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  1. Where in the Washington post artical does it say what round Hack should have been drafted? You really used an artical from a no one at the Washington post that never says anything about what round the writer was predicting Hack would be drafted. Look, Hack most likely will suck balls. I just hate when posters just make crap up. Like you are doing. I am not defending Hack I am defending Macc.
  2. Just stop making stuff up Hack may suck but no one had him as a late round pick or a UDFA. Don't just regurgitate the one article come up with a draft prediction that he should not have been drafted Please post articals where someone that is at least a little known says what you just claimed.
  3. Jets Might Lose Their Official Website

    I thought JetNation.com was the jets official web site...
  4. One postive thought from OAK

    When winters went down it looked worse. With that said I think the unit played pretty good considering.
  5. Biggest challenge for young Jets players is the coach who only likes to play vets.
  6. Mayfield & Jackson QB Article

    This might be one of the dumbest things I have seen in here, and that's saying a lot. The top two qbs are going to be absolute studs and you are hoping we don't get one of them? Just stop
  7. How can anyone still defend Macagnan?

    So you would rather we blew a bunch of cap room and traded away some draft picks so we could be good enough to win 7-8 games and look "respectable". Then once again miss out on good qb's in next years draft? You are the problem bro, you and all fans like you.
  8. Holy, really changing the pass catchers.
  9. Macc trades Hack for a 4th this place would be a standing ovation.
  10. Well that's the question. I believe Chris came in and said enough of the old guy crap. Play the kids and see what there is. If nothing draft a web next year.
  11. Biggest reason? We keep hiring defensive coaches when the NFL has changed all the rules to favor the offense. Plain and simple.
  12. Look, it's not a bad thing if McCown starts the first couple games. Hack better start the Jags game. Other wise its its all bull sh*t.
  13. Why is the terrible oline excuse good for Petty but not acceptable for Hack at Penn St??
  14. QB Practice In Context

    You were calling all the QB's crappy and you know it. So fine, you hate the team and the coach, do we have to hear about it non stop? i get some people are not pleased with the team and the players and the coach, does not mean it has to harped on here. it dies not have to be all sunshine and lolly pops but also not all doom and gloom.
  15. QB Practice In Context

    Why is it every single thing you post is sh*tting on this team? Why the heck do you follow a team you hate so much?
  16. Promote fine

    Promotefine.com killing my iPhone. Can't do anything on the site as I keep getting redirected. I doubt it's on purpose from JetNation.com. Can it be stopped?
  17. Promote fine

    Working good now. Btw I did not tag @Maxman because I knew he was at TC and did not want to bother till it was over, but I had to go to work.
  18. Stop letting facts get in the way of a good trashing.
  19. Jets just torpedoed the PSL resale market

    These have been out for awhile. Nothing new here.
  20. It was addressed but he is a QB that played well and sucked with a coach change
  21. The Odd Man Out: Matt Forte

    Lmao. You should try watching games so you will know what happened.
  22. TC starts this week!!!! Get PSYCHED

    Wtf is wrong with you? You just called for a Jets player to get hurt? i swear some people should just put down the key board.
  23. The Odd Man Out: Matt Forte

    You are in so far over your head you can't see anything. He was pulled on third down constantly. He was ran up the middle over and over and over again. Chans offense was terrible for a pass catching RB. 43 attempts is three a game, that's terrible for a RB that was one of the best in the game at it. So again I say you are wrong.