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  1. Good. Then you can be in my alt game and still get blind lynched day one.
  2. Want me to post signups again for the alt game?
  3. Hi everyone. Everybody having a good weekend?
  4. I hope everything's okay with him. I miss him.
  5. Just yanking your chain. I see it worked. As it happens, I play Pokemon Go.
  6. Some people stay 13. lol
  7. I bet she could.
  8. That's over an hour from me. I live in Apache Junction, which is the far East end of the Valley.
  9. It would have been nice to meet you. Maybe some other time.
  10. Congrats, Nyn!
  11. I feel the same way, Leelou. I'm modding this one, whenever it happens, and then probably taking a good long break.
  12. Yeah. That's what I was thinking.
  13. Okay. Y'all let me know when you want that alt game. It's all ready to go.
  14. Do we want another game right now?
  15. Sorry for your loss and your crappy cousin, Leelou. My family situation is going to last at least a week. I need to either put off the game or cancel it altogether. Whatever you guys want to do.