I should answer. My angst at the idea of TT is that he ducks, not his skin color. I was trying to figure out why anyone would be pushing to get him since he sucks.
  14. No difference for the Jets but big difference for the player, he gets his money when roster bonus used and not over 17 weeks. Unless i I am missing something