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  1. Merry Christmas to my favorite Mafia buddies!! (and the rest of you idiots as well <3)
  2. Oh hey... congrats to Dan and Jvor!! Please post pictures when the little one gets here. or at least give us stats and let us know momma and baby are doing good.
  3. I couldn't find things to fit you guys better if I actually tried.
  4. Jif, Pac, and Ape are scum. Game over.
  5. And aren't you married CTM?
  6. I don't know what you mean. Dude what? LOL! I don't think you need to worry about that. Everyone I've even been interested more or less hates me and the feeling is mutual. Also I don't block people. Even people I hate. Oh, and I was also trying to tell you she wasn't 20 like she said but 47.... Fun times.
  7. In other news, Nolder, I had a dream about you lol!! I had found out I knew you outside of JN (or dm) because you were the on again off again boyfriend of someone I used to be friends with but now hated... when you found out who I was you wanted to side with the gf even though she was the sh*tty person, not me. I was trying to get you to not block me so we could still play mafia lol.
  8. Yuck Jetnation... change it back. :\
  9. AVM! How goes it my friend?
  10. ^^^^ but I see your name?
  11. Lol... you know I'll always love ya! You are my first love.
  12. I'm mad at you.... you ignored my message. I'm SMC's woman now.
  13. Don't worry I played worse... not right on any "gut" feeling I had except for Lizzie being town.
  14. Are you two going to argue until next mafia season?