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  1. I dont "hate" many things in life and it is generally reserved for all things patriots. @Integrity28 I am thinking about taking the next step and actually dating this girl who is a pats fan. you are married to one. my brother who is a Giants fan said I am crazy for even considering taking it beyond sex. you are married to a Pats fan, what say you? [slaps self for asking monkey for dating advice]
  2. this thread has turned into the airing of grievances, next up, feats of strength.
  3. yeah, now that i look at it, he isnt fanning the flames after an embarrassing loss he didnt contribute to. carry on
  4. add to that the "lips sealed" emoji and I think i got the gist of what he was (not) saying, then again, maybe he just got dumped by his gf. who knows
  5. immature and just a stupid thing to post. if my company had a terrible quarter and I played the i told you so card, id be looking for a new company.
  6. yeah... i am ready to drink...
  7. Kelce looked like Gronk out there...
  8. This place would have to be considered a graveyard with all the necro'd posts if we traded for Glennon. my head might explode, if it happened today, I have no doubt it would explode after the way yesterdays game went and us picking up ASJ, Glennon would complete the trifecta of shockers lol
  9. with or without the 4 year old
  10. Pryor seemed to be missing a lot yesterday but overall, the defense didnt give up too many points. that clock gaf of KC at the end of the half should have been some points.
  11. Have you ever seen Water boy by adam sandler? I have a feeling that Winkler plays little bill.
  12. Hopefully the jets have a handler for him.
  13. I'm so glad I read this at home
  14. this whole thread is full of win but this post takes it!!!