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  1. Jalin Marshall Added to Practice Squad

    Nice, and he did not win a National Championship in college or get a sack in the NFL but he did have 21.5 sacks for the Buckeyes and benched 225 37 times at the combine to earn 21 million for 16 tackles for the Jets, don't think he heart was ever in it, took the money and ran, definition of draft bust some wait for their second contract to mail it in - Mo say hello
  2. Jalin Marshall Added to Practice Squad

    a far cry from the 2014 National Championship team, Devin Smith and Jalin Marshall were great for the Buckeyes, the potential was there just goes to show how fine the line is between success and failure in the NFL - long shot now but I hope they can both turn it around
  3. if Pepper Johnson was the scapegoat last year, what is the excuse this year? will kacy ever be held accountable?
  4. How does not starting Petty hurt the Jets?

    The OP is correct, there is no harm to the team if Petty and hack are not and never will be NFL QBs and the Jet actually draft a 1st round QB in 2018 Benefits to starting them; could see progress with game experience that helps the team keep one or both as developmental players/backups - maybe the franchise? other teams could see "something" and generate trade interest get fans excited if they show flashes of good better draft pick if they are bad Risks to starting them; could be just good enough to prevent Jets from drafting a QB high in the draft prove they are not worth anything in trade and demotivate the rest of the team motivate fans to fly banners (unknown backup QB is hope, bad backup QB is despair)
  5. stadium security or lack there of

    Good info on the NHL - interesting use of IP geocodes in ticket sales - great idea and swing away since it's far from a dead horse as long as Mac is GM with some of the Key, Fitzpatrick, James, Barley draft talk in the 2018 draft
  6. stadium security or lack there of

    good catch fixed
  7. For Those Who Want To Scout ...

    and Bowers beat the Wash St defense when Darnold could not
  8. For Those Who Want To Scout ...

    Falk beat Darold two weeks ago
  9. stadium security or lack there of

    I don't blame the PSL owners for investing tens of thousands of dollars in their team and technology has made it so much easier to travel to sporting events in the last 20 years that the new and old stadium experience cannot be compared For example, I would never blindly drive to another city to try to scalp tickets and find my way to the game but I have and will easily buy tickets online and book my hotel using google earth to map my walk or drive to the stadium, maybe even book a ride share At the end of the day the NFL and your team could fix all of these "issues" in three easy steps; Put a better product on the field - For example, if the Jets were really in contention for a playoff spot or Watson was starting for the Jets it would have been +90/10 Jets fans - look back at past games - mostly the same PSL owners - 10-15 year loan for those puppies Create a family section with no booze and good security - baseball does this and it works well (most mammals protect their young) Create an opposing fan section - this one is more difficult but you will always have road warriors and there are some of us that have no desire to fight with the home team, just want to enjoy the game - NCAA does this and it works most days
  10. The Board Just Got Very Funny

    Simple, it's a normal (dysfunctional) Jets fan family stuff, we can argue amongst ourselves as to what is best for the team but join together to strike with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy our team
  11. Time to bench Mo for the season

    laziness is contagious - even top performers are impacted by watching those who work to do nothing probably more of a reason to bench him - this behavior killed the team last year, and apparently still lingers - sad
  12. Thoughts

    More Thoughts; McCown will earn more money this year than any other in his career - about 20% of his career earnings in 1 year of Jets football, good for him Mo and Revis also making good money this year
  13. Should the Jets File a Protest?

    Vegas had this as the stone cold lock game of the week, Check the Pick'em stats - huge money on the pats* A protest filed with the NFL about the Refs - probably a waste of time and will result in retaliation at some point A protest filed about the NFL and gambling in sports? - shoeless Joe was innocent in comparison - make history
  14. For Those Who Want To Scout ...

    This is the team (Wash St) that beat Sam and USC two weeks ago - these are kids so performance will vary wildly but I think this game hurt both Falk and Darnold