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  1. Good to see Revis smiling with the other team though....**** that guy.
  2. Alex Smith has made a living out of not doing much and letting the other team beat themselves. KC can't be too happy with their offense....they most likely lose this game against any of the other 30 teams today....that don't have Fitz.
  3. Anyone play the KC defense today? They have to be close to 30 at least.
  4. And he got it.....way to go Fitz. That's a special kind of suck!
  5. I don't think I've ever seen a qb throw 4 passes in a row that should have been picked....then then throw one
  6. Bowles calling to....trying to get Fitz that 5th int.
  7. This is worse than getting blown out.......
  8. Calling plays like we have 2 qtrs left...
  9. Reid doing what he usually does and let's us hang around....so frustrating we have done nothing with opportunities
  10. Does Revis even give a sh*t anymore? What a half ass effort on that play....I've never seen an elite player decline so quickly
  11. As horrible as this game has been, a td there makes it a game....to have a chance after a would be kc td, and to throw a pick in the EZ, is a giant kick in the nuts.
  12. I was a fan of bringing fitz back, but this sh*t is old....it's time for Petty to play if he's healthy. That's just unacceptable. 2 horrible passes and decisions in a row.