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  1. Mac has a decent record on day 3 Petty, Harrison, Simon Burris, Shell, Edwards, Peake Some decent UDFA's as well Anderson, Marshall
  2. This is a great site with passionate fans, most of whom would have had a better draft on paper then we have seen from the Jet FO in the last 5 years and there are threads to discuss the pros and cons of each pick, even a draft forum for those who watch NCAA football, research prospects and develop their own opinions (I think we can all agree this is not science and there are no real experts, only opinions) Don't worry about those of us who think our team is falling into the abyss, we will all be cheering for the Jets on opening day, hope springs eternal for Jets fans thanks to a guarantee made ~48 years ago , in the meantime please allow for some sanity "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein
  3. well said
  4. Could have been... 1 - Adams - solid pick, would have preferred a trade down and we may regret passing on Hooker and/or Watson but Adams will start 2 - Cook or Tabor - shocking second round history continues for los Jets 3 - Elflein (or Goodwin if you really wanted a WR for Hack) Willis, Moreau (so much value and los Jets trade down) 3 - Butt or any other player left on day 3 but that extra 6th could be Brady
  5. He wanted to trade out of the heart (best value) of this draft or has lined up a job with the Vikings who improved their offense thanks to the Jets On the positive side some of Mac's best picks are in the later rounds
  6. and that is basically what is neeeded to save this draft
  7. Finished his high school career scoring 138 touchdowns as a QB and S (had to have safety experience and maybe a better QB then Hack but joins a group of very similar WR's) Good blocker but 11 drops in 2 years, not fast but runs east and west to avoid gaining years, does not look like he started a full season at Bama but the good news is we are helping a father of 2 who turns 24 in December - let's hope he gets a good signing bonus since I am not sure he makes the team and lets watch Jake Butt play TE for ten years for another team starting to sound like Tom Shane - hate this draft, ready to fire Mac and Bowles
  8. Nope, but I know the guy we passed on the 3rd round will play center for the Vikings for ten years
  9. and the perfect player at a position of need gets selected with that pick
  10. should have done that in the 2nd round, Elflein was the perfect pick for the Jets - Mac sucks
  11. Butt or Elflein should be the pick or another Safety
  12. Jets should have traded up for King or the Bama OT - getting screwed
  13. Jets second round pick, it does not matter, Mr. Irrelevant has a new name or we hit lightning in a bottle, time to move on
  14. Adams Family
  15. 49ers, Bills and Browns all did very well, Chicago shook up this draft with that crazy trade, seemed like Jets were in no mans land and picked the bast player on the board, Adams does seem like the real deal but a first next year would have been very nice Browns walked with 3 first round picks and have two first round picks next year - moneyball