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  1. TampaJet added a post in a topic JetNation \ FanDuel League Week Three   

    It's pretty obvious when some of the top guys are fanduel rats and Minnesota and Buffalo fans.....pretty shady. Fanduel just lost a loyal customer. 
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  2. TampaJet added a post in a topic JetNation \ FanDuel League Week Three   

    Something seemed fishy about this week....110 points before the 4 pm game doesnt even get you in the top 100.   Fanduel  had to open it up last minute.  Its a shame too, because this league was great last year and the first 2 weeks.  Now its not much different than most contests in the lobby.
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  3. TampaJet added a post in a topic FanDuel - Week One JetNation League   

    Glad to see this back this year. Thanks for setting it up!
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  4. TampaJet added a post in a topic At least we'll never be THIS bad...   

    This reporter used to cover my HS Baseball team 20+ years ago, well before moving up to professional sports.  He has always been a little sarcastic and looking for a headline...kind of like a poor mans version of Cimini, but no where near as much of an A** Hole.
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  5. TampaJet added a post in a topic Jameis Winston Perfect Fit For Jets   

    Where did everyone go? Unlike any Jets QB who throws 3 ints in the first qtr, at least he led two 90 plus yard td drives to put his team up by 11 with another drive to go before half time.
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  6. TampaJet added a post in a topic ****OFFICIAL JETS V STEELERS GAME THREAD YINZ****   

    I did the same....and Bell. Fkn Jets always find a way to screw their fans. Hoping for a big comeback in the second half to keep us in the top 3 at least...ive been drinking for hours to deal with having to root for the Pittsburg and the rapist, and the Jets decide to show up today?
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  7. TampaJet added a post in a topic Sunday Ticket without Direct TV   

    We get the Red Zone channel with the NFL network from Brighthouse down here, so I go with the $199 option and hook my tablet up to one of my tv's. I was going to try the PS3 option this year, but I didnt think it was worth the extra $.....if they gave you the tablet/pc option with the gaming device it would be worth it, but its one or the other. For what they charge, you should have the option to watch on anything. Cant wait until DTV contract is over.
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  8. TampaJet added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Sunday Ticket without Direct TV
    Im not sure if there was an annual thread posted awhile back, but I just wanted to post this for anyone that was trying to register for a Sunday Ticket online account without having Direct TV. If you can find an address of an apt or condo that qualifies, you can purchase a pre paid debit card (I got mine from walgreens for $2.95, plus the balance you choose to load), and register the card with whatever address you need for to qualify. I was denied for my home, but my parents condo was approved. I was going to use one of their cards that match their home address, but it was the Sunday Ticket guy that gave me the heads up about using a pre paid card. I just registered and im good to go.
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  9. TampaJet added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Anyone hear anything about
    Powell being injured? Ivory was solid, but i dont remember seeing Powell on the field at all in the second half.
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  10. TampaJet added a post in a topic CharlotteFan Club   

    Good to hear some local Jets fans will be there.  I saw some tix in sec 108 in the $110 range...seemed reasonable and seemed like a decent section.  I did get some info from the fan club guys, so ill probably look into the tailgate as well. It was kind of a quick thought this afternoon, but now I think its closer to a sure thing.  I went to the Miami and Jax games last year, so I  figured I need to at least see one game this year.....and Miami fans are the worst so the extra drive may be worth it!
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  11. TampaJet added a topic in New York Jets Tailgating & Road Trips   

    CharlotteFan Club
    Are there any members of the Charlotte fan club on here?  I could not find an email contact on the website.
    Im considering taking a road trip for the Dec 15th game and wanted some advice on tickets/sections. Id prefer to sit with some jets fans of course. Im looking at staying at the Residence Inn on S Mint which looks to be close to the stadium and the Jets tailgate on 3rd /mint.   Any advice is appreciated.
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  12. TampaJet added a post in a topic ****The OFFICIAL NY Jets @ Cincinnati Bengals Gameday Thread****   

    Jussssstme..try this link, it working for me here.

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  13. TampaJet added a post in a topic What is your most prized jets related possession ?   

    I have a Jets helmet with most of the 1988 team signatures. When I was a kid, my dad took me to training camp at Hofstra one summer. It was a cool memory to have it signed in person.. Gastineau, Klecko, McNeil, Obrien, Lyons, Shuler, ect. One thing I remember was Gastineau coming out of the locker room with his signature mullet, and grabbing two hot blondes, one on each arm as he walked over to where the fans were standing. That guy was my idol that day....
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  14. TampaJet added a post in a topic Jets @ Jaguars 2012 road trip   

    I was planning on going to this game.....look forward to getting the details.
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  15. TampaJet added a post in a topic ****The Official Gameday Thread: New York Jets vs. Jacksonville Jaguars****   

    POS Hunter just got Sanchez drilled...again.
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