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  1. Jets have more dead cap space than the highest-paid skill players - so many ways to define bad once they give Hack $140m it will be much better
  2. Sounds like Carr will get 25m per year, not sure how this can keep going, next will be 30m
  3. Harris will provide some great intel on Bowles and Ryan defenses, BB is a student of the game, also a douche, but sadly another good move by them Revis will be next, I will make sure to tel Direct TV, I cancelling my subscription because I am a Jets fan
  4. Yup, this will define the Woody ownership ERA, a few hundred million for a roof would have been a rounding error compared to having the Jets home in downtown Manhattan response edit since it might be true now
  5. The Jets are New York's #1 team, respected and feared by opponents
  6. I know most will get resigned but there is a long list of potential 2018 FA QB's; Garoppolo, Stafford, Carr, Cousins, Brees, Bradford, Bridgewater plus strong potential QB draft class - There is a chance the Jets have a plan
  7. Jets Rebel from the start, good read and godspeed Larry
  8. Florida fans have said that Tabor was the better than Maye so I think that should be the measure of success for the 2nd round pick, especially considering the need at CB and health history of Claiborne
  9. 1 - The test for Hack will be hitting targets on timing routes, reading defenses and pocket presence, he will not be judged on wins or completion percentage (similar to his draft position) so experience at WR is a moot point for Hack evaluation this year. 2 - Great news on Adams (and Williams), hope we are starting to see the new core players 3 - The increase in TE usage is expected (and easy compared to zero) - so that is good but not really news 4 - This is effectively a contract year for Mo and Sheldon and that could be interesting to see play out - there can be only one of them left on the Jets next year...
  10. I am tanking today for a better day next year
  11. I think we need an archive for all of these goodbye threads, could be interesting to see how they look over time, seems to be a few every year, new OP (sometimes), same story (most times, Vick was an exception), similar responses, support or GFY from the faithful some entertainment but feels like a remake of an old classic
  12. Not really, don't think many fans will watch McClown starts, but he will be injured soon based on history (or the "fireidzik crowd can hire Tanya Harding) Hack and Patty will provide plenty of entertainment
  13. Financially not possible for "real fans" to have a requirement to attend games, 60-90k fans could not support a franchise, the NFL is the NFL because of TV, the real fans watch TV (the ad's) - buy those products and buy Direct TV fact based answer - follow the money
  14. Yea, that was a decent pick up, Ivory was probably his best trade, Harvin did not work out don't remember too many other FA's - there were a few who did not make the season
  15. How many are left from the Idzik regime? 19 draft picks and ?? FA's Carpenter, Enunwa, Winters, Richardson, Dex and Doz on bubble