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  1. "My guys fitz"

    They have not given up. It's an organized retreat to the "We Overpaid to Re-Sign Fitz" defensive line.
  2. hell to the yes. guy is supremely gifted, let's see if a change of scenery can get him back on track
  3. If you don't franchise him you get nothing for him. They need to use the tag to lock him up barring a deal beforehand. Downside is you get him for 16 mill one year. Which isn't that bad. 99 percent chance he is tagged. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. maybe, maybe not. players willing to take less per year for security. most likely scenario is that he is tagged to give jets more time to figure out what to do. one year deals are never backbreakers.
  5. one year deals never killed a team. what kills a team is money in outyears where you end up paying a guy money for not being on the team anymore. one year deal cannot create cap hell, by definition. franchise him, then decide whether to do a deal. worst case you get him close enough to market value for a year.
  6. One year deal never killed anyone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. i want to keep both but sometimes if the sides are far apart only the market can resolve the situation
  8. call it an internship, pay them nothing, problem solved
  9. his career highlight was chasing after justin bieber for speeding through the neighborhood in his lambo
  10. wow having the guy who has hosted more oscars than anyone would definitely increase our star power
  11. QB Dropback Question

    when you do the backpedal you aren't going to fool anyone into thinking it's a rushing play
  12. when pats win: it was a fix. when pats lose: the fix failed. is there any scenario that would convince you games are not fixed?