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  1. I bet the coke came before the poor choices. Chicken and egg situation?
  2. If my job was to try to motivate guys to protect Jay Cutler, I'd probably shoot heroin in my eye at halftime
  3. Back in junior high some of the moron kids used to think it was funny/cool to snort pixie sticks on the bus. I can't believe I did that. I mean, what idiots those other kids were.
  4. Hacken-buried?

    Ok that's fair!
  5. To be fair, he didn't specify if it was a team meeting. It may have been a Narco Anon meeting.
  6. When's the last time they had a good one to practice against
  7. Jets vs pats

    This is not a good match for jets, who lose whenever the opponent score more than 20. Pats will almost certainly do that. And even with the Pats D reeling, don't see Jets hanging. But it will still be a pleasure to root for the Jets!
  8. Jets vs pats

    I hope. Would be much more convenient to watch from Singapore.
  9. Over 2,000 Posts Today

    quantity over quality?
  10. Hacken-buried?

    Same thought experiment I explained with Geno: If Miami drafted Hack in the 2nd, would we be worried he would develop or mocking their idiocy?
  11. Hacken-buried?

    Yeah the Geno and Sanchez excuse factories are still operating in some quarters
  12. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Predictably, Jets messed up the tank. This is why you always root for wins at the beginning of the season. Maybe in week 14 you can start rooting against "meaningless wins."