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  1. Bryce Petty: odd man out if Fitz returns?

    those f'en druids ruined his career...
  2. Bryce Petty: odd man out if Fitz returns?

    Geno or Fitz will be on the squad this year imo. Petty doesnt even figure into the equation. The same reason we kept Geno, (cheap money, emergency QB) is the same reason we keep Petty the next 2 years, not just this year. If Petty blows the coaches away in practice/preseason, he has upward potential, otherwise he is #2 or #3 as a cheap developmental QB aka 4th rd qb.
  3. Sanchez in his 'rari

    Amazed that it looks like Sanchez will start the season for the defending SB champs!!! Thought that may have been lost on the board. Dude has nine lives, see if he can make this season count. I think he will still have that dumb look mesmerized by the replay of his sh*tty play on the jumbotron as he walks off the field.
  4. For Those Still Crying About Lee

    Goes with everything that Mac's philosophy is about. Get faster, draft a LB to keep the pipeline fresh for his 3-4 defense.
  5. This is a day of happiness! (repeats those words in his head)
  6. Reuters mock, I'll take it.

    double decker!!! *snicker*
  7. Bryce Petty must really stink

    Mac motivating Petty
  8. Jets #1 Draft Pick: Pre-Complaint Thread

    Nice thread mang! Anything but DL, please and thank you.
  9. Team Checks In For OTA's

    it moved a little
  10. La Canfora Tweets

    I am not writing off Smith(Devon on course) or Amaro. I think they show up this year
  11. Possible Mo Trade Scenario

    rotation of linemen for other excellent linemen is a luxury. We could fill needs/build for the future and after all the DL FAs we already scooped up this offseason, we would be just fine imo.
  12. Possible Mo Trade Scenario

    noone is JJ Watt but if you look at Tennessee, they have a QB to build around on offense, they really need someone to build the defense around. Mo can def fill that role and then some. The guy is a leader, produces and is a pillar in the community. They would be lucky to draft that or they can go with the sure thing and pay for it. They have the means just like we did last year for Revis. this one will cost them a couple early picks as well, nothing drastic, a couple 2nd rounders would do and they would still own a 2nd rounder. Win/Win imo.
  13. Possible Mo Trade Scenario

    What do you think the trade will go down as? 2 twos and a three? honestly, if the titans do that, they get a sure fire end out of the draft and still have a pick in each round.
  14. Tennessee now has stockpiled picks with their recent trade with the rams. I believe they have a first rounder, 3 second rounders and 2 third rounders and plenty of cap space. How many of those picks do they Jets get for mo in a possible trade? I'd be ecstatic with their first 2 picks of the second round for Mo. What say you?
  15. Muhammad Wilkerson Windy City Bound?

    Easy sally, I wasnt addressing the raiders situation, I was addressing the situation in general. no need to ramble off your all star line up that won how many games last year?