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  1. ahahahahaha
  2. I'd put Aqib Talib in before Revis at this point. Hurts me to say it as Revis was my all time favorite Jet pre-NE...
  3. that 3rd play was gut wrenching. that tackle seemed to pancake Sheldon with 1 hand.... sad to see the jets like this...
  4. GMs job to aquire talent and coachs job to get the most out of the talent. If there are holes in the roster, that is on the GM. That being said, asking for a championship roster in 2 or 3 years would be nothing short of remarkable.
  5. post game presser was more exciting than that sh*t show of a "game". Sounds like all the kids are going to play, not just petty. worth watching now imo.
  6. did you see our defense last night?
  7. anyone know how many reps petty got in practice this week? 70/30? 80/20?
  8. joewilly needs to talk to his neighbor
  9. true fans at the game tonight. no doubt
  10. i see i popped into this thread at the right time or has this been going on for pages?
  11. I like Miles. He has earned more snaps imo.
  12. our very own billy martin!!!