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  1. Funny. So scummy, but funny. Irony: I just spent the entire day playing Pokemon while you were playing mafia. However, the new gym and raid system is awesome and my son and I had an absolute blast. PKGO FTMFW. Raquel Welch. Undefeated to this day.
  2. Calm down bruh. It's a long wait till next Wednesday.
  3. Nevrmind. You're an idiot.
  4. What was ping number one?
  5. Wow, look at the JC vote - that doesn't stick out at all. Heh
  6. I try to elevate the thread with talk of honor and bravery. Then it plummets back down to fapping. And that's why we're famous in the mafia world. This calls for a toast.
  7. Look at Nol gettin' all salty! Aaaannd you ruined it. Oh well.
  8. Well that's not tremendously helpful for the younger gens. The idea is that each generation passes along what they've learned to the next so that progress can be made and mistakes can be avoided.
  9. I was going to say sticky, but yours is probably the way to go.
  10. Yeah, WWII had the numbers - at that time, there wasn't anyone that wasn't involved one way or another. And I think that the goal was easier to grasp. Korea and Vietnam were murky, the Gulf War was a confirmation and Afghanistan and since have been their own sort of murky. WWII vets fought Hitler and Japan and our ideas of freedom and democracy were in stark contrast to what we fought against. Once the clarity of those things slips away, it's easier for confusion to proliferate.
  11. You're the youngest, so I'm wondering what your experience has been, specifically in light of folks not wanting to discuss wars - I'm not saying they babbled on and on about it when I was younger, but it was important to a great many of them that we (collectively) knew what had happened. What happened for you?
  12. What's your experience with it?
  13. On a for-reals note, I think it has a lot to do with the younger gens not having a grandfather tell them about being in WWII. A few of them have relatives that fought since, but not the majority, and the comparrison isn't quite the same. if you grew up in the 70's, you knew about it and it was a defining influence. It's crazy how fast history wears off.