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  1. haha, first comment on that youtube clip is great
  2. @T0mShane I may just scream this moments before kick off of our football season. "RAINS OF M@THERF£CKING CASTAMERE HERE WE GO"
  3. legit lol
  4. lol this almost happened
  5. Yeah, i tried to edit it. rewatching the first season so Rob is not so much an afterthought to me at the moment.
  6. Ugh that show was so dark yet i couldnt stop watching it. 2nd season was just as dark and left my stomach in ropes. not sure which season i liked better.
  7. Yup, that is so GoT style. Some relatively new character steps in and whoops up on established characters like he was their dad(or dad's brother). Part of what I like about it. At least this time they gave you some history of that character. With this series it isnt surprising to have someone step into a huge moment in one episode and not learn who he is until the next episode. I havent read the books so I have a couple of go to people with my questions. I was sure that Jon and Khallissi would wind up ruling all as king and queen until i was informed that Rob is her nephew. Not sure if that will prevent them from getting together but bran knows so if Jon knew he may not be on board with it.
  8. That Stahl contract tho... 8 more seasons of dead money if they cut him?
  9. What about Petty?
  10. Theon has no dick lol I thought Reek was bound to resurface and had to rewind a couple of times and watch how he bailed overboard when the ax was to his sisters throat. That form as he jumped overboard was ******* hysterical, like a true gimp that he is. In real life, Theon's sister is a popular british pop singer, so there is that. On a separate note, loved the cameo of "Billy" from Black Sails in the episode as lord tully's right hand man. love me some black sails.
  11. With knowing that there are only so many hours of this show left, i was legit pissed that they took all of 10 mins for a soft porn scene including a guy with no dick... Other than that, this second episode kicked mucho ass. Loved Rob grabbing little finger by the throat even more violently than Ned did in season 1 but Ned did it in front of little fingers own business in public.
  12. there are only like 11 episodes left. rumor is that there will be spin offs after that and one of those spin offs will be the timeline before the current show picks up so it would be about the mad king and the rebellion etc.
  13. I worry that McCown with start the season. Everything he has said this offseason is that it is his position to win.... That being said, would love for Petty to start the season with Hack as the number 2 with McCown as the adult in the QB room. Would also be okay with Hack tearing it up this TC and Petty being 2nd. Great question, cant wait for camp to open up on FRIDAY!!!!! YESSSSSS MOFOS, A FEW MORE DAYS!!!!!
  14. some dood got mouthy with him as he was driving through a project so he pulled over, slapped the glasses off his face, stomped on said glasses and threw the guys bottle into a lake.