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  1. There's no mounting evidence
  2. It seems like the whole team went to IR. I thought there was a limit to how many could be put there
  3. I recall Mo posting instagram videos of himself working on rehabbing his leg during the off season , like the weightless treadmill, trying to prove he'd be ready in time for the season. Doesn't sound like the team's fault and does found like very sour grapes
  4. I'm not self loathing. Just Fitz loathing. The fact that I detest him says nothing about how I feel about myself
  5. No. let Fitz get killed behind this porous O line. Fitting end
  6. Bowles ' secondary is the most pitiful unit on the team so I hope he does so on one of our rivals. Cardinals were some kind of weird fluke. They overachieved or something but it wasn't because of him. They've regressed to the mean
  7. Vikings Players Go Rogue

    That's why when Cespedes got hot in the knee with a baseball and couldn't play, Vignault made a comment about if it were hockey the player would have stayed in. He was right, I wish he hadn't apologized
  8. Half the Oline that Fitz has played with is now missing
  9. 0 SACKS

    To have all this first round talent and be so flamingly bad is an unspeakable disgrace. Someone has got to pay the price
  10. Joe McKnight's funeral

    Maybe Sanchez is, or was, s USC mate?
  11. I am already sick of Devin Smith's problems
  12. Derek Carr and Raiders on MNF

    Wonder how long before Mac has enough of it