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  1. ^ you are kidding yourself if you think that Peyton wasnt changing plays at the line going all omaha and sh!t on the Carolina defense.  Broncos offense was ineffective, yes, but I think it would have been more ineffective against Carolina with Osweiller at QB.  Carolina offense was ineffective as well, I wouldnt put it all on Cam?
  2. nice raise, I am sure he is happy
  3. Von Miller

    Denver just proved they can win with less than stellar QB play, not that I think that Peyton was terrible. If Osweiller walks any FA QB would like to work for Kubiak and have that D backing them up.  My $0.02
  4. Who Here Is Still Sticking To Their Guns

    I didnt see this thread going this way, I mean, he walked in with a book of matches but I didnt see this.
  5. Von Miller

    unless they go into full rebuild mode, which I dont think they need to with Osweiller, no way he goes anywhere. 2nd overall pick, SB MVP, bad ass dood stays a bronco.
  6. Dri Archer Signed

    Is this kids dad from the group De La Sol?
  7. I didnt think he was all world but i didnt think he was all that bad either.
  8. Cheerleaders are really underpaid, knew one in Tampa and I dont even think they paid her, she just got paid to do promotions.  Either way, they deserve reasonable pay, they practice a lot and are professionals.  My $0.02.
  9. Sheldon pleads guilty...

    hope Dennis is right...
  10. Sheldon pleads guilty...

    damn, should have denied that isht.... didnt see the lights yah know...
  11. Best Quote in an Article EVER!

    I saw one of those fat bastids star fishing on brady after a play, i was laughing then but that quote was hysterical!
  12. Do People Realize ...

    agree, he has more intangibles.  my brother played against culpepper in FL Div semis his senior year as a DL.  He said when he hit culpepper it was like hitting a telephone pole.
  13. I dont think it was about the money.  I remember the catch where he tore his hammy on the cut and still caught the ball.  was amazing! that being said I cant put him as an all time great Jets reciever, just someone who i think is a good person and will be cheering for him to get a ring. 
  14. Do People Realize ...

    Newton = Culpepper?