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  1. maybe if we didnt neglect the defense in the draft... oh...wait...
  2. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    nice, was def one of my favorite shows of all time. Glad to hear they are keeping it going throughout their tour!
  3. Adams played 75 snaps but only 19 at safety.

    I disagree, a 2nd round pick is not peanuts. I think it was a good trade and the WR we got back is an extremely nice throw in.
  4. Celebrity Big Brother coming in 2018

    Has to be better than "Paul's Big Brother" as this season has been... Worst season that i have seen imo...
  5. maybe we can trade mo for demario davis? oh... wait... how bout trade him for Jeremy Kerly? ****!!! I give up ladfjohwregae'gasdf
  6. Positives/Negatives From Todays Game

    I can understand DD being out of position on many plays. he just got here a couple weeks ago?
  7. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    Rode the storm out in Tampa. didnt lose power or water although i am lucky as quite a few people i know are without power and water. All and all, feeling very fortunate. Hope everyone else is well.
  8. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    it is a man made city. most of the canals are man made as well. has more canals than venice italy.
  9. Chiefs vs Cheats

    fun game to watch, so glad football is back. didnt notice harris out there for NE but i was distracted for most of the game.
  10. Die Hard Jets Fans

    the true reason behind Max's new "tail gate" vehicle.
  11. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    yeah, i didnt want to be argumentative with @JOJOTOWNSELL since it is pretty jacked up with how miami was underwater. I think that was more of a flash flood as i was reading the article and the water drained fairly quickly but it was deep for a bit. When i lived in south florida we would have nasty summer storms and it would be flooded for an hour and then it was right back to drained and being humid AF. Part of the reason i moved up near tampa, feels a good 10 degrees cooler than south florida and still have the palm trees and beaches. I still stand by by statement that there is no comparison with N.O.
  12. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    thats a sh*tty situation right there... My mom lived 3 blocks off of miami beach when she was 10 and got hit hard by a hurricane but after it passed she walked down to the beach with the family so... why i thought that they could handle it.
  13. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    Miami is built for it imo. N.O. not so much being under sea level...
  14. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    i didnt mean to sound like an expert, just have some experience being in florida since 87 save for 2 years i moved back to LI. there was a time when we would get a keg instead of gallons of water and the only thing that would scare me would be if Jim Cantore was broadcasting from out front my place. Now I can see the value in having water on hand and keeping my cell phone charged.