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  1. This thread gives me a sad
  2. you would love that wouldnt you...
  3. The main thing you refuse to acknowledge is that he didnt play great or even above avg when he filled in for Colon. he was the definition of a JAG that year. Maybe it was the move from the right side that took him time to get used to, idk. either way, you nor anyone else on this board was pounding the table to get this guy locked up long term coming up on the final year of his contract.
  4. I would keep him for $7.5M not like thats a lot of money for a #1 or #2. Need someone like him to hold other players accountable and he kept it in the lockerroom pretty well. We dont know what happened but if he ruffled some feathers during a sh*t season i dont view that as being a cancer. the whole lot of them should have been pissssed...
  5. He didnt technically hit free agency. I'll take it for what he got.
  6. i should have said it was too funny to ignore
  7. holy sh*t.... Please name names, this is too funny
  8. I posted there a few times years ago. good stuff, better stuff here
  9. did you have to look that up or was it committed to memory, just wondering.
  10. Grats to you too!!!
  11. you forgot the medical history of said CB, otherwise spot on....
  12. I felt the same way watching vince young back in the day. carry and will his team to wins over superior powerhouse teams. Watson def played with his hair on fire but the NFL is a totally different animal imo.