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  1. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic 2nd round curse ~ ~ ~   

    in my defense, the coolade was delicious
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  2. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Can Devin Smith be our Version of OBJ?   

    You been here 2 years, you know how it works
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  3. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic 2nd round curse ~ ~ ~   

    we had a good run for a while...
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  4. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic 2nd round curse ~ ~ ~   

    we should just trade our second round pick for multiple 4th round picks.  I think that was where the strength of our drafting success has come from(relatively speaking of course).
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  5. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic OL dept. ...can we squeeze another year out of aging unit ? ? ?   

    from your lips to Gods ears Bit, if they can stay healthy and cut down on penalties, I am not too worried in general.  Now with the DL of the Jills and Fish, it will really test this unit.
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  6. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Why not bring back Dustin Keller   

    Kyle "a man named" Brady
    But only if that other guy has indeed finished his jar of vasaline in the Target parking lot and the other guy hasnt gotten comfortable with his bionic knee.
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  7. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic OL dept. ...can we squeeze another year out of aging unit ? ? ?   

    I am very happy to have Carpenter as our LG.  Always wanted a bunch of 300lb hogs out there running opposing DLs down into submission during the 4th quarter and Carpenter is HUGE!!!!
    As for Colon, i think there was more of a worry of him staying healthy at his age and the way he plays the game.  Only worry besides that for Colon is penalties, he definately plays to the edge and sometimes gets flagged for stepping over that fine line.  Almost seems like once a game his number is called.  As far as play though, I love seeing Colon finish a block by pancaking a DL or LB, you know he gets off on that sh!t.
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  8. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Gailey Looks to Big-Hitting Enunwa in H-Back Role   

    Edited: NINJA^^^^^
    Didnt Aaron Hernandez play that position for the Pasts?  I think Hernandez may have been a little bit bigger and a lot slower.
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  9. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Amaro to IR...done for the season   

    Doubt it is coinsidence
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  10. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic This is good news right? (Romo and Rodgers only QBs to beat Fitzpatrick in YPP and TD %)   

    Ummm.... He was far from awful if you watched the Jets that season. He was great until his body broke down from the beatings he took. Then yes, while playing on one ankle and a separate bicept yeah...
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  11. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Camp Updates Monday 08/24   

    My thoughts exactly...
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  12. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Jets' Leonard Williams compared to Richard Seymour   

    From the NY POST yesterday.
    Quinton Coples smiles broadly, like the Cheshire Cat, every time he discusses his new role with the Jets. He has a twinkle in his eye and a “just wait” attitude.
    After being used more in coverage the past two seasons by former head coach Rex Ryan, the Jets outside linebacker said he expects to return to his pass-rushing roots this season.
    “It’s great. I think it’s a new opportunity to rush the passer, something I’m passionate about,” Coples said recently. “I’m pretty happy with the role I’ve got and the position I play on this defense.”
    Coples is so confident about the way he has been told he will be utilized in new head coach Todd Bowles’ system he predicted double-digit sacks.
    “Ten isn’t good enough,” he said with a cocky smile. “Got to keep going, the highest of the highest. Whatever number is possible.
    “Sky is the limit.”
    Coples emphasized he will do whatever is asked, and he did get exposed in coverage during Friday night’s preseason victory over the Falcons. He was beat on a short reception by running back Collin Mooney, who turned it into a 60-yard gain. Afterward, Bowles absolved Coples of blame, saying a miscommunication allowed Mooney to get free.
    “I still do cover,” Coples said. “I have a lot less responsibility of covering. We have a great secondary, so they don’t really need me as much — if at all.”
    After all, now that Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie and Buster Skrine have been added to the secondary, it could be one of the league’s best.
    Coples hasn’t been a bust since the Jets selected him in the first round (16th overall) of the 2012 draft out of North Carolina, but he hasn’t been a boom, either. He has failed to produce more than 6.5 sacks in a season. He has shown flashes, but has lacked consistency.
    He was ranked 39th among 46 of the league’s 3-4 outside linebackers by Pro Football Focus — 27th as a pass rusher, 17th in coverage, and 42nd against the run. Those numbers were somewhat down compared to his first year at outside linebacker, when PFF ranked him 31st overall, 38th as a pass rusher, 22nd in coverage and 18th against the run.
    But, it should be noted, Coples was used more in coverage last season because the Jets were so weak in the secondary. He was asked to line up outside and bump wide receivers.
    Shortly after the new staff was hired, Coples spoke with Bowles and defensive coordinator Kacy Rodgers. They both told him they planned to use him on the line of scrimmage much more.
    “I kind of missed that the past couple of years,” he said. “I was there for the team. It feels good to be back in a natural position that you’re good at.”
    Coples has a lot riding on this season, which could be his last with the Jets. If he doesn’t take a significant step forward, the team could cut him at no cost, and save the $7.8 million he is due on the final year of the fifth-year option in his rookie contract. The presence of impressive — yet raw — third-round pick Lorenzo Mauldin could make Coples expendable.
    Coples, however, said he isn’t thinking that far down the line.
    “I’ve just got to go out and do my job, be productive and help this team,” he said. “If I’m not helping the team win or getting to our goal, which is the Super Bowl, I’m defeating the purpose of everything.
    “I understand the business side. If that day comes [when the Jets don’t bring him back], you make the adjustments.”
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  13. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic fitz= worst qb maybe ever to start for a jets team   

    We had the worst starting QB in the league last year, his jaw got broken so now the back up is in.  All of 2 weeks(?) with the 1's.  Give it a minute, see what happens.
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  14. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic I am going to state the painfully obvious....   

    I think the painfully obvious is that we played vanilla offense and defense.  new systems on both sides of the ball, basic run and pass plays.  If, big IF anyone is slightly concerning it is Cro but watching him play a few years the guy seems to know when to turn it on, makes the big play when needed.  preseason seems like he is switched to OFF.  Looking forward to next preseason game to see if we incorporate more of the playbook.  Most of Atlantas 1st string Offense came on a nice full back wheel route and couples had decent coverage, just turned the wrong way at the end.  The fact that Couples was dropping into coverage would suggest that we are experimenting more, going for the win less.
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  15. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic What do you want to see in tonight's preseason game?   

    I heard that starters will play most of the first half today.
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