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  1. TheESPN Jets reporter Dick-lick Cimini contributed to this report. This is priceless.....
  2. I believe that O'Dell Beckham's Mom is his manager too.
  3. Prayers to you and your wife Max. Bets of luck with the surgery, and hope to see a positive outcome!
  4. Good interview, and I think I figured out why Macc likes him so much....I counted 4 or 5 "at the end of the day" comments from Hackenberg. ...we know that's Macc's favorite saying. Seems like a good kid....I'm still not a fan of the pick in the 2nd round though. Hope I'm wrong. ...
  5. Mo is good, but Miller is a game changer. Trade Mo and pick (s ) for Miller? Both guys should be tagged and still could be traded, right? Not sure of the contract difference and if it would be worth it for Denver. He's the kind of player we have been missing for years....more of wish, then realistic I'm sure.
  6. Brown has a concussion too. Without him and a healthy Rothlesberger, I don't see them winning in Denver.
  7. It may be time to use Revis like NE did.....double the number one receiver and put Revis on the number two. He just doesn't shut down good young receivers like he used to. Sucks getting old.....
  8. Let's hear it for the play-offs!!!!
  9. Cute dog. ...I actually like Martin. You can never go wrong naming him after Curtis.
  10. The prize pool is down to $2905, so they did reduce it to make some profit from us. I guess we cant complain too much though...it beats having it opened up and having to score 150+ just to hit the money. Id rather take my chances for a top 50+ with a reasonable score.
  11. Max, I watched this week and they opened it up about 7 min before the games started. It would be great if we could somehow have a certain number of us enter 25 teams to fill the 500, then cancel most of them a few min before 1. That would be a good way to stick it to them for opening it and not getting back to you. I'm sure it would be hard to coordinate though. If they do ever get back to you, I guess the only option is to reduce it to 250 entries and adjust the payouts. Seems like we can hit that number if we know it's not opened up.
  12. The number to place this week is like 141 right now....crazy. I have one of my 3 at 143, so I'm sure ill get bumped tonight. It's pretty bad when the public game I'm in from the FD lobby has 600+ entries and the score to place is where it should be...around 120 ish. Sucks they are screwing up a great league that Max has worked so hard to set up for us. Besides the Jets losing, this FD week really made for a crappy Sunday. Didn't even watch the 4 pm's or night game.
  13. I think we would have filled 300 plus if it had not been opened the week before. That bumped up the winning scores near 200...I know I had 4 teams of 130-150 and didn't get a top 100 spot that week. I cut back last week....got lucky and hit on all 3 entries though. (Two with scores less than the prior week). Seems like they don't give us two weeks in a row to build confidence that it won't be opened, which ends up decreasing our JN entries. Just my. 02. This week seems like a trap for sure. Lol
  14. We should have a new ST coach by morning. No excuse....
  15. Feel the same....I usually enter a min of 5 teams a week, but because of this, I just entered 2 this week. I'm way ahead for the season so far, but 50 entries from two FD trolls takes away from the fun. Yes straightcash....you are a fd troll and have no business being here. You joined the site to get the link every week....don't act like you have any interest in being here for any other reason.