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  1. shots were fired from inside the car. a true coward. rot in prison then in hell Mr Gasser
  2. after the soccer team plane crash and this news about Joe, wow a rough week. hope he's resting comfortably up there. a true lightning bolt on the football field and it seemed like a great guy off the field. senseless tragedy.
  3. Kellen Clemens, Erik Ainge, Mark Sanchez, Greg McElroy, Geno Smith, Tajh Boyd, Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg f***ing brutal
  4. with the # 5 pick in the 2017 NFL draft the New York Jets select Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, Clemson University we passed on Kevin White last year, jury is still out on him. the jury will not be out on this guy. #1 WR with insane upside. 6'3, 220, 4.45 speed. B Marsh only has 1 year left on his contract and will be 33 when season starts. Decker will be 30 with 2 years left. Enunwa more of a TE/red-zone guy to me. Deshaun Watson overthrows 1 in 5 passes. seriously inaccurate and turns it over a lot. poor mans Mariota. pass. CB or pass rusher otherwise. J Peppers/Adoree Jackson/Tim Williams/Reuben Foster Fournette or Dalvin Cook - meh
  5. it was my last post, lol sorry. checked out for a while. lesson: never trust the Jaguars my theory on Bortles: his smoking hot girlfriend dumped him and he is a complete mess since then. and Gus Bradley still having a job is the icing on the cake. PS did we start the Lamar Jackson to the Jets in 2017 campaign yet?!?
  8. funny I heard that interview on the radio earlier this week... hard worker, feels for him because he was labelled a bust, coming back strong from injuries, etc. just rolled my eyes and changed the channel. the ol' looks like Tarzan plays like Jane (if he is ever even on the field that is) good riddance
  9. every Wayne Chrebet catch in the MNF Miracle game. such a beast: Shonn Greene sleeping in the end zone is a good one too Off field: Bart Scott interview with Sal Pal Lets go get a *** damned snack
  10. disagree with the overall B+. Hackenburg was the worst pick of the draft and pretty much ruined my Friday. NOTHING on his film or in his evaluations leads me to believe he will succeed in the NFL. no accuracy, no leadership, plus I have heard through the grapevine that he loves smoking the weed. Cardale, Dak, Cook I thought were all better options early, with Vernon Adams or Brandon Allen my late round sleepers. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2016/04/08/draft-why-pff-doesnt-have-a-draftable-grade-on-christian-hackenberg/ trading a 4th for Shell seemed odd as well. Peake seemed to have some off-field stuff, but could be a steal. and I do love the new LB core. C+ draft.
  11. back to back first round Leonard's would be the way to go. too bad he'll be long gone.
  12. nice post Tony. Paxton will be a first rounder. this league is desperate for QB's. wouldn't be a huge shock if we take him at 20 to me. but I hope we don't. OLB or OL is my wish at that spot, followed by CB with you on Vernon. select him in the 4th or 5th, would be really intriguing. no Cook, no Hack, no Hogan please
  13. I hate this so much. did no one learn from the RG3 trade? you don't mortgage your draft future like this for one guy
  14. has to be fake?
  15. damn. truth hurts sometimes. feels like an 8-8 year/just a mediocre football team. lol Porzingis!!!