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  1. Happy birthday, Maxman

    Rats guess I won't be winning the death pool again this year But Happy BD anyway Max!
  2. Caption this photo.

    "Why I outta..." "Ooo wise guy eh?" "Soitenly!"
  3. I'm still in shock

    Most rookies have potential. He's more like a washed up bum.
  4. I'm still in shock

    Geno sucked with Decker and Marshall. He just sucks. Hack couldn't even be exposed to garbage time snaps. He is a trainwreck of epic proportions.
  5. I'm still in shock

    Exactly you're naming good QBs that make WRs better. That's what good QBs do. Thank you. There is no garbage QB whose position is safe due to an elite WR. I guess you could *maybe* argue Dalton. So add Cam Newton to the above and it's 6-1 for my position.
  6. I'm still in shock

    QBs make the talent around them better more often than the other way around.
  7. Time to Suck for Sam

    In a way, Hack's year will be a success as he achieves our mission objective.
  8. Someone should call in a welfare check on @Jet Nut.
  9. One thing that should be forbidden from ever being questioned is the patience of Jets fans.
  10. I'm still in shock

    Until he is paired with pro bowl players all along the line, in backfield, and on the outside, how can we judge him? Geno-syndrome.
  11. I'm still in shock

    bruce ellington would be our #1. Somebody messed up big time
  12. Same could be said about any of the horrid teams.
  13. I can see it now... HC Jim Harbaugh will have us at 8-1 and a virtual lock for home field advantage and then *WHAM* strike-shortened season.