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  1. Just missed you on the mets. I guess im an underdog type of guy. Growing up on LI in the early 80s it was the mets and isles that ruled the roost. These days i harbor no grudges against the other NY teams, been in FL too long I guess. I root for the bucs and bolts when they dont play the jets and rangers, respectively. Also, the rays won me over the way madden had them playing. He took a minor league roster and made them competitive. Still Yankees all the way, cant wait to enjoy a spring training game at Steinbrenner field.
  2. I think this kid is the next AP minus the switch
  3. *wonders if some of the people in this thread know they are being trolled*
  4. @Villain The Foe
  5. Check out Vince Young's Rose Bowl games and tell me he wasnt destined for greatness. IMO, he single handedly won those games.
  6. ^^^or Glennon because @Villain The Foe
  7. **** it, i am good with this unless mgmt feels that there is a cant miss prospect in this draft at QB.
  8. I'm sorry but you have to give Lee more than 1 year. LB isnt the easiest position to play especially with how complex offenses are scheming to trick you.
  9. Exactly what i was talking about, thanks.
  10. Jordan Palmer
  11. the only philosophy i know of outside of BPA for Mac is that he is dedicated to building a pipeline of LBs(ala Pitt). Look for him to draft at least one every year.
  12. I had a girl tell me last week that it should be called a blow-vacation instead of a blow-job. agree with your stance