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  1. meh, he was injured and not playing that game. he probably came back too early from the looks of his season last year.
  2. Well if the alarm clock doesn't go off, that is okay but if you are late because of a blizzard you get sent home. "In 2009, Belichick sent the quartet of Randy Moss, Adalius Thomas, Gary Guyton, and Derrick Burgess home after they were late to practice due to a snow storm. Thomas made the infamous "it's not the Jetsons" comment and almost got into a car accident due to the snow." oh, wrong coach.
  3. give him time, he might just be late. it happens...
  4. With B.Marshall's continued mentoring and adding OBJ into the mix, the sky is the limit!!! On another note, i wonder if B.Marshal has shown up at the manning residence with his overnight bag.
  5. dayum.... i wasnt even that late...
  6. You can lie to yourself all you want and say that it doesnt matter but you know it does. The same fans that were going to the home games in NY for the most part are taking the extra couple minutes to go to home games in NJ. I doubt the same can be said for past and future raider fans. How are you taking this? Do you live in/near oakland?
  7. oh? are we doing this????
  8. Got some laughs out of it. Irvin saying that people are throwing hail mary's around saying "save me" was pretty funny
  9. How M.Irvin can sit there while Steven A Smith can yell nonsense at him. Irvin is preaching when he can get a word in. Feel sorry for the guy but not really...
  10. every year QBs are taken that contribute to a team. Even years with "weak classes" of Qbs. The whole draft is little more than a scratch off lottery imo. If it was an exact science a team would exist that never misses on a pick. you play the percentages, estimate how skill sets will translate from college to the pros and cross your fingers that your guys can take their game to the next level.