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  1. Exactly......especially the last part.
  2. I think Marshall has caused more fumbles than anyone on defense in the past 2 seasons.
  3. I'll never understand how our DL sucks when all 3 (wilk , sheldon, leo) are playing, and better with one out. Doesn't help with sheldon out of position at lb of course, but you would think we should get more pressure with all 3, not less.
  4. Max, do you know if they will still do the contest with a low entry count? I will sign up, but wanted to make sure it would still be valid.
  5. Geno does throw a better looking interception, so we have that. Geno is Geno...I'd like to see what Petty has if he's ready.
  6. Looks like it was a pretty solid halftime speech......"we're gonna come out and run it up the middle for no gain twice, and throw it short of the sticks on 3rd and long."
  7. Horrible news. He was a great guy and such an inspiration. RIP
  8. Is there an app in the play store for android? I didn't see anything come up when I searched.
  9. Maybe Marshall should play CB too.....best pass defense all year.
  10. My FF strategy of maxing out my lineups with Steelers players is working pretty well so far..that and plenty of beer will make this one a little easier to stomach.
  11. Chan.....we are not running outside on them. Fkn stop...