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  1. So take out those 3 a$$beatings and we are an 8-5 team that still was outscored.... Listen, both these QBs arent worth arguing about. The original argument was who is the better stop gap (from the pro fitz group) and could Geno improve and have a possible future(pro geno group). It turns out we were ALL CORRECT!!!! the bad news is that we were correct about the other fvcking group.... Fitz=not such a good stop gap.. Geno= not so good, still...
  2. MNF

    oh, def not. it is nearly impossible to carry 4 qbs and have to use a rb as a qb but we were 1 hit away from it on sunday. amazing i tell ya walter
  3. MNF

  4. I think the selling point for me is Fitz saying that the GM, coach and guess who else lost faith in him. Why would he mention the owner? Does he talk to Woody or did someone tell him that?
  5. MNF

    Amazing(not in a good way). Also filed under amazing, we carry 4 qbs on our roster and yet when 1 qb goes down we are 1 hit from having our RB take over as Qb...
  6. The non contact injuries are usually worse than the contact ones.
  7. MNF

    Have to give their GM props too. Not many former players can make that transition.
  8. MNF

    We have new draft scouts now, our GM is a former scout. need to give them a chance to restock the cupboards with young talent. Young QB talent is the most rare.
  9. MNF

    The QB "situation" is in part on the Qbs imo. If Fitz doesnt forget how to throw a football and Geno ever learned to get rid of the ball and quit taking unnecessary hits we might not be up the creek right now.
  10. MNF

    At least we should have more insight into our QB position come the end of the season. Petty should get a ton of work this year in live action. We will still need a 3rd QB on our roster next year so how Petty does with these weaponz will be related to where, not so much if, we draft/trade or FA a QB for that 3 of 3 QB.
  11. Also with the Vikings, they were looking into trading for petty when Teddy ballgame went down, not Geno. That says something to me as well.
  12. MNF

    was just about to say that Rick Smith has been there forever and just re-upped to 2020. Paying their QB a couple more mill for a couple more years than we are. He cant be happy about that.
  13. MNF

    he is the quarterback whisperer
  14. MNF

    hopkins hasnt been having a good year. might have something to do with defenses respecting him with safety help though.
  15. I thought he would have to clear waivers.