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  1. Great write up but.... it can easily be rebutted by a wise sage: "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth" ~Michael Gerard Tyson
  2. I agreed that he showed glimpses in his first 2 years here. sh*t... I pulled for him probably 2 too many years while he was here. By the time he left he was total sh*t.... And i say this because everywhere he has been since he left he has been total sh*t. Couldnt take advantage of winning competitions against sh*t qbs on every stop he has been since and judging by who beat him out in those stops... or winning the job to only lose it to sh*tty qbs. i again say he is sh*t...
  3. @SAR I How can you look at all the chances he has had since he was QB here, all the opportunities and still claim that this guy wasnt a product of a very good, defense, Oline and RBs here with the Jets. The only thing I can agree with you on was that there were a few glimpses early in career that he could be the man. I do remember a few game winning drives that gave me hope he could be that QB we had been looking for. Unfortunately those glimpses faded away and were replaced with dejected and confused looks as he walked off the field after throwing picks...
  4. This is my favorite quote: Intentional or not, the Jets didn't make observing Christian Hackenberg's first public throws since the 2016 preseason finale very easy. At the team's first organizes team activity of the year, Hackenberg worked on the far field away from the media. He threw primarily to scrub receivers, who were covered by scrub defenders. called a lot of players scrubs lol
  5. cancel the mini draft...
  6. So updates for OTAs is that there will be no updates?
  7. Petty, the forgotten man in our QB situation. Would like for him to start the season and have Hack as 2nd. McClown for the QB room and emergency. Whats the worst that could happen in that scenario?
  8. okay, I thought there was something about tending a player at a second round offer. maybe i am misremembering...
  9. sign this beast!!! oh...wait....
  10. is it possible to tender him at a 2nd round level? what would that cost be? I think he plays well in his contract year.
  11. Revis was total sh*t the last game vs buffalo in 2015.
  12. He is getting lawd knows how much for his supplement company that he put his friends name on that is in or next to the building plus whatever stacks of cash Kraft gives him, tax free. Great story about Artie Lange doing a gig for Kraft.
  13. Well... when people pick us to suck we usually do better than expected... I think Mo will be vastly improved from last year, still think it was physical from the injury more than mental due to losing although I can accept that he was frustrated with himself and the team causing his performance to dip even further toward the end of the year.
  14. you sir, just out monkeyed the monkey