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  1. Omg. How did he stay out of prison from the gun charge?     Oh thats right, he was not charged, why you ask?   Because No crime was committed.   He is not getting suspended.  But unlike Mo he will be playing for the jets in 2016
  2. Not possible to debate someone that's delusional.  
  3. Mo is not even close to the most important player on the team.   Shocking anyone thinks that.    If Mo has a crap game team can easily still win.   If QB, Lt, C, WR or CB have a crap game then team loses.  That's what most important player on team means. 
  4. No, we should pay Mo what ever he wants because kepp our players blah, blah, blah.  Duh, this is just like baseball, we can pay what every we like.  If you don't like that then you are a du du head...
  5. I have been reading and thinking we all might be on the same page.   Gato, I would love to hear the numbers of a contract that the Jets could give to Mo that you would be ok with.  Meaning, whats the highest per year and total guaranteed before you think its too much.   There must be a top even for you.  So what is it?  maybe most of us would be ok with it.
  6. Wow, glad no one had a break down over this topic.....
  7. so please tell us what you think a fair contract is for Mo?   
  8. if he is as good as you say teams will be lining up to have a bidding war.     Dude, he is not close to the player you make him out to be, that's the point.    Look, 11 mil a year for five years with 30 mil guaranteed and we keep him.   Amy more then that get the 1st and 3rd and move on. 
  9. Twice in a decade player should get us three 1st round picks!!     
  10. Please show us where its imaginary demands when we say Mo wants it but in the same breath you can say Snacks wants 8 mil.   I will say if Mo demands were equal to his play then he would be signed.   I say once again, if Mo is so good then we should take the two 1st round picks we can get for him.
  11. no one said restructure anyone, you keep saying that.  Brick knows he is over paid and I believe he will take a pay cut.      Mo is not the best player on the DL 1st of all, and he is no way worth 16 mil.  I think the TEAM is better with the cap room and picks instead of Mo.    No one said anything about pushing Revis out, you are just making that up.  With that said you also don't move any of his $$ so you have to keep him.     In another thread you pretty much stated people were too stupid to see how good Mo is.  Well the people that get paid to judge how good he is can see it    Tell me this, if Mo is so great then we will get multiple 1st round picks for him right?    
  12. no one said extend anyone.   Pay cut is what Brick will be taking.      We we will disagree on Mo, I think the Jets are a better team with Sheldon Snacks Williams on the D line with an additional 1st and 3rd round picks.   Then have the money for a new Rt and the OLB we all know this team needs.  
  13. they can only resign one and I would rather have snacks and the picks they can get with trading Mo then just Mo.    Also cutting Cro makes the team better as he can be replaced and the $ saved can be used to sign a player that can help. 
  14. Ahh.  No.     If Revis slips he can be cut after 2017 with no money left in the books and if he still playing well it's pay as you go.   No way do you mess that up.    Plenty of cap space will show up with cro cut, brick redone and mo traded.