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  1. misquoted you, sorry bout that.
  2. I think he is handling them, he just has to handle them quicker and faster. Reports were he was lifting mangold off the ground in drills. Im not worried about this kid.
  3. IDK, what I hear about him, smarts wise, I doubt he could or would learn multiple positions. Rex dumped him, that says a lot!!!
  4. hard to believe this dude played DB a few years ago... for FSU no less
  5. ^^^^Cimini ESPN
  6. FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Who's the backup? Will Geno Smith get cut? Is Bryce Petty for real? Why isn't Christian Hackenberg playing? Everybody is so preoccupied with these quarterback-related questions surrounding the New York Jets (yes, I'm guilty of it, too) that we've ignored the main storyline, the most important purpose of the preseason: Preparing the starting quarterback for the regular season. Let's not forget, Ryan Fitzpatrick hasn't played a lot of football over the past few months. He missed the offseason (see: contract dispute) and played only 22 snaps in the first two preseason games. Even though that's not an unusually low number, compared to other starters, it's time to rev the engine and get into regular-season mode. The Jets will go as far as Fitzpatrick takes them, so let's put aside the secondary quarterback matters and focus on No. 1. Clearly, the starting offense has a ways to go. It generated exactly zero points in three possessions last Friday night against the Washington Redskins. If the objective was to keep it vanilla and lull future opponents into a false sense of confidence, Fitzpatrick & Co. succeeded. "It wasn’t as pretty as we would have liked it to be," said Fitzpatrick, who has attempted only 13 passes [seven completions] in the preseason. "The good thing is, we still have a little bit of time to iron some things out. The bad thing is, we didn’t play as crisp or as clean as maybe we should have. It was a nice measuring stick for us. We’ve still got some work to do, obviously, and we have to continue to get better every day." There's no reason to panic, of course. The preseason is relatively meaningless, especially the first two games. You also have to consider the personnel. The Jets have a seasoned group of players on offense, and they know how to pace themselves through the drudgery of a training camp. One of those players, Matt Forte (hamstring), still hasn't appeared in a game. It's hard to evaluate the offense without Forte, a key piece in the puzzle. After using the first two games for player-evaluation purposes, the Jets will change gears this week for the New York Giants. The starters probably will play into the second half, and there could be a cameo appearance by Forte, whose practice load has increased in recent days. "It’s a little bit more of a dress rehearsal in terms of what we want to do and be during the regular season," Fitzpatrick said. "We know we’re going to get more time out there, so we’d like to get into a better rhythm and get some first downs, get some drives going and just put some points on the board. Same thing with the no injuries: You don’t want them in the preseason. And some touchdowns and no turnovers, that would be awesome."
  7. i thought this was clever lol
  8. right? if the bills cut him...
  9. O.O ^^^my shocked face
  10. Mullet boy did have a shot since Mangini did trade for him and was his guy for a full year before Holmgen got there. So for you to say that he never got a shot is ummm false. on a side not, its all good, Bolt's GF is okay with him partying with other girls.
  11. holy sh!t man... you interrupted my reading a story about Usain Bolt and a brazillian student for this???? The GM traded for him but the coach couldnt play him??? I'm still stuck on that part. To bring up anything else is a deflection of the obvious issue above.
  12. pray that your #1 goes down on a good day?
  13. lulza so the gm trades for a player the coach isnt allowed to play???? Did he trade for him because he liked his mullet???? Have you seen the list of starting QBs for the browns over the past couple decades??? *sorry for all the questions* /pours another glass of Kool Ade