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  1. I do not think they are cutting Geno. If they have any thought of cutting Geno then they have to give petty the very important reps against the Giants. Its not a one game tryout for Geno, he is the #2 and will start the season that way. Petty and Hack won't be getting any practice reps all season. It's such a waste.
  2. Funny thing is your just like my 17 yo daughter, you did not get it when I started that thread and you don't get it now. I can tell you the board has been much better lately and mostly it's from mods removing some posters. It's also because others don't post 100 times a day. No one wants to read a board where a poster posts that much No matter what their position.
  3. Geno is not getting cut or traded, and it makes zero sense but it is what it is. He will be the #2 all year and Petty and Hack will not get the reps that are so valuable to young QB's. How are you supposed to develop young QB's if they can't get any reps? Starting to wonder about Bowles
  4. I have thought all along that Geno would get cut and I think he should, but it's not going to happen. If bowles is going to decide if Geno is cut by his play in the 2nd half of the snoopy bowl then he is an idiot. He should know by now if any QB is getting cut, and if Geno was getting cut then the valuable reps would be going to Petty. Its one thing to keep a calm influence over the team and bring a good attitude but a completely different thing to manage who plays when and where. His game day managing was suspect last year but he was a rookie coach. For his sake I hope he is correct.
  5. sustained success is what we want. No one year but year after year and that's what I thing is being built.
  6. Holy crap this story is a ton of work to justify not just cutting Geno. Seems much easier to me.
  7. Shocking the Jets did not want your crazy ass near the team good for them
  8. What's with the "he has experience " crap so what you mean is someone who sucks at there job is always better then someone who has not done the job yet? That's some real smart thinking right there. If someone sucks at their job you replace them. Most times with someone who has not done the job but has potential. Geno should not get any reps against the Giants. I do agree he should not be cut till the final 53 just in case both Fitz and Petty get hurt.
  9. Lmao @ the posters now saying we can't cut Geno because Hack is not ready to be the number three. The number three is never active on game day.
  10. I don't understand anyone saying we should keep Geno, petty has shown he can handle playing while live bullets are flying. That's all we need to see. He might not have been playing against starters but he was playing against guys that were playing for there football lives, and he lit it up
  11. But but, he looked so good in shorts in OTA's !!
  12. Nobody cares about Geno smith ether...
  13. I wanted us to sign him when he came for a visit. Will be fun to keep an eye on this season.
  14. Lmao