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  1. I think you posted this in the wrong thread. This is a thread about Decker.
  2. They had seven sacks in the game they played a "pocket QB" and just two when they played against more "running QB" Its design to not have pass rushers go up the A gaps and push the Running QBs out of the pocket where they can hurt us. Lack of out side pass rusher hurts in these games. When playing the Pocket QB they sent Blitzer's and stunts up the A gap and had a lot of success. I wonder what they doe Sun with a running but hurt QB.
  3. How about throwing the ball to your HOF running back who is the best pass catching RB in the NFL?? How about we try that?
  4. Did Ryan Fitzpatrick play well against the Buffalo Bills on September 15th 2016? You said last four games not us, so what is it? Ether you made it up when you said last four games or you don't think he played well against Buffalo.
  5. So now you are saying the Buffalo game was not in the last four games??
  6. "The Jets just don't have bad QB play. The past 4 games QB play has been horrible. This season, there has been no real rushing game as we feature no TE and now no FB. To go along with a 30 year old RB who has been very effective. A running game can usually bail out a bad QB. Fitz though has been terrible." This is what you made up, its just not true.
  7. I don't disagree with this but you don't have to make stuff up to get your agenda out there. I so wish people would stick to facts or state when something is there opinion.
  8. OMG, we could have fleeced the Saints for good picks and not have drafted Vernon???? This is the kind of mistake that sets you back, also the kind that NE never misses.
  9. and here is where everyone can see you just have an agenda. Fitz SUCKED against KC! He was great against Buffalo. Plenty of stuff you can say about the way Fitz played against Buffalo last year and KC this tear, you don't have to make stuff up.
  10. Stop using things like facts, they just get in the way.
  11. Well that's just not true. Scott Chandler with the Buffalo Bills in 2011. He appeared in 14 games, registering 38 receptions for 389 yards and tying a team record for a tight end with 6 receiving touchdowns in a season. 2012, he played in 15 games, posting 43 receptions for 571 yards and 6 touchdowns. So I guess Chan does have a few plays....
  12. Well great about CJ, we really could use a pass catching RB...
  13. Why they would put Pryor on Kelice single Coverage is beyond me. It's not like there is not a years worth of tape to look at showing he can't do it.