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  1. You think Macc is doing this to get fans fighting with each other? lmfao You need to lay off the crack pipe
  2. No one here has compared Fitz to any top notch QB's. Slow down, just because someone compared there strength of schedules last year does not mean they were comparing QB's. Also Fitz stats last year were far better then any Geno has ever put up. Everyone that wants Fitz just wants a steady average QB because that is much better then Geno smith.
  3. I think you are correct in saying there is not a lot of hate for Fitz and that fans just want a higher ceiling. I also agree there is tons of hate for Geno, but that's because fans have seen them both play. Geno was terrible. but I know, weaponz and coaching and his brain hurt and all the other excuses.
  4. Please show everyone the proof you have of this being true. Please show us your credentials that allow you to be in 31 teams meetings so we can see how you know no team even entertained an offer. Just stop making things up. Thank god Fitz will be signed this week and that can be the end of all this making stuff up crap.
  5. Milliner will be the starting CB this year.
  6. Top three defense, top three WR group. Hof running back. If who ever the QB is just does not suck this team will win a lot of games. Problem is Geno sucks. His turn overs will loose this team games.
  7. No. It must have been all Fitz fault. All of Geno's crappy play was never his fault but anything that went bad in a game Fitz started is all his fault. Duh
  8. I ment if Fitz signs and Geno does not play this year. I do understand what you are saying. My point is also Geno won't want to sign a new contract if he sits behind Fitz in 2016.
  9. Let me ask you this, if Fitz signs and Geno does not play this year do you think he would sign a contract with the Jets? Do you think they pay him the price of a tag, or just let him go?
  10. They are not going to sign Geno to a new contract and the are not going to use any tag on him so he won't be here. They can sign any number of vet QB's to back up Hack. As long as Hack learns and grows in the system he will be the starter in 2017, with or without Fitz being signed. Thats why they took him in the 2nd round. He is not a project like Petty, he is going to be the man next year.
  11. More recent then your boy Geno playing well in a pro system.
  12. Well the Jets want Fitz to be the starting QB in 2016. If Fitz signs Geno won't be a Jet in 2017
  13. Dear god where do you come up with this stuff? Hack played and played very well in a very hard pro system at 18. Geno has never played that well in college or the pros. I get the Geno nuts don't want to hear it but the Jets want Fitz and they want Fitz to start. Then they want Hack to start in 2017. That's why 12 mil for 2016 and 6 mil for 2017. Start in 16 and back up in 17. Geno gone after 16.