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  1. Wilson has shown flashes of talent when he’s healthy, he just hasn’t been healthy very often. He finished last season on injured reserve after breaking his left foot again. He averaged 16.6 and 17.8 yards per catch the last two seasons. But that was while playing a total of 14 games and catching 37 passes. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/06/20/former-bears-wideout-marquess-wilson-signing-with-jets/
  2. carson palmer is pretty good. how many schools have had multiple good QB's in the NFL?
  3. and not having their own stadium has nothing to do with this
  4. wow who would of thunk it. a guy getting better as he gets more reps. hopefully he keeps improving and can get the job from Day 1
  5. Palmer was on his way to be being the best QB in the league and maybe a championship that year if he did not get hurt in the playoffs. he did make a good comeback and become a very good QB again but i agree he could of been an all time great if not for the injuries
  6. i agree it's Mac's fault and he should go if Bowles goes. i disagree with you saying he has coaching skills. what has he shown in these 2 years that makes you say that?
  7. I know this has probably been talked about before but just seeing those numbers makes its hard to believe. CSN New England's Tom Curran gets the sense the Patriots may have to eventually force Tom Brady's hand and make him retire or trade him. Brady's deal runs through 2019 at cheap salaries of $1 million in 2017 and $14 million in 2018-19. While Brady continues to be the best player in the sport, the Patriots continue to sit on Jimmy Garoppolo, refusing to trade him as it seems they're preparing for him to eventually replace Brady. But as Curran puts it, "the quarterback position in New England will have to be pried from [Brady's] cold, dead hand." Brady has said he has zero plans to retire anytime soon, while his father said a couple years back that Brady would play until he's 70. That would put the ball in the Patriots' court. If it happens, it will surely be messy. Coach Bill Belichick may be the only one with the stones to do it. Related: Jimmy Garoppolo Source: CSN New England
  8. our new playbook. hopefully the other team does not pick the right defense to stop these
  9. same height and weight as Zach Thomas so we got that going for us
  10. possible we miss out on all. Bills and Cleveland have 2 1st round picks and the 49ers will be worse than us and possibly the bears, rams and jags we need to have 2-4 wins to get 1st or 2nd pick and you know we will probably not do that
  11. if Hackenberg or Petty can't beat out McCown it means they suck. But history says McCown wont last so one will be starting sometime soon into the season. if this is the case they will probably only win 3-4 games and hopefully have the 1 or 2 pick
  12. combined we have 5 super bowl titles too. domination by both of us
  13. we are getting Sam next year no fear http://fansided.com/2017/05/01/2018-nfl-mock-draft-sam-darnold-josh-rosen/
  14. you got to be f*cking kidding me. they are clueless. occupy florham park till they are fired