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  1. Even after the fact you still have it wrong. He didn't lose. He will get signed for some small amount above the original offer. Nothing has changed except there are even less options for the Jets than before. No Lynch means Fitz returns. Book it.
  2. Both sides took a risk. Welcome to life.
  3. Only reason not an F is because you can't fault an organization from taking shots at the most important position. But we already have an inaccurate passer with a big arm on the roster, Geno Smith. Now we got two of the same guy.
  4. Just typical negotiating. Fitz signs next week
  5. Sometimes I wonder if most people on this board never negotiated in their life
  6. Lot of teams are going to regret passing on Jack
  7. They are not linked in the sense you think I'm trying to argue. All I'm saying is if he is there AND Jets pass, I believe Fitz is a done deal. But again, Lynch (a) won't be there and (b) if he is by some miracle, Jets aren't passing under any circumstance. So really this is at base a semantic argument, the type of which is greatly satisfying to sports fans everywhere
  8. Obsessed much? Sad, really. Just accept that I'm the one that got away and let it go. It's been years. Move on, brah.
  9. Totally agree there. But if he is there and they don't take a shot with him it means Fitz is locked up. They probably take him in any case, however. I agree with you there.
  10. You don't even want to understand. You just prefer knocking down strawmen. Enjoy.