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  1. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Jets Steal OLB From Colts Practice Squad   

    Colts just called the police cuz they just been robbed!!!! GJ MAC!!!! here we go!!!!
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  2. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic is it time to swing the wrecking ball at the Jets' aging roster ? ? ?   

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  3. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Our Draft during the Rex Ryan era   

    hey hey hey.... at least with the draft they dont show pics from 10 years ago....
    GAWD, I hope so... sucks we will have to wait 4 years to find out....
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  4. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Simplify things for me   

    Just win, baby. the rest will sort itself out.
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  6. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Home From Houston with Thoughts   

    sorry you had to go to Texas to see that isht show... my take away was  a lot of dropped passes by our WRs... Decker should be tearing it up against #2 CBs asked to single cover him and when Fitz does go to him the ball bounces off his chest...
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  7. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Quinton Coples Waived   

    Seemed like a good dood.  too bad it didnt work out here for both him and the Jets having invested a 1st round pick.  That being said, i could see him being a solid player in a 4-3 for 6-7 years.  just my $0.02
    maybe the message has been sent that you arent going to loaf in our org.  I could see us cutting another big name small production player soon.
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  8. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Todd Bowles on Jets WR Devin Smith: Rookies need to grow up ~ ~ ~   

    Marshall built up enough goodwill during the 4-1 start to have a few off games, now if that continues... I was watching the game with my brother and boy oh boy, Marshall looked depressed on the sideline from the jump.  I was yelling at the tv telling him to get his head in the game but I guess it didnt work...
    As for Smith, he is a rookie who has missed a lot of time... The only good news that i can think of is that his bread and butter in college was catching long passes.  i think i saw an indepth look at his skills before the championship college game he played.  So, I am sure he hasnt forgotten how to catch a damn football, it is just a matter of getting over those rookie jittters.
    Not too much talk on these boards this week about Fitz noodle arm.  He missed a couple of throws but by and large, his receiving corp let him(and us) down. 
    Very dissappointed...
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  9. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic If you still think Manziel can't play in this league...   

    I dont think his play warrants this thread, figure in his off the field issues and....yeah...
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  10. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Pats fans: not mad   

    in all fairness, most of those threads were about the Pats...
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  11. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Considering The Lack Of Moves ..   

    The fact that it appears that Geno gets the start this weekend should make NYJUNC very happy.   Lets see what Geno has with a week of prep with these new weapons.  Go Jets!!!
    Oh and the fact that it is Fitzmagics non throwing hand makes me grateful he is not a hockey player... man the fvck up!!!
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  12. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic QBs we're linked to...   

    this would be great on so many levels
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  13. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Devin Smith isn't nice anymore   

    guess i am an optimist, hoping he is ready to eat and go all honeybadger on the field.  take what you wonts devin, noone is going to give it to you!
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  14. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic the real reason why the jets lost to the pats   

    We all know the real reason we lost:
    JN Captain...
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  15. whodeawhodat added a post in a topic Enjoyment   

    I was going to say that someone on this board was going to refuse to watch the Jets this season if Fitz was the starting QB, maybe it was you.
    I have a hard time believing that the plan was/is to go from a 4 win team last year to SB champs this year with new HC and Coords.  I realize we spent a ton of money (we had to by rule) but to say this is a win now team is a bit short sighted.
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