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  1. Best thing Bowes has done so far, I like the idea and give him credit for the wall
  2. OH GOD YES: Jets announce a "Jets Fan Hall of Fame."

    Agree on the "fan hall of fame", no good comes from that idea unless they admit tens of thousands of fans so they can share their story
  3. OH GOD YES: Jets announce a "Jets Fan Hall of Fame."

    Sandler, Greeny and Romano will lead the way if marketing has anything to do with it
  4. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    after the year vick had in philly, I actually thought he could have helped geno - but I could not have been more wrong - vick decided to take $5m and the year off, shame
  5. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    Yup, it looked like Bortles was going to make it too, then fell off a cliff, interceptions kill (as we know) 2014 turned out to be a cursed first round for QB's -Bortles, Johnny 8ball, and Bridgewater, looks like the sweet spot for QB was the 2nd with Carr and Garoppolo Idzik passed on Bridgewater, Carr and Garoppolo for slugger but still might have been better than Browns and Bills draft that year, ugly
  6. We can't be worse than the Jags, can we?

    The Jets signed the left tackle the Jags cut after he allowed 49 QB pressures last year so yes the Jets could be worse but they signed Idzik so that could even the score, we will find out on October 1st - suspense is unbearable both have scouts at USC so who will out tank who?
  7. The NFL better hope two new people are crafting/negotiating the new CBA or they can bring on the replacements, the NFL in it's current form will not come back from a major strike for many years - remember baseball after Aug. 12, 1994 - that had as much to due with the rise of the NFL as anything or anyone since
  8. How Invested Are You?

    On a scale of 1 - 10 I would say a 3 Similar to Rex's last year or two (basically the Idzik years - the rebuild idea and 12 picks the following year was getting exciting until draft day 2014) It jumped to about a 6 with the spending spree (Revis was back) and the 10-6 season, there was another feel good moment when Fitz and Mo were signed and then last season happened - Fitz was terrible, Revis gave up, the dline dogged it, Bowles lost the team and the roster purged the Jets back to an expansion team NCAA on Saturdays will be the focus, if the Jets youth have some fight I will watch games on Sundays if not I will catch highlights here and wait for the 2018 draft
  9. Around the league: Preseason week 1

    Giants defense looked good, offense not so much
  10. Thank you!!

    Agree and Nice work on the upgrade - funny how the default profile pic is close to the Logo
  11. Biggest thing to look for on Saturday night IMO

    Hookers and Blow helped Lawrence Taylor and Michael Irvin win Super Bowls, why not us, I am rooting for Sheldon
  12. How To Watch NFL Preseason Games

    They showed games on NFL Network last night
  13. Around the league: Preseason week 1

    Wow, Mitch Trubisky did look worth the trade up last night, I know it was only one game but 10 straight completions leading 3 scoring drives to start was exciting to see, in just over a half, Trubisky went 18-for-25 for 166 yards and one touchdown, finishing with a passer rating of 103. Everyone thought the Eagles were nuts (including me) "overloading" on 3 QB's, Rosen got back a nice haul in the trade with the Vikings and now look to have a Franchise QB in Wentz. Redskins traded the farm for RG3 and still drafted Cousins in the 4th round of that same draft and now the Bears, paid Glennon and traded the farm for Trubisky, looked good last night...
  14. The article is decent, especially good for womanish It's not a reach to believe that hack needs to improve confidence coming out of happy valley and if the coaches are working on building up the hack attack then that is great news, regardless of the outcome - almost a feel good story from the NY daily news Oh and the kid next year will be interested in good coaching too, it may help him declare for the draft
  15. Deshaun Watson Impressing at Texans Camp

    Agree as a fan I would be much more interested in this team with Watson over McCown and I would even take it a step further and say Lynch/Watson/Petty >> Watson/Hack > McCown/Hack Yes, Lynch is losing the battle in Denver but Elway knew he had to take that chance because it is the most valuable position on the field by 10x. Also agree that you take a QB in the first again next year if needed - trade the runner up and then build the team for a proper SB run Take Lee and Adams off this defense and teams will still score at will, find a franchise QB and we can live in cap hell after the SuperBowl victory