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  1. jets can't even suck right.
  2. Jets practice 08/17

    they are all just standing around. typical jets
  3. 8/16 camp tweets

    Jalin Marshall stinks, just get rid of him
  4. he will be suspended for drugs shortly
  5. Jets Camp 8-4

    jets offense song this year
  6. at first i thought this was a pic of our LB core
  7. jets are not a lock for the 1st pick (very close though) so maybe we get lucky either way (get 1st pick and he comes out or don't get 1st pick and he stays). (i was laughing as I wrote "maybe we get lucky")
  8. Wilson has shown flashes of talent when he’s healthy, he just hasn’t been healthy very often. He finished last season on injured reserve after breaking his left foot again. He averaged 16.6 and 17.8 yards per catch the last two seasons. But that was while playing a total of 14 games and catching 37 passes. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/06/20/former-bears-wideout-marquess-wilson-signing-with-jets/

    carson palmer is pretty good. how many schools have had multiple good QB's in the NFL?
  10. and not having their own stadium has nothing to do with this
  11. wow who would of thunk it. a guy getting better as he gets more reps. hopefully he keeps improving and can get the job from Day 1