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  1. A TO on 3rd and 22? Really?
  2. You were actually watching this game without drinking? You're brave....
  3. The Dolphins pass defense looks horrible. There have been 5 or 6 plays where our receivers are open by 4 or 5 yards. And their offense doesnt look much better. They just might out suck the Jets. Might be tough to lose today.
  4. JetNation FanDuel League

    Im in for a weekly league.
  5. Adams is a great player and was the BPA for them, but I agree with most here. A guy like Howard later in first round with 2-3 extra picks provides more value to the Jets right now than Adams. Even if Adams is great, they have too many holes in the roster, so how much impact can he really have in the next couple of years? Kind of like having the best CB in the NFL for years and still not winning (outside of 2009/10). Just not a position that can change a game. All we can do is hope an impact player on offense is there at #39 tonight. Personally im hoping for Cook.....as an FSU fan, I have seen every game he played there, and I believe the guy will be a game changer. The media put out some of the off the field stuff that hurt his stock, but that was all early in college. The light seemed to have come on for him and he was model teammate/ player off the field his last 2 seasons.
  6. I'm no Vince Lombardi , but I can see why the Jets have never developed a qb. Petty came out successful and confident with a 50 yd pass and 99yd td drive.....they haven't let him throw more than 10yds since . (Outside of the Anderson pass he did miss). They gave up at the end of the half, and handcuffed him the entire 2nd half. How does a young qb develop or keep his confidence ? he can play in this league if he finds and team that will let him.
  7. This game basically looks like 2 chicken sh*t coaches that are afraid to lose......if either had a set of balls off them, their team would be up by multiple scores.
  8. If someone stole Gaileys headset and let petty draw plass in the dirt in the huddle, the Jets would be up by 14+......wtf?
  9. Are there even urinals at met life, cuz I swear our whole coaching staff pees sitting down . The season is over, let the damn kid play. welcome to the 2016 Jets......play not to lose!
  10. If D Smith can come back, we can actually have two speed guys and a qb with and arm. With Marshall, dek, enunwa on inside on 5 rec sets, or q as te? Could be fun
  11. Geno will never play for the Jets again

    Exactly......especially the last part.
  12. I think Marshall has caused more fumbles than anyone on defense in the past 2 seasons.